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Incomplete Entries (Punk & New Wave)

The following is a list of bands I need much more information about in order to create an entry in the database. I still need help with most of the existing band entries too, of course, as many need correcting and expanding, but the bands listed below have no entry at all at the moment, or only a skeletal one. I need basic bio info about these bands. If you remember anything about any of them, then please get in touch.

Note: I've removed all the great name/crap name remarks as these things are subjective.

Carling/Hot Press Awards 1990
Winner: The Carrelines
Runners-up: Fantasy Garden, Hidden Faces, Engine Alley and Both Ends Burning.

19:91 -- c1980 Dublin band, led by an American named Tom Bowes. 
	Gigged with Human Dance Faction a.o. Played Boddis at the Magnet.
	Des Traynor - rhythm guitar, vocals
	Tom Bowes - lead guitar
	Declan Lucas - bass
	Robbie Holmes - drums

they played some gigs at Boddis (Magnet Bar)

I am also running a site about Irish music www.u2theearlydayz.com would you be interested in put a link on your page to my site, I have one on mine to yours.

1984ish -- Dublin band from Malahide/Ballyfermot/Palmerstown.
	Andy Shaw - vocals, guitar 
	Pat Murphy - guitar (joined October 1988)
	Dee O'Dempsey - bass, keyboards
	Anto D'Arcy - drums
	Led by singer-songwriter / guitarist Andrew Shaw from Malahide
	Recorded two demos, in 1988 and 1989 (the latter had 4 songs). 
	These were recorded at Elektra and Sun Studios by Mark Jones.
	Pat Murphy joined in October 1988 on return from London, having 
	heard the bands demo tapes. His first gig with them was in An Beal Bocht in Nov 1988.
	Jan/Feb 1989 gigged as support in the Baggot Inn for several bands.
 	Entered the 1989 Battle of the Bands but lost to a metal band.
 	Support slots at McGonagles, lunchtime gigs at JCR in Trinity.
	What proved to be their final gig was in July 1989 in Jack Nealons. 
	Andy Shaw left for health reasons. 
	Anto D'Arcy joined Gavin Is God, then he
	and Pat Murphy co-formed The Joys.
	Dee O'Dempsey joined the Forget Me Nots and played with The Mountain Climbers.
	Pat Murphy and Anto D'Arcy left  The Joys in early 1991.
	Murphy and Dee O'Dempsey wrote together and did a couple of acoustic gigs in the International Bar during 1992.
	Then they reformed 1984ish with Anto D'Arcy for a couple of gigs in teh Rock Garden in 1993.
	They were unable to get in touch with Andy so the reformed band remained a 3-piece, 
	with Pat taking over singing duties. They split again.
	Pat Murphy and Dee O'Dempsey married.
	There's loads more information on the band's Myspace page: www.1948ish/myspace

8 1/2 -- Cork band, active 1984, punk?

25 Mille Station -- c1986, Port Laoise

	Clockwise from top left: Benny Daragan, George Keyes, Dick Finnegan, Freddy Harte, Niall Walsh

Abbey -- c1975-76 Dublin area band

A Cow In The Water -- from Cork, active 1986-1996, at least one demo tape sold locally
	the demise of myspare has destroyed whatever info was online about them
	though there is a facebook page of photos and ephemera.

Act Of Love -- late 80s, with Dave McGinley ex Eugene/East of Eden, pre Precious Stones.

A Goat in Wine -- Virgin Prunes related band with Janet Nolan, Jackie Murphy
	(sister of Tommy Murphy AKA the Bottle of Milk of the Virgin Prunes universe),
	and Gavin Friday's brother Robaird. Didn't do too many gigs.

Agony Column -- not to be confused with the bands from leeds.
	Does anyone know about this Irish band?

Albania -- Scottish band on Chiswick with Irish roots?
	See here for more details.

Alderman Tubber -- Dublin? early 90s
	Self-released demo cassette in 1993

Alfalfa -- released a single in 1988 "Breakout"

Alice in Wonderband -- Cork ca 1983+1984, fronted by Neasa De Bearoid. Recorded demo
	at Ballinadee Studios, Bandon mid-1983 incl. track "Illusions"

Alice Springs

Angelic Toenails -- gigging in 1990

All Cats Are Grey

Alphabet Music -- played The Magnet in Dublin in 1981 with Microdisney

Alpha Squared - more info needed

The Altar Boys -- [Dublin]
	1 track in 1989 on Nationwide Vol.2 ("Falling")

The Alter Boys

Ambergris - recorded a demo in 1986 at Temple Lane Studios.
	Did they know about that early 70s 'brass rock' LP on Paramount?

Anathema - Belfast - All girl band mentioned in scene report in MRR #29 (October 1985)

And Why Not -- demo tape c1988 of Cure-like noises over a basic beat

Another Problem - played the Magnet regularly. Lead singer Spud Murphy,
	guitarist Ian Gilmour, drummer Brian (?). Recorded a demo.

Anthony & The Alcoholics -- see Anthony MacCarthy

Antibodies -- early ca 1978 Cork band with Mick Finnegan

Any Crowded Ceiling

Apocalypse -- from Drogheda, made a demo

A.P.B. -- Played the Dandelion Market, Dublin on Saturday 9 June 1979

Apple Market In Eden -- from Drogheda, active 1989-90

Aragorn - Dublin c1982

Archie The Leper -- NWOBHM from Portrush, c1982
	Gary McClure (vocals), Peter Manley (guitar/backing vocals), John Manley (drums), a.o.
	Any recordings?
	Peter Manley later in White Roxx.

Argus -- Derry, mid-80s, named after Wishbone Ash LP?

Arnheim -- 80s punk/Goth punk/Post-punk mix; released a cassette on FOAD
	("Look What The Funny Man Did", 1992), later released on LP on Words Of Warning

A Splash of Red - more info needed

Assault - N.IRL punk band mentioned in scene report in MRR #9 (1983)

At The Window - more info needed
The Azarians -- Dublin mid-80s, formed in 1987 when Baby Sex Priest changed their name.

Babylon the Bride -- from Dublin?, goth band? Made at least one demo tape.

Baby Sex Priest - one track ("Mother Earth") on Comet EP One (1987). Stephen and Noel (singer). 
	Changed their name to The Azarians in 1987.

The Baby's Head -- Andrias O'Gruama ex Zerra 1, pre Fatima Mansions; recorded two singles for Kaspar Records.

Back From The Dead -- Dublin punk band, mentioned in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984)

Bald Aggression -- more info needed

Baldy Scaldies -- early 80s, Drogheda band; Mick Reid, David Gavin, David Milne

Bangkok Shoxx -- c1986, punk rock from Portlaoise, their name probably not a Hanoi Rocks reference!

Bastard Squad - Belfast - mentioned in MRR #17 (September 1984)

Bastard Youth

The Bats -- ex Strange Movements

The Batteries -- Belfast punk band circa 1978, Desi (g), Fletch (b), Owen (d)
	plus vocalist

The Beatless -- Wexford 1985

The Beatless -- Dublin 1990

The Believers -- gigging 1990

Big Electric Cats -- Belfast cowpunk ca 1988

The Big Mistake -- active circa 1990

Big Orange Peel - one track ("Just Like Lisa") on the New Eclipse Records sampler (1990)
	Listed in Ian O'Doherty's 1989 roundup as band to watch

Big Picture

Birds And Ghosts -- trio from Lismore, Co.Waterford, formed summer 1988
	First demo january 1989, 2 tracks included on Comet Vol.4 ("Violent (Sweet)", "By Calvary")

Black  -- formed 1986, new band with some old faces (who?)
	"the music is a concoction of disco, funk, rapping and
	metallish guitar playing. Their whole sound would need to be somewhat refined
	in order to compete in this usually over-polished and sophisticated marketplace"--Richie Taylor, April 1986

Black Arthur & The Undertakers 

Black Belt Jones -- N.IRL, 90s
	Black Belt Jones / Tony Feeney (split) - Not Economically Viable EP
	7" - Brotherhood Of One Records - 1997 - PS

Blackout -- Belfast c1983

Blam Blam Blam -- see Blah Blah Blah

Blitz -- supported the New Versions at the Dandelion Market on Sunday 29 July 1979

Blue Movies -- early 80s Dublin New Romantics who included Billy McGuinness, later of Aslan


Blue Ocean

Blues Ark -- from Kilkenny, blues rock/R&B band with whom Belsonic Sound drummer John MacCormack often guested.
	Formed in 1984. The original line up included John Bourke, Paul Drennan, Dermot Noonan and Bob O Brien.
	Still active 25+ years on with new guitarist (since 2008) Billy Barron. 
	Played all over Ireland, regularly in Ryans pub in Kilkenny.

Blunt -- Cork pop-punk band with Alan Whitehouse and Noel O'Flaherty 

The Bogmen  

Bodies Move -- c1980, from Cabra, Dublin, played The Magnet a.o, drummer joined Jump Iceland.
	Later became Mouzhik Strap

Bone Idol  -- Appeared on the Live at Mojo's LP (1989)
	Vincy Milne - fiddle
	Ray Barron - mandolin
	Sean Gill -acoustic guitar
	Pat McCarthy - lead guitar
	Pat O'Driscoll - bass
	John McCormack - drums

The Boom Babies -- late 80s

Boulder Band

Boylers -- with Cathy Owens ex Boy Scouts

Boy's Talk -- A heavily Jam-influenced act with a talented singer/guitarist and a very young backing band
	at the time of their appearance in the Opportunity Rocks competition at the Underground, Summer 1985.

Brawl -- more details needed please

Broken Doll -- early 80s, from Kildare. Emerged during the summer of 1980 with a Joy Division
	type sound. One member was Teddy (possibly Teddy Cusack).
	Their live set included a punky cover of 'Like a Hurricane'.
	Supported Micro-Disney on a number of occasions during 1980-81. 

Broken Hymens -- all-female, Dublin punk, supported Paranoid Visions in JJ Smyths in 1987 or 1988.

Bruce Wayne Experience - one track ("Midnight") on the New Eclipse Records sampler (1990)

Bumper To Bumper -- despite those involved, this was a covers band (Crusaders, Steely Dan, LA Express, etc).
	members of The Business, plus Greg Boland (of Scullion) (g), Paul McAteer (d), Bill Whelan (p)

Burning Cross -- punk band mentioned in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984)

Byron -- Goth band, c1989, previously known as House of Byron (located no doubt in the Garden of Byron);
	recorded a 3 song demo ("Red Reflection", "Run and Hide" +1); covered "The Letter" (Box Tops);

Cahoots -- Dublin ca 1985
	Jimmy Faulkner, Errol Walsh, Fran Breen, Smitty

Cairo --
	1 track in 1989 on Nationwide Vol.2 ("Castles")

Candy Apple Red -- late 80s/early 90s, with Dave Dorgan (ex Crime Of Passion, Candyshop), and Gerry Fahy (ex The Slowest Clock)
	?? also ex Tower of Babel ??

The Cannibals - one track ("You Drive Me Mental") on the Guru Weirdbrain LP (1985), UK band?

Captain Hex - ca 1991?

Cargo Cult -- Cork, mid-80s, Cure/Siouxsie/B52s influences, active 1984

Casablanca Moon

Caspar -- Omagh -- heavy metal trio formed 1979, Mickey Tracey (g), Piero McGartland (b) and Conor McCrory (d)

The Casual Tease - Galway ca 1990 - supported The Stunning

The Caul

Celtic Dawn -- punk, neo-nazi?

Celtic Fusion

The Chainsaws -- advert in Heat #2 (August 1977) looking for a bass and amp.

Chanting House -- Dublin, late-80s, folky

Eddie Charlton Experience -- Dublin ca 1988, R&B band named after a
	snooker player, all original material, no covers; some Fanning airplay;
	Carling/Hot Press entrants in 1988; Fun Band of the Year in Hot Press;
	Robert Foley - Vocals
	Stuart Hofmann - Guitar
	Conal O'Neill - Bass
	John McCarthy - Drums

Cheeky Pigs

Cherry Blossom & The Flower Fairies -- from Cabra. Founded by Mark Lane.

Children of Lir -- Dublin, c1984, with Jody Campbell ex Keltic Klan
	Supported MBV and Stano on 13 April 1984.


Chromatic Death -- Dublin thrash metal band with hardcore punk influences... any releases?
	With Killer Watt/Moral Crusade guitarist Paul Kennedy.

The Circus

The Circus Train -- quintet from Dublin, active ca 1988

City Dump -- unknown
	I know nothing about this except for their single which popped up on ebay.
	Judging by the photo label, I'd say this was released in the '80s.
	matrix: CTY-1-A and Y11
	Released on City Records. Property of Apanturne Ltd. Distributedf by Chart Records.
	I Met Het Just Today (Oliver Reynolds) / I Want To Make You Mine (Oliver Reynolds)
	Arranged & Produced by City Dump.
	Both sides written by Oliver Reynolds. Was this the Oliver Reynolds who was a member 
	of Gimik during 1978-80?


Clamy Domonas -- Cork, c1980, playd with Nun Attax and pre- Microdisney Constant Reminders

The Classics

Cloud 9 -- Limerick (county) rock trio active in the 80s, played the south west. An all covers band?

Cluck -- Drogheda side project of Roland & Graham Hoek of Dorian Mood;
	3 tracks on Comet Vol.4 ("Tragictrain Song","New Way", "Rain Dance")

Clutch -- Appeared on Our Times, April 2nd, 1979

The Cold -- ca 1986, Demo tape in 1986 in Joy Division vein.
	Became the String Men

Cold Sweat and The Electrodes -- Cork c1983, metal band, mostly covers?

Complete Chaos

The Contre Affair or Contra Affair -- circa 1988, later changed name to XMDO (pronounced "Zemdo")

The Conspiracy - two tracks ("Badlands", "Crazy") on the Swimming Out Of The Pool compilation (1988)
	Listed in Ian O'Doherty's 1989 roundup as band to watch
	Played in the Earl Grattan on Capel Street every Friday night for some time, 
	supported by Nation.

The Core --  later (c1989) known as The Saviours
	1 track in 1989 on Nationwide Vol.2 ("Flame")

Corner Boys -- Derry punk band c1978 with Ciaran McLaughlin (drums) later in That Petrol Emotion.
	Also with Linus McLaughlin (bass) and Kevin McLaughlin (vocals), presumably all related, and
	Peter Roddy (guitar). Short-lived.

Country Lane - Dublin ca 1987
	Frankie Lane - gtr, vocals
	Paul Kelly - fiddle
	Dave Whyte - drums

Crazy Times -- c1983 rockabilly.
	Played the Rhythm And Soul Revue with The Rimshots (RnR) and The Revelations (beat/mod)

The Crazy Wolves -- rockabilly

Crisis -- Played the Dandelion Market in Dublin on Sunday 22 July 1979 with P45 and Uncle Waldo

Criteria -- late 80s

Crude & Snyde -- mid-80s from Drogheda, same time frame as Exile In The Kingdom,
	recorded a demo, played in Dublin in 1986 supporting Stalag 17.
	Appeared on the Out Of The Trees cassette comp.


D11 Runners

Damien Leper and the Open Sores -- 1977 Dublin band that existed on paper/graffiti only, never played?

Dancing Back To Scratch -- c1987, probably from Kildare, regularly played in a pub in Naas, 
	also played the Dew Drop Inn in Kill a number of times.
	Lead singer Scotty. Possible interest from Mother Records? (anyone know?)
	Good live rock band, mostly original material but also some covers, incl a 
	"Werewolves of London" / "Sweet Home Alabama" mash-up (very similar bass riffs)
	which went down a storm. 

The Dark -- see The Spies

Darkest Hour

D-Control -- Belfast punk circa 1982, same as following band?

Dead Beats -- from Tipperary, played the Ivy Rooms in Dublin in 1985.
	Remembered for their 1986 demo track "Jelly Baby Song"

Dead Centre

Dead Fridge In The Road -- Dublin, early 80s

De Face or De-Face-- melodic pop with keyboards, 3 song demo ca 1988, one track ("Kickback")
	on the Swimming Out Of The Pool compilation (1988)


Defacers -- Dublin punks, circa 1982

Defiant Pose -- Waterford, mid-80s. Named after Chelsea song, so punks?

The Delegates -- Dublin, became So She Said in 1988

Diabollix -- Dublin noisecore band
	Release a demo tape "Insane" in 1988.

Dingo Babies -- Belfast
	Paul Maxwell - lead vocal
	Howard Ingram - 
	Nigel Hamilton - drums
	Davy Ewing - guitar (ex Radio City)
	Four tracks on Hamilton's 'Crocodile Tears' archive CD.
Dino & The Dolphins
Dirty Noise - N.IRL punk band mentioned in scene report in MRR #9 (1983)

The Discords -- Played the Dandelion Market on Sunday 10 June 1979 with Free Booze

Distant Visions -- ca 1987-88

DK Mountain -- DK = Derek Kavanagh, ex Pink Hurts. Guitar/bass/drums band. 2 song demo 1989.

Don't Talk -- active 1988

Doppler Effect -- circa c1988 Dublin(?)band influenced by "Joshua Tree" era U2 
	(what we like to call their 'grebo' period). Demo in 1988.

Dorian Remains

The Drawbacks -- Appeared on the Live at Mojo's LP (1989)
	Mick Healy - vocals
	Noel Cronin - harmonica
	Colm Condon - lead guitar
	Aidan O'Shea - rhythm guitar
	Diarmuid Murphy - bass
	Dessie Field - drums

The Dreads -- from Drogheda
	With Ivor Lynch? (see Psycho Dream Escape)

Dressed To Get Messed - one track ("Picture I'm Paintin'") on the New Eclipse Records sampler (1990)


Dr Shitface - I'm guessing they weren't a school choir?

Da Dudes

Dudley Runways -- from Santry, Dublin. Influences cited: Violent Femmes, Lou Reed,
	Throwing Muses. Recorded at least 2 demos. 2 tracks from the 2nd demo surfaced on
	Comet Vol.4 ("Jesus Is On My Side", "These Psychopaths")

Mary Duff -- 1986 demo of good quality country and folk rock

Dump The Dummy

During Stone Down --
	2 tracks in 1989 on Nationwide Vol.2 ("Long Gone", "Anything")

DV8 -- circa 1988 trio from Kildare operating in Pet Shop Boys/Bronski Beat style
	with drum machine. Originally a duo, became a trio in July 1988 with addition of 
	vocalist Niall Shanahan. Recorded 6 song demo at Sun Studios 1988.
Dynamo -- Dandelion Market gig Sunday 24 February 1980

Eat The Evidence -- Participated in the Opportunity Rocks competition at the Underground, Summer 1985
	Described as a "technically competent unit that lacked direction and chemistry"

Echoes Of Pink Whispers -- (1986-) named after the colour of a ceramic tile. 
	Considering promising ca 1986-87. They played "offbeat pop music in a slightly
	trashy vein, highly irreverant"--Richie Taylor
	Drummer Sean Ryan (Crime of Passion, Candyshop, Honey Thieves, Swinging Swine, Peach)
	singer Dave Healy, also with female singer (dual vocalists live)
	guitarist Aidan "The Hedge"
	keyboards player was ...?
	Played the Ivy Rooms and The Underground a lot. 
	Recorded a Fanning session.
	Demos: "The Whole World Cried" / "Wonderful Way" / "I Left My Mama Lying On The Railroad Track"
	They were gifted a days free recording at Windmill Lane Studios in 1986 by Light
	A Big Fire, who'd won this prize in MTV USA's "Video Garage Tapes" competition
	but had signed to Siren Records then and no longer needed it.
	A curious crew looking with a New Romantic vocalist, a long haired metal dude (or hippy) on bass.
	Mates of Hey Paulette.
Eclipse -- active in the Galway area circa 1978, no relation to the band from Enniskillen.

Eddie Who -- formed by songwriter Eddie Smith, who was the original drummer with No Name Band.
	No relation to Who's Eddie.

Educated Dead -- Dublin punk c1982-83

Electric Hedgehogs -- Cork band fronted by Michael Dwyer

Electric Maggots [Monaghan] -- early 80s with Leslie Dowdall pre Assembley and In Tua Nua.


Elephant's Graveyard [Dublin?] -- details are very vague, but does anyone remember a band named Elephant's Graveyard
	or Dead Elephants or some variation thereof. Main guy was Vinny?

The Elite -- "Love Spin", "All I Ever Wanted", "Bad Attitude". Active on the Dublin pub/club scene in the
	late 1980s.. influences Guns 'N' Roses/Hanoi Rocks?
	Also used to do complete "Live and Dangerous" (Thin Lizzy) sets in Slatterys.
	Led by Derek Dempsey.

< href="emerald.html">Emerald

Endangered Species -- active 1988


Enzymes -- late 70s Drogheda band with Roger "Goosey" Reilly, Gavan Kierans, Joe McCormack

Euphoric Void -- from Cork -- punk band mentioned in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984)

Exit 4

The Extra S

The Facets -- 78-81 era punk band, regulars at The Magnet circa 1981; began rehearsing again in 1983

Factor 1 -- early/mid-80s band from Dublin(?), originally a trio,
	a sextet (live appearances) in early 1984; the core trio recorded
	a demo in 1984. Appeared on the Blackrock Youth Aid '85 tape.

The Fake

Falcon -- ca 1983, Donegal band
	Recorded a demo at Sandlewood Studios in Sligo with
	two originals ("Settle Down", "Final Goodbye")
	Reviewed in HP who describe them as easy listening/cabaret style stuff!


The Family Of Noise -- Waterford, late 80s/early 90s. 
	Not to be confused with the Belfast band.

Fantasy -- active circa 1990 - please tell me they were prog-metal

Fantasy Garden -- Carling/Hot Press finalists 1990, finished 2nd

The Fast -- Ramones inspired, pre Blue Russia w/ Frank Kearns

Fast Lane -- Bangor area, mid-80s, single on Ritz.
	Peter Niblock, Alan Niblock, ...
	Recorded at Homestead, produced by Peter.
	7" - Unconditional Surrender / Dub - Ritz Records - 109 - UK - 1985

Face Value -- ex Fat Chance, who formed ca 1983.

Fauvre -- Dublin goth band influenced by Foetus and the Prunes, recorded a demo tape

Philippa Fayne -- c1988 Susan Vega clone

Fear Of God -- Derry, mid-80s

Fear Of Parked Cars -- see I Am The Waltons

Fear of Reason

Ferro Alley -- Dublin; Young TCD-based band who appeared at the Mega-Bash at the Ivy Rooms in Dublin on 29 August 1985

F.F.F. -- see also The Extra S

Fith Avenue -- Dublin jazz funk big band, with Suzanne Rhatigan before she joined Toy With Rhythm.

5th Column -- Bangor band with Bill Aicken, Terry Kernaghan and guitarist Adrian Maddox who
	recorded with The Doubt. There was also a
	Port Laoise area band called "V-Column".

Firewater Creed

Fireworks Factory -- Echo & Bunnymen/Mission inspired, mid-80s c1986-87 Dublin band, singer named Hugo.
	Recorded a video "I Am Waiting" in 1985, currently on youtube. Was this released as a single?

The Five Cigarettes -- pre Thee Amazing Colossal Men

Fixed Up - one track ("Riff Bang Pow") on the Guru Weirdbrain LP (1985)

The Flaa-macs

The Floors

The Flying Club -- mid-80s Dublin band with Pete McCluskey.

The Foremen -- mid/late 80s

Forgotten Heroes -- ca 1987-88

Foul Play -- [Dublin] jazzrock outfit with a pre-Eugene Derek Ennis & Martin Murphy



Friday Children -- no details known - played on the bill at the "Let's Get Serious 2" punk festival
	held at the TV Club on the 30 September 1983 featuring the cream of Dublin's punk bands at the
	time plus headliner Conflict.

Friendly Monkey Chimney Sweep

Les Fruits 

Fruits of Passion -- "Everything (I Ever Wanted)" pop single released on Siren in 1986
	Corporate pop pap to a 't'. Were they Irish?

Fugitive -- pre-Eugene, early 80s

Full Opera -- c1983 Yazoo-type synth duo
	reported to be looking for a third member (vocalist) in 1983
Funk In Hell

Furious Colour -- Dublin band, active 1986, with Kieran Kennedy (ex Primal Scream, 

Future Slaves -- Dublin punk band mentioned in scene report in MRR #17 (September 1984)
	...and on Paranoid Visions recent tribute EP.

The Gamblers

The Gash Factory -- Waterford, early 90s. 

The Gems [Cork] -- (1986-) previously known as Takapuna(?), single received poor reviews ("hackneyed", unfair?)
	"Stand Up Sit Down" (Priority Records, 12/1986); made Late Late Show appearance

Geneva Touch -- played The Magnet in 1981, supporting Micro-Disney

The Gents -- Northern band (but not The Gentz) who released a single "Shout" c1985


Gout - Kilkenny hardcore punk band, active in the 90s
	Released a cassette album  'For What It's Worth' in 1993, a s/t 7inch EP in 1995
	and finally an album 'Mr Wonderful' on CD (Noise R Us Productions) on 1997.
	Highly rated by many.
	Split circa 2000, Members went on to Tophi.
Gradapenda Rosindale


Granfalloon -- Dublin, commerical pop quintet, active circa 1986, led by Dermot McEvoy.
	A granfalloon is a Kurt Vonnegut neologism meaning "a group of people who affect 
	a shared identity or purpose, but whose mutual association is meaningless."

Grin -- Waterford, early 90s. 

Gripewater Blues Band -- Dublin blues band, active ca 1986, with guitar, organ and harmonica, 
	and standup bass player Bill Whelan who is/was also a promoter

Groov'in Statues [Dublin] -- late 80s/early 90s, played various venues in Dublin
	including the Underground; Paul O'Brien earlier roadied for The Outpatients.
	The name is a pun on the then topical 'moving statues' debacle.

Guilty Achievements
	Supported Micro-Disney at the Magnet in February 1981
Haden -- Ballymena, mid-80s

Hank Halfhead & The Rambling Turkeys

Harry's Best Tunes -- Dublin? early 90s
	Self-released demo cassette in 1993

Klaus Harvey -- singer-songwriter who performed solo as Klaus in Dublin in 1986/87, 
	Recorded a 4 song demo "Klaus At Home"
	in 1988 using just acoustic guitar and bass, following aborted attempt at (full) studio recordings

The Haze -- Played the Dandelion Market on Sunday 24 June 1979 with Sidewinder

Head To Head

The Heartbeats -- or Heartbeatz -- formed 3/1980 by Jack Dublin after the Gravediggers split;
	Also with Martin Meagher, ex Gravediggers, and female singer Edwina Ampadu (briefly with The Mod-Ls).
	Edwina and drummer Dave Buckley had both left by October 1980

Hidden Faces

Highly Contagious -- Dublin?, played the Dandelion on Saturday 19.5.79 with High 'N' Dry

High 'N' Dry
Hi Output -- Wexford 1984-86
	Bobby Tierney - lead guitar, vocals
	Risteard O'Dwyer - bass
	Richie Roche - drums
	Sometime member Paul Meyler - vocals.
	Two demo tracks 'Dangerois Ground', and 'Leaving Tonight'.

Hi Rise -- from Belfast, average age 17, supported 10 Past 7 and the Bankrobbers among others
	during 1981-82

Hitchcock -- from Drogheda, ex Cadillacs, with Dayo Walsh

Holy Orders -- from Macroom, circa 1983.
	Please tell me they weren't singing priests.
	Brendan Cotter (guitar), Martin Tagret (guitar), Frank Kelly (synth), Brendan Quinlan (bass/vocals), Martin Lynch (drums)

Homesick & The Backstabbers -- Appeared on the Live at Mojo's LP (1989) with
	one track "Operator" (Hans de Vries)
	Dutch/Irish band, judging by the lineup:
	Hans De Vries - vocals, harmonica, rhythm guitar
	Martin Hutchinson - lead guitar

Homestead Records -- spawned by Homestead Studios in Randalstown, Co. Antrim, and
	(probably) Shaun 'Mudd' Wallace's label... anyone have a full discography?
	Nothing to do with Gerard Cosley's label obviously!

Honey Bunch

Hots On For Nowhere -- recorded a demo in 1986. Zeppelin reference in name?

House of Byron -- see Byron

House of Usher -- 3 members of a dublin noise band (who? the Gorehounds?)
	described by Bill Graham as "hammer horror for goths"
	1 track in 1989 on Comet Vol.4 ("Angst A Go-Go")

How And Why Insects

Human Error

Hurricane Johnny & The Jets -- c1981


I Am The Waltons -- late 80s band who've put their Fanning session and other recordings
	on myspace. Was "Fear Of Parked Cars" used as a band name by someone or did it just
	appear on a poster/graffiti?

Icons -- Omagh - Mentioned in scene report in MRR #29 (October 1985)


Idle Hands -- Cork band, c1983, roots RnR with ex Hot Guitars Joe O'Callaghan and Johnny Rice

Ifter the Shifter - precurser to Guernica, with Derek Turner.

Indecision -- c1987 demo tape including "Break Out of Houses"

Index 4

In Dust

In Heaven's Quarter --
	2 tracks in 1989 on Nationwide Vol.2 ("Do It Again", "All Night")

Interference -- formed ca 1986, considered promising during 1986-87
	recorded lots of demos, by 12/1987 had more songs on tape than
	gigs (source: Hot Press), in 1988 wrote an entirely new set which Bill Graham compared to the
	James Gang (!) which puzzled admirers.

Intergalactic Cosmic Seamus's - [Cork City] ca 1983
	demo in 1983 of clever pop tunes including "Peig Song"

International Blues Band - one track ("The Blues Are Here To Stay") on the New Eclipse Records sampler (1990)

Intoxicating Rhythm Section [Athy] c1985-86 band with trash rock leanings. With 2 female
	backing vocalists The Distractions. Demos incl "Hello", "She Wrecks Me".

The IOUs [Limerick] late 70s Limerick band led by Darren Sheehan. 
	Also with the Healy brothers and Brendan Wallace before they joined The Outfit.
	Songs by Sheehan reputedly in Elvis Costello/Joe Jackson vein.
	Supported Horslips in The Savoy in 1979.

It's A Tight -- played The Magnet in 1981, supporting Micro-Disney


The Jagz [Dublin] ca 1977-78, original Dublin punk scene
	Guitarist John Byrne later in The Commotion
	The Jagz came from the same general gene pool as the Fabrics, later the Sinners 
	and all the way through The Commotion to Hallalujah! Freedom.
	John Byrne is now Press Officer for Shamrock Rovers
	Bass player named Donal.

Jamie Cotton Band -- Tallaght/Clondalkin area of Dublin - formed ca 1987, 
	originally known as Korea. Lightweight dancey pop.
	John Noble - vocals
	Jamie Helly - vocals/guitar
	Ger - guitar
	Alan Cullivan - bass -> also in Puppy Love Bomb, later manager of The Thrills
	Pat Dillon - drums	-> later in Harvest Ministers
	Pat Dillon left to work in London and was replaced by drummer Nevil Thornton - 
	ex Outdoor Minors (ca 1983-83), The Alter Boys (1984-85) - the band was still
	called Korea at this stage. 
	One track ("Miss A Slippery Lane") on Comet Two sampler, recorded 
	live at J.J.Smyth's, Aungier St Dublin by Paul Thomas and The Recording Studio.
	When Pat Dillon returned to reclaim the drum stool, Nevil got the boot. He was
	later in Big Picture.
	Jamie Helly is the younger brother of Kevin Helly of Revolver.

Jam Jar Jail - Dublin, punk/goth, early 1990s. 
	One Fanning session, lots of gigs, more ex-drummers than Spinal Tap.
	Original lineup:
	Shane O'Reilly - vocals, guitar
	Frances Roe - bass
	Terry Hackett - drums
	Terry Hackett later in The Joys and Wilde Oscars.
	Shane O'Reilly now plays with Surgeon Marta (USA).
	Fanning session tracks: Kill Me Kill You, Pump Me, Mom's a Zombie, Elevator 

Jayteens -- c1980 Drogheda band (mods?)

Jinx - [Cork] ca 1986 rock/heavy metal band with no longhairs(!)
	One good speedmetal-ish track on Comet 3 tape (1988) "We Are"

	1988 Amnesty International Benefit gig poster

Jonah -- Belfast band, circa 1988, mixed covers of Pink Floyd (covers of "Comfortably Numb" and "Another Brick in the Wall"),
	Rush and Killing Joke with original material including some fast-tempo blues.
	[This page earlier speculated that they also covered REO Speedwagon -- this is refuted by one ex member!]
	They supported the Tom Tom Club in Belfast in late 1988 and toured locally with PBR Streetgang in March 1989
	[the Up The Coast tour]. Frankie Sewell (later in Tomorrow Was) played bass with the band during this period.
	They recorded a 1 song demo compared by Hot Press to Genesis/Simple Minds.

Joo Joo Eyeball ca 1986

The Joys

Ju Ju Gooks -- played The Magnet in 1981, supporting Micro-Disney in September;
	supported the Zen Alligators on their Dublin debut at the National Ballroom also in 1981;
	With Des Byrne, Tom Doyle and Dave O'Herlihy, all ex The Letters.
	Des Byrne later in the Golden Horde
	Tom Doyle later in the Fallen Angels
	Drummer Dave O'Herlihy later became an actor (Glenroe a.o.)
	Some ex members later ca 1983 in powerpop band Shake Appeal


Just In Time - ca 1989 powerpop band who played the 1st Irish Ska Festival
	on 9 December 1989 at the Top Hat, Dun Laoghaire. Five tracks from c1989 
	appear on the Sounds Of Irish Mod bootleg tape

Kafka - ca 1986-87

Karmen Opera - N.IRL band active ca 1983

Killercrust - Related to Three Ring Psychosis from Dun Laoghaire.
	Appeared on the Out Of The Trees cassette comp.

Killer Goat - one track ("Cowboy X") on the Guru Weirdbrain LP (1985)

Koji -- mid-80s Dublin band fronted by Gerry Fish, pre An Emotional Fish
	'a type of funk band playing rap with a hint of Roxy Music, really interesting sound and good musicians'
	Played the mid-80s Coolock Rock Festival with The Subterraneans, and again in Artane the following year.

Kude Jive -- c1983, played Dun Laoughaire Pier gig in 1983

La Salle -- recorded a single "Spirit" in 1988 (circa August), produced by Gregory Grey.

Last Chance -- pre A House ??

The Last Picture Show [Sligo] -- mid-80s dance funk kind of outfit. They mostly did covers, with
	perhaps a few originals. Covers of Steely Dan, Grace Jones, Allman Bros, etc. 
	Managed by the guy who ran Hennigans in Sligo, Terry Browne.
	Played a memorable gig at the Gaiety Cinema ca 1984.
	Susan Rowland – vocals
	Eddie McFarlane – guitar 
	Ronan 'Zoot' McDermott – bass (ex Strong Are Lonely)
	Tommy Kivlehan – drums (also in Reverb / Absolute Zero)
   	Tom Jamieson – drums (mid-80s, ex Strong Are Lonely)
Last Resort [Limerick] -- new wave band formed in 1979.
	Eoin Devereaux, Chunk Maloney, Eoin Campbell, John Browne

The Last Rockers or Last Rokkers -- ex Keltic Klan, c1983

Lawnmowers -- Dublin c1986, one track ("Disaster") on Comet Two sampler
	Recorded at Owl Studios Bray, engineered by Ciaran Keating, assisted by Therese Murphy.

Lazy -- N.IRL rock/boogie band ca 1983-84,
	recorded at least two demo tapes
	2nd demo praised by HP (tracks: "Christina", "Driftin'")
	toured with Radio City

Peter Le Fait -- single on Vixen Records "Let A Little Love" (1983)
	which features offbeat guitar, melodious piano and sax.

Legal Tender - Released a single
	Street Heat / (instrumental) - 7" - Legal Records - LT 007 - 19??
	A-side credited to Sullivan/Fitzpatrick

The Legendary J. O'Connell - one track ("I'm the King of Rock'n'Roll") on the Guru Weirdbrain LP (1985)

Legion -- Oi! band from Cork mentioned in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984),
	but did they exist?

Leper Messiah -- were a metal band from Wexford who appeared on both
	100% Irish compilations issued by Break Records in the 90s. 

Lipstick Vogue - A guitar band with REM and country influences. Named after
	an Elvis Costello song. Singer's name was Cathal. 2 song demo
	recorded at Windmill Lane in 1988. Two tracks ("Riversend", "When Will You") 
	on the Swimming Out Of The Pool compilation (1988)

Loaded Dice - heavy rock band, played the Ivy Rooms on 25 Sept 1983

Local Contract

Lost For Words - not the mid-80s indie band from Portlaoise; this Lost For Words was led by Mark Leddy.
	Mark Leddy - vocals
	Paul McAbe - guitar (A-side)
	Gerry Demange - guitar (B-side)
	Keith Duffy - bass
	Mark Leddy & Will Smith - drums/keyboards
	Probably a Dublin band, active circa 1990
	Released a single in 1990:
	With Her / Forgiveness - 7" - Wilmark Records - SO1 - 1990 - no PS
	Produced by Will Smith, Larry O'Toole, Keith Duffy and Mark Leddy
Loudness Of Whispers - probably a Dublin band, active circa 1985
	Played the Mood Club at Tommy Dunne's Tavern in June 1985
	A forerunner of Premonition?
Lovers of Today - supported Shock Treatment at the Dandelion Market on Saturday 15 December 1979.

The Lower Pool

Low Profile -- Dandelion Market gig Saturday 29 December 1979

The Luminants -- Dublin early 80s, herky-jerky XTC-style band,
	rehearsed at Dorset Street studiso run by Vince Bowe (of AWOL)
	Derek Herbert later in Shattered Light and Les Enfants

Luv Bug -- pop band with several releases:
	Red Light Spells Danger - 7" - Ritz Records - RITZ 067 - UK - 1984
	Bring(?) It Up - 7" - Ritz Records - RITZ 078 - UK - 1984
	Is There Something I Should Know ? / Move Your Body - 7" - Ritz Records - RITZ 154 - UK - 1986 - PS
	Winter's Here / Horslips Medley - 7" - Ritz Records - RITZ 160 - UK - 1986 - PS
	You Can Count On Me / You Can't Have It - 7" - Roxy/Ritz Records - TEASE 2 - UK - 1986 - PS, Eurovision
	Brand New Heart / Bergen - 7" - Ritz Records - RITZ 198 - UK - 1989
	Welcome To My Party / Welcome To My Party (instrumental) - 7" - Palmote Records - PALM 03 - UK - 1990 - PS
	Hits Of Luv Bug - LP - K-Tel?

Lyndon Shunt -- or Lydon Shunt, from the Bayside/Sutton area, with 'Bricker' O'Connell
	played a Dandelion Market Saturday gig on 2nd June 1979 supporting Jaroc

Mangled Ferret ca 1986

Man Ray [N.IRL] -- c1986-87, female singer, played the Guinness
	Festival showcase gig in Belfast in Dec 1986. Evolved from "dainty
	jazz licks" into more mainstream rock sounds, according to Hot Pres.

Flo McSweeney -- singer with Toy With Rhythm, Les Enfants before
	joining Moving Hearts in June 1984, making vinyl debut with them
	with "State Music" single, and touring Ireland (June 86) and
	UK/Italy/France (July 84).

Meanwhile In Czechoslovakia -- [Belfast] ca 1986

The Media -- [Derry] 1980-82
	Soul/R&B band. 
	Martin Doherty - lead/rhythm guitar
	Tony 'Dutch' Doherty - rhythm guitar
	Gerry Melaugh - bass guitar 
	Pius Arbuckle - drums
	Jock O'Connell - vocals 1980-81.
	Kevin Bradley - vocals 1982

Meelah XVIII (Meelah 18) -- pre Alsan band, Finglas c1980, also with Paul Tighe of Alien Comfort
	Played The Gaff in Limerick on one occasion, so they travelled outside Dublin.

Mercury -- Dublin, early 80s hard rock/metal band, from Raheny area. 
	Original material plus a couple of AC/DC covers.
	Residencies in The North Star Hotel and The Ivy Rooms (now Fibbers).
	This is the same band who played the Peace Concert in the Phoenix
	Park in 1976. The band went through numerous lineups over the years.
	By the mid-80s it was Robbie Cody (from Artane, lead vocals), Johnny 
	McCormick (drums). Mick O'Leary (lead guitar) played rhythm guitar in
	the earlier incarnation of the band with Alo Kenny on lead guitar. 
	Drummer Johnny McCormick had played in a pre Dark 
	band called Wasp with Gerry Leonard.
Midwich Cuckoos or possibly Midwitch Cuckoos -- 
	Played Hennigans in Sligo frequently
	Demo played on Fanning's show
	Moved to London before breaking up
	Some members later formed The Mutant Frogs (with some ex Wild Herrings)
Midnight Blue circa 1988 polished easy listening a la Sade, from Belfast.

Ministry of Youth -- pre Search And Destroy.

Mirage -- Recorded demo at Slane Studios (SRS) in 1983 which was played
	on Nova. Short residency at the Ivy Rooms in 1983. Manager Danny Shahan.
	Walsh & Rooney main songwriting pair.
	Clem Walsh - vocals
	Neil Wilson - guitar
	Neil Rooney - bass
	Split 3/1984, reforming in June as Time Ghost

Mirror Freak

Modern Disgrace -- ca 1979 north Dublin band, played 5-6 support gigs
	lead guitarist Ronan O'Hanlon later formed Les Enfants in 1982

Monkhouse -- N.IRL punk band active in the 90s
	7" - Tune In EP - Damaged Goods Records - damgood 40 - UK - 1994 - PS
	7" - Monkhouse / Wat Tyler - split - Rejected Records - 1.000.002 - IRL - 1995 - PS
	Monkhouse tracks: Kill Your Parents / I  Don't Think So
	CD - Monkhouse / Strikni๋n DC - split - Rejected Records - 1.000.003 - IRL - 1996

Moolah Babies

Monumental -- unknown (and very good) metal band with a self-released single; 
	undated but sounds mid-to-late 80s; more info need please
	7" - Boy On The Run - Impact Records - IMP001/IMP002 - undated - no PS

Motion Pictures - N.IRL band active ca 1983

The Motive -- Galway(?) early 90s

Mouzhik Strap -- c1980, from Cabra, Dublin, ex Bodies Move.

Mudsi Muntu - early/mid-80s N.IRL studio based band, jazz/reggae mix,
	recorded a demo ca 1983

Muff Divers -- played the Dandelion on Saturday 8 March 1980. Split by November 1980.
	Eamonn Troy (ex Chessnuts) joined in September 1979.

Muff Divin' Spiders -- one of the earliest NIRL punk bands, from Bangor

The Music Corp [Dublin] -- formed 1985 approx, south Dublin synth band;
	lineup: Mark Prophet (guitar), Pat Carroll (keyboards/synths), Peter Connolly (bass)
	Recorded a demo in 1986 of "uplifting tunes reminiscent of early
	Depeche Mode"--Hot Press

Mythical New Underground - Newbridge - Reggae-Punk, mid '90s
	4-song demo tape 'Newspeak' recorded in Poppyhill Studio in Kildare in Jan 1995.
	tracks: Start A Revolution / Proof / Confessions / Concrete
	Poggy - vocals
	Con - guitar
	Head - bass
	Byrnie (Mark Byrne?) - drums

Napalm Kids - Belfast - Mentioned in scene report in MRR #29 (October 1985)

Nation -- ca 1987-88
	With guitarist Jeff Kiernan a.o.
	Gigged fairly regularly for a couple of years, 
	regularly supported "The Conspiracy" in the Earl Grattan on Capel Street 
	every Friday night for a while. 

National People's Gang -- tribal sound, primal drumbeating,
	their first gig was a disaster caused by a malfunctioning drum machine.
	Known for their hatchet job cover versions, "destroying the classics"
	forced to change their Bowie inspired name in 1987 by a UK act already using it,
	so they became... who?
	Included a Hot Press journalist in the ranks (who?).
	Played The Underground.
	Bart Cronin (vocals/guitar), Sean (drums, previously played heavy metal in a duo?), 
	Kevin (keyboards), Damien (bass); also played a a trio
	Bart & Damien were a songwriting duo since 1982.

Neasa -- Neasa de Bearoid (think Nina Hagen, Lene Lovich) was in bands (Alice in Wonderland, Hidden Fears) but also released solo records

Neon Ash

Neon Heart -- ex Strange Movements, after the release of their 1980 single and return from London,
	which would make it 1980 at the earliest, but a Neon Heart played the Dandelion (wuth The Alternatives)
	on Sunday 11th November 1979, so they may have been concurrent outfits.

The N.E.S.T. -- Galway, mid-80s

New Dawn

New Obsession -- circa 1988, trio from Dundrum with a hard-edged sound;
	toured in Australia (summer 1988) and USA (summer 1987)??

New World Affair - from Tramore, in the sunny south east. 
	Indie guitar quartet.
	one track ("Nowhere To Run") on Comet 3 tape (1988)
	The band was videoed performing live at the Bridge Hotel in Waterford in January (or February) 1989 
	and two tracks are currently on ytoutube: "Three Face Trial", "Another Day"

Nightpeople or Night People -- Cork band, active 1984

Night Rider -- Galway heavy metal band, active ca 1979-80.
	Finished runners-up to Autobop in a competition held as part of the
	International Festival of Music staged at the RDS in Dublin in 1980.

Night Shift -- Antrim, mid-80s

Nocturnal Activities -- [Cork] ca 1986 blues band with keyboards

No Entry -- Precursor to Neuro, with Paul Butler and Ciaran Barry.

No Relation -- Cork, early 80s, seen them described as "medicore pop/rock"?

Northern Lights - Melodic heavy metal band, demo 1988

Nothing Like Strauss - Cork ca 1989, "fast funky music" (Sunny Days 4)
	including covers of "Wild Thing", "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"
	7" - Robin's Party / Coup d'Etat (Revolution) - DMD Records - DMD 0071 - 19?? - PS

N.O.T.W. (Not Of This World)  -- late 80s anarcho punk band led by a guy named Rabbit.
	Actually Not Our World though I'm positive I saw the NOTW abbreviaton, was that a different band?
	Rabbit was AKA Ger McDunphy (guitar, vocals).
	Also with Shane McGrath (guitar) , Ross Hackett (bass, later in Shred, Joan Of Arse, The French Letter A),
	Niall McGuirk (bass, Hope Collective, thumped.com) and Hugh O'Byrne (drums)
	Supported Fugazi in McGonagles in 1989
Nu Liege -- c1983, quintet w/two synth players,
	recorded a two track demo at Alto Studios in 1983
	Supported C'est Clave at the Ivy Rooms on Monday nights in october 1983
	Manager Anto Nolan

Sinead O'Connor [Dublin] famously sang on early In Tua Nua 
	demos at the age of 15 while still at boarding school and thus unable to join band, though she left
	her mark with one writing credit; she next turned up in Colum Farrelly's Ton Ton Macoute
	but they didn't perform any of her songs and she doesn't appear on their sole single;
	Signed to Fachtna O'Kelly management, and a deal with Ensign.
	Session for the debut LP with producer Mickey Glossop did not go well and Sinead
	rejected the results; she re-recorded the material, producing herself.
	"The Lion And The Cobra" (released Oct 1987) shows SOC is "prone to melodrama,
	revving too quickly from a whisper to a scream ... with tendancies towards widescreen,
	windswep, slightly Goth emotionalism". She currently sports the worst tattoo in christendom.

Diarmaid O'Dalaigh (Dermot O'Daly) [Cork] -- ca 1989, Cork's answer to John Cooper Clarke

The O'Malleys [Limerick] -- active in the 80s, began as a trad/country act, evolved into
	a wilder proposition over the course of the decade

One Deaf Ear [Belfast] -- Simple Minds influenced, appeared on RTE TV in 1986

Onion Peelers [Dublin] -- formed 1988, recorded a poppy demo the same year.
	Did a fly poster campaign for a headlining gig in Slane on the 31st of June (geddit?).

Open Hearts -- From Cork? c1980
	Played the Arcadia on 30 August 1980 along with Micro-Disney, 
	Urban Blitz and Nun Attax, the gig
	immortalized on the Kaught At The Kampus EP.
Possible lineup: Pat Dunne - Bass Ricky Lynch - lead guitar, vocals Margaret Lynch - vocals singer. Ricky now leads The Lynch Mob, with his sons Reuben on bass and Graham on guitar. The Originals -- mid-80s mod revival quartet from Derry Originals Sins -- Ak Kennedy (ex Sacre Bleu, pre Three Blind Mice) - vocals & rhythm guitar Doish Nagle (ex Bogey Boys, Phil Lynott Band) - lead guitar John Fisher (ex Rimshots, Ripchords) - bass Tony Smyth (ex Bogey Boys, Paul Cleary, Waterboys) - drums Drummers included Dave Moloney (ex Vipers) and Pat Waller. Otis and The Intellectuals - one track ("I'm Alive") on the Guru Weirdbrain LP (1985) Outdoor Minors -- Dublin southside band (Dalkey), formed 1982 by music journalist Kevin Courtney (guitar and vocals), Peter Rayel (bass guitar and vocals) and Nevil Thornton (drums). Named after the Wire song. Played one Dun Laoghaire Pier gig on the bandstand as part of summer festival in 1983. Played several supports to other local bands at that time including Nine Out Of Ten Cats PP Layouts, and Thunderbirds Are Go Peter Rayel and Nevil Thornton also played in The Alter Boys (1984-85) Thornton later in Jamie Cotton Band (1987) and Big Picture (1989) Out Of Bounds -- [Dublin] (1979-) covers (Warren Zevon, Brinsley Schwartz, Rhythm Aces, etc) and originals Pete McGowan - lead guitar/mandolin Paul Doran - vocals/acoustic guitar Paul Kelly - bass/vocals Jessie Kelly - rhythm guitar/vocals Attilla Lorenz - keyboards Brendan Cashin - drums Out Of The Blue -- ca 1990, issued a demo single: 7" - Losing You / Some Kind Of Wonderful - Out Of The Blue Records - OTB 001 - 1990 Out Of Uniform [Wexford] c1983, gigged Wexford/Waterford/Carlow area Overdrive [Wexford] 1985-86, first demo 'Easy Feelin' recorded 1985. Tony Malone - vocals Mick Rowley - guitar Eddie Doyle - guitar Rory McKaye - keyboards, guitar Martin Ryan - bass Dec Clarke - drums P45 -- Played the Dandelion Market in Dublin on Sunday 22 July 1979 with Crisis and Uncle Waldo Unlikely to be the Belfast band active in 1978? P.A.M.F. - ca 1991? Tom Pacheco and the Dublin Outlaws -- Dublin, late 80s Also backed singer Rosie Flores Tom Pacheco - guitar, vocals Beki Brindle - guitar, vocals Pat Courtney - bass, vocals Dave Whyte - drums The Pakt [Cork] -- ca 1988, ex Idol Joy, relied heavily on keyboards. Lineup: Joe Cherry, John McGuire, Fionn Blake. Reputedly disastrous experience in the Carling/Hot Press heats on 1988 but I don't know the details. Parallex -- ca 1984, young teenybop polished pop band, supported Nik Kershaw on his Irish tour in 1984 The Paralysed Purple Rays - one track ("Astral Stratosphere Stardust Cadillac") on the Guru Weirdbrain LP (1985) The Parasites -- Dandelion Market gig Saturday 9 February 1980 Par Excellence Park -- 1987 demo including "Molly's Ghost" Passion Parade Passive Factor -- from Waterford, ca 1983-84, quartet early 80s punk sound, tracks "Nostradamus", "Suffer Little Children" "The Peoples Song" surfaced on the 051 compilation CD Pathos -- early punk band (1978) from Downpatrick.. more info please! Peace Of Mind [Cork] -- c1988 Steven Byrne (guitar), Aidan Scally (bass), John Hickey (drums) Peace of Mind, l-to-r: Aidan Scally, John Hickey & Steve Byrne 1988 Amnesty International Benefit gig poster The Pedestrians -- active circa 1990 Pendilum -- Pendilum (sic) recorded a demo at Keystone Studios in Dublin on 30 March 1980, engineered by Ger Kiernan, consistng of two tracks: "Your Love Is Mine" and "Over The Line" (6:01). Further info appreciated. Penelope Smash -- circa 1988, from Belfast, classic northern Irish guitar pop comparable to The Undertones Why call yourself the Onion Peelers when you can call yourself Penelope Smash?? Lineup: Ray Flack - Guitar/Vocals; Julie Casement - Vocals/Flute/Percussion; Colin McCartney - Bass/Vocals; Simon Rafferty - Drums Ray & Colin still play occasional gigs. Penis Features -- Dublin punks mentioned in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984) The People -- Dublin; North city band playing breezy Jam-like pop; appeared at the Mega-Bash at the Ivy Rooms in Dublin on 29 August 1985 Perfect Moment -- described in Hot Press (ca 1988) as a raunchy melodic guitar band fronted by a Springsteen clone. Perfect Strangers -- released a single in 1986 'The Battle' / 'Heaven' on Vixen (FM027) Persuasion -- (1987-) quintet, pop-soul, all members from previous bands Philistine Mews -- Dublin duo: Dec (vocals), Colin (instruments). Formed to record non-live oriented material on home 4-track. Recorded a full c60 demo. 4 tracks in 1989 on Comet Vol.4 ("Nightnurse", "Too Many Mountains", "Endymion's Umbrella", "One Perfect Summer") The Pin -- Dublin punks mentioned in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984) Plastics -- c1977 Belfast punk band, still at school, featuring two sisters Tara (bass) and Lee (vocals) and Andy Ego (guitar). Featured in Heat #3. Reputedly approached by Step Forward Records. Plops -- Gig at the Underground 26.12.87 Formed in 1987: Pat 'Kipper' Kinsella – vocals/guitar Bernard 'Shay' Diffley – guitar/piano/keyboards Dave Kelly – bass (from 1988) Colm Dempsey – drums. Recorded a one-track demo in Temple Lane Studios in 1987 called "The Buck Stops Here". Live they played the Underground a lot, but the highlight was the Trinity Ball in 1988. Poles Apart -- Cork c1983 Polite Force -- one of the Navan Road powerpop bands The Pool -- c1984, Waterford band, ex Airforce. Population -- played the Dandelion on Saturday 3 November 1979 with The Strougers and The Regents Positive Factor -- from Kilkenny, described in scene report in MRR #17 (September 1984) as "furiously fast, raucous punk". Positive Noise -- Derry punk band who made a video The Possessed -- Dublin agit-prop, heavy rhythms, screaming vocals PP Layouts -- early 80s, southside Dublin band. Conor Goff joined Pulling Faces (1982-85), fronted G Squad (ca 1985) and The Fast Boys (1986), Conor Goff & The Crash (1986-87), worked with Christy Dignam in Dignam & Goff (1990-91) and released solo material. Bailey, Demange & Callaghan formed The Visitors. Conor Goff - guitar Karl Bailey - guitar Willie Demange - bass Dave Callaghan - drums The Practical Householders - one track ("Your Love Is Just A Four Letter Word") on Comet Two sampler from Athy, Co.Kildare. Recorded at The Studios, Clonegal, with thanks to Johnny Hoskins, Engineered by Seamus Cullinane and Produced by The Practical Householders. Prague Over Here -- Cork? c1981. With RTE Reporter Fergal Keane (no relation). Supported Micro-Disney in 1981 Update imminent..stay tuned. The Preachers -- mid-80s Dublin guitar band Premonition [Dublin] -- Blades influence band also compared to the Housemartins; winner of the Dublin Millenium Battle of the Bands in 1988, the prize for which was a single on EMI -- more details needed please. Prime Suspect Princes Street Promenad -- recorded "First Laugh Last" released on EMI. Why is there no 'e' on the end of Promenad. Psycho Dream Escape -- from Drogheda, formed early 1988. Songs from first demo tape on Comet Vol.4; a second demo was recorded. Note reference to Hoek brothers of Dorian Mood. With Ivor Lynch? (see The Dreads) 2 tracks on Comet Vol.4 ("Crack Up", "Hoek Your Mind Up") Pulse -- Dublin(?) goth band Purple Armageddon -- from Tipperary, guitars+keyboards pop comparable to B52's/Devo; demo 6/1988 Purple Telephones -- mid-80s Dublin mod band QED -- not the Dave King outfit, this was another QED, with Francis Scattergood from Baldoyle. The Q -- have the distinction of releasing the fifth single on the Little Black label. Welcome To The Club / Here's Your Friend (LBS 005) was released in 1985 and was memorably described by the Failed Bohemian as "...eighties Irish AOR muck-stodger, the kind of thing that people made when they heard a Bryan Adams record, and decided they could do the same..". Ouch! Produced by Andrew Boland, both tracks by Tommy Moran. With PS. The Quest Radio 4 The Rage -- Played the Dandelion Market, Dublin on Sunday 3 June 1979 Raging Angels -- Waterford, late 80s Rain Prophets - four tracks including a Radio Caroline interview appear on the Sounds Of Irish Mod bootleg tape Rainsville Ram -- released a single on Homestead? Any details..? Anyone out there with good info on the Homestead label? Rapunzels Wig -- Port Laoise/midlands, c1989 Jason O' Meara - vocals Andy Doran - guitar Noel Kelly - guitar Gilly Guilfoyle - bass Dermot Carroll - drums Re'bel -- N.IRL punk band mentioned in scene report in MRR #9 (1983) Red Hot Remembers - one track ("Over The Top") on the New Eclipse Records sampler (1990) from Port Laoise The Regents -- played the Dandelion on Saturday 3 November 1979 with The Strougers and Population The Rest Is History -- Short-lived band fronted by Flo McSweeney (ex Toy With Rhythm, Les Enfants) and Suzanne Rhattigan (who replaced Flo in Toy With Rhythm and then Les Enfants). Flo was presenting Megamix at this time so they'd have had a profile. Reveille -- from Howth, early 80s, Andrew Bass now runs a booking agency (www.ceb.ie). Recently reformed! The Revelations -- ca 1983 Blades-inspired "beat music with a soul influence" Recorded a demo at Origin Studios in Santry in 1983 HP review described it as lacklustre apart form the standout track "Back It Up" Played the Rhythm And Soul Revue with The Rimshots (RnR) and Crazy Times (rockabilly) De Riddim -- Dublin ca 1985 band with funk element, compared at the time to Natural Wild and Flex and the Fast Weather. File under 'D'? Rimshots Riot Squad -- N.IRL punk band mentioned in scene report in MRR #9 (1983) Ripchords Risky Business Rockets In August -- from Finglas, Dublin, "classy modern pop" according to Richie Taylor. Pat Hedderman (vocals, keyboards), Tommy Murphy (bass), Martin Meagher (guitar) Martin Meagher ex Rhythm Kings Dave Moloney guested drummer on their first demo which included "Rockets In August" and "Transworld Audio" Rogue Angel -- listed in Hot Press' Shamrock Shuffle issue (Vol.3 Nr.22 May 1980) Romeo Butcher -- Cork punk band c1980, with Aidan McCarthy (ex Berserk) and Kieran Kennedy (1990, Black Velvet Band). Rule The Roost -- Dublin c1978 Appearing at Moran's Hotel, Dublin, August 1978. October-November 1978 tour. Details??? Rumour Has It Runaway Boys -- Rockabilly band named after the Stray Cats song; with Gavin Povey Running Blind -- Sligo band, mid-80s, supported The Boy The Boy, with Christy Kivlehan, brother of Tommy (of The Boy The Boy) on bass, Gerry Sweeney (guitar), Joseph Hunt (ex Absolute Zero, vocals), Michael Nuggent (drums), Colin O'Donnell (guitar) Willie Ryan & Friend -- played the Limerick Lark After Dark in 1988 with a set which... "...attempted to anaesthetise the assembled multitude with a bizarre guitar/synth rendition of what seemed like a Tangerine Dream boxed set slowed down - remarkable"--Hot Press If yer out there Willie, get in touch. Kenny Ryder Superband -- from Thurles, late 70s, ex Tweed Single has been described as powerpop. Kenmny also fronted a showband, Kenny Ryder & Punch. 7" - Slowdown Pt 1 / Slowdownb Pt 2 - GI Records - GI 102 - IRL - 1978 - no PS Sabre -- Cork band originally known as Bootlace, a school band formed by Tony Buckley, John Spillane (guitar), Dave Murphy and Niall Marron (drums), before changing their name to Sabre. they were a blues rock band and were regulars at Sir Henry's in Cork, playing every Wednesday night during 1979-80. Their set was initially 50% covers (Neil Young, Beatles, Dylan, Gallagher) then all original. Sometime member Arty Lorrigan left to join the reformed Hot Guitars c1983 Still active in 1984 Circa 1981 lineup with LR: John Spillane, Tony Buckley, Daev Murphy, Sam O'Sullivan [Photo by Ciaran O'Tuama, used without permission] Hal Sadwich -- in various Dublin bands during 1985-88. Made a solo demo in 1988 showing glam ("Closet QUeen") and Prince ("Let It Go", reminiscent of "Kiss") influences. Savanah Strut -- late 70s or early 80s hard rock band. With guitarist Shaun Barrett ex Brown Thomas (1978) The Saviours -- Portrush, ex The Core, circa 1988-90, Doors/Stooges influences Scarlet Page -- [Cork] metal ca 1986 Scum -- Early 80s Dublin (hardcore) punk, active 1981 Scum of the Earth -- Galway band Second Nature -- Sextet formed 1985. Russell Feely (guitar), Karin Parks (vocals), a.o. "We're trying to get that XTC acoustic and percussion type sound blended to a Smiths/Everything But The Girl sort of direction: a soft alternative rock that we're experimenting with"--quote from In Dublin magazine #254, May 1986. Secret Goldfish -- Atrix related band from the mid-80s? I was mistake about The Atrix link. DublinOpinion.com has posted the band's mid-80s demo which shows their fantastically retro letraset logo and includes four tracks: Maybe Baby Too Late Twelve Inch Brand New Cadillac [which was played by Fanning]. See In Neon (S.I.N.) [Dublin] -- recorded at least two demos, the 2nd in 6/1988 Self Destruct -- Portrush, 1982-86, punk rock with Mark Linton (vocals/guitar), Robert Park (guitar/vocals), Blair Cameron (bass), Alan Daly (drums). Jonathan Davies (ex Decontrol) played in a later incarnation of the band. No releases though the band did record themselves and tapes do exist. Mentioned in scene report in MRR #29 (October 1985) 70% Proof -- Bangor band with Gary Hassard AKA Sniff, Stuart Cooley, Ralph McGuicken and Russell Maddox, later in Carpenter Joe. Sercoptic Mange Mites -- AKA Butch Bullphucker & Sercoptic Mange Mites, from Dublin?, plauyed the Ivy Rooms in 1985, won the MAD '85 festival (Music Arts Drama festival organised by the regional colleges) Serious Mistakes -- see Blah! Blah! Blah! 7 Kevins (Seven Kevins) -- gigging 1990 - were they really seven guys named Kevin? The Sexy Capitalists -- Dublin early 80s, played a Sat afternoon gig at Base X in June 1982 Shake Appeal -- powerpop formed in 1983 by ex New Breed, Nothin' Shakin' and Ju Ju Gooks. Shadow Talk -- N.IRL synth pop band, formed by Barry Tipping and Colin McMullen ex The Singles 7" - People Watching People / Heaven Up Here - MAG 257 - June 1984 - PS 12" - People Watching People // Heaven Up Here / Touch Of Luck - MAGT 257 - 1984 7" - You Could Be Mine / Straight to the Bone - Magnet - MAG265 - PS Sharpville -- gigging 1990 Shattered Ego -- Mid-80s band from Salthill, Galway Shattered Light -- A rockin' Dublin pub band, with lead singer Derek Herbert (ex Luminants, pre Les Enfants) John Rock - drums Michael Crump - guitar/vocals Aiden Tobin - bass Shush Side FX -- Dublin oi/street punk band, late 70s/early 80s, from Navan Road area, led by Rocky O'Rourke (bass). They played residencies in The Magnet and Toners and a few one offs in The Baggot Inn and The Abbey Inn in Tralee. Rock and Stephen O'Brien (drums) played together in various bands incl Neu Belsen, Driver and the 1981 incarnation of The Threat (1981) Silverstreak - one track ("Tarmac Track") on the New Eclipse Records sampler (1990) Sin -- Dublin punk, Anna (vocals), Paranoid Visions/FOAD related? Sindikat Sinner -- northern band c1981 666 Cydernauts -- Drogheda Skin Appeal -- punk (skinhead?) band, recorded a demo tape, some suggestion of neo-nazi sympathies? The Skips -- mid 80s, Dublin, one or two Fanning Sessions The Skis -- Bangor band that yeidled Robert Scott of The Doubt Slack -- Wexford indie band, early 90s CDS - I'm A Star EP - Optional Paralysis Records - SLACK 1 - IRL - 1993 - PS Self-released CD EP in jewelcase. Recorded at Sun Studios, Dublin, August '93 tracks: I'm A Star / Prayer Generation / People (Give It) / I'm A Star (Reprise) / The Slack Life of Zen Apathy Mocha - vocals, guitar Seamus Kenny - guitar Muckser - bass Mick - drums Sleepwalk -- Waterford, late 80s Small Change -- Cork, early-80s; recorded a live LP at Sir Henrys, a collection of rock, soul and blues covers; Mick "Black Dog" Daly, Artie Lorrigan, Pat Crowley, Bill O'Brien. Smalltalk -- mid-80s, appear on the Blackrock Youth Aid '85 tape Smear Campaign -- punchy rock band, formed 1984, considered very promising ca 1985-87 Played the Ivy Rooms and the Underground a lot during 1985-86 "Sounding like an amalgam of early Stranglers and Joy Division, the band boasted a prodigious bassist and a wisecracking frontman" --Hot Press review of the Dublin Mega-Bash at the Ivy Rooms 29 August 1985 Anthony Wright (guitar), Martin Wright (bass), plus drummer Aidan Murphy. Richie Taylor described their demo as "good but extrememly inaccessible" in April 1986. In Nov/Dec 1986 they were seeking a dummer. The Wright brothers were from Ballygall, Dublin northside and were huge Stranglers fans. Also an XTC influence in play. Interviewed in In Dublin, demo tape (incl "Stay at Home") recorded in Santry, played by Fanning. Both Wright brothers lived in Holland for some time. Still active musically, check Bandcamp.com for Anthony James Wright S.M.H. Social Fools -- supported The Theat at the Dandelion on Sunday 26 August 1979 Soft Music Company So She Said -- formed Dublin 1988, ex Delegates. Two tracks from 88 demp ("Let Me Out", "So Happy") on the Swimming Out Of The Pool compilation (1988) Soul Aim -- mid-80s 7 piece from Donegal, mod/soul Soul Reazon -- AKA Soul Reason -- R&B band in regrettable Blues Brothers getup. Active from the late 80s, mostly (all?) covers repertoire. Released a single in 1991, both sides covers of classic soul. 7" - Respect / Everybody (Needs Somebody To Love) - SR1 - circa 1991 - PS South of Heaven -- Pop metal band, more details needed. Their single has a power ballad with lots of synth atmospherics on the A-side and a more metallic B-side. Both tracks credited to McGrath/Boyle. 7" - The Journey / I Will Follow - Rag Records - R-A-G 0020 - 1991- PS Recorded at Roseland Studios in Moate Special Features -- Dublin c1977 band, pre-Sinners; basically The Sinners plus singer Chris ??? Spew Jerkz -- Oi! band from Tuam, formed 1982-83, mentioned in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984) toured in 1984. Spiral Scratch -- supported Depeche Mode at the RDS circa 1986. Two members later in Chrome Yellow. Splendour Falls -- active 1988 Members included John Goddard. Split Level -- active 1987, N.IRL christian rock band LP - Sons Of Liberty - What Records - 1987 Sprog -- Galway(?) early 90s The Spurts -- late 70s Dublin punk band, same scene as The Letters, Neu Belsen and Urban Urges. Squadron -- Tallaght, Dublin band active 1979-81 played countless support slots to bands like The Lookalikes, The Atrix, a.o. Recorded one 3 track demo; sessions on ARD and possibly Radio Dublin Marty O'Neill played drums for Rory Gallagher (check) Dave Byrne - lead vocals, rhythm guitar Marty O'Neill - lead guitar Paul O'Donoghue - guitar Alex Phillips - bass Mick Fields - drums Ann Larkin - vocals Stab the Rasher -- from Cork, Synth band circa 1981-82, appeared on a 12-inch?! The Standards -- Bangor 1977-78, first punk band in area with David Shannon (vocals), Brian Shaw (guitar), Mark Armstrong (drums) and John Clarke (bass, later in The Doubt). State Of Mind The Steam Pig - A porcine take on Steam Punk? Steel Reign Steel Tone -- [Cork] ca 1986 band with early 70s sound Stern Tybes -- [Ballycotten, Co.Cork] ca 1989 - Mike Fitzpatrick's band live set incl covers of Ramones, Husker Du Stigmata Martyr -- demo tape on FOAD "Facts of Life" (1992), bassist now in Blood or Whiskey. Gipo (ex Drunken Jury/Very Mental) now in the Dubtones. The Mary Stokes Band -- Single on Danceline in July 1990 "Nobody Knows" / "Be True To Yourself" (DLS012) Streamline -- ca 1987-88 Street Idol -- split 1990 Stricknien DC -- a post-Paranoid Visions band, while the PVs were on hiatus Strike The Light [N.IRL] (c1987) -- poppy demo The String Men [Dublin] (c1987) -- previously known as The Cold Stryder [Dublin] (late 70s/early 80s) -- North Dublin rock/metal band Alan Quigley (vocals), Eugene (drums) Eugene was Larry Mullen's backup drummer for whenever he couldn't make U2 gigs in the early days (a role also filled by Eric Briggs of the Myster Men). Stryder and U2 appeared on the same bill at St.Brendan's Hall (school hall) in Artane. Mystic Reign -- Previously The Subterraneans (see entry below). With Paul Gault (vocals), Tim Brolly (guitar) [photo courtesy Jim Cunningham] The Subterraneans -- A northern group, active circa 1986-87, with Timothy Brolly (guitar) (related to Niall Brolly of An Uncertain Trumpet?), Philip Cartin (drums, founder of Supremo Recordings) and possibly Paul Gault (vocals). Played in Derry and Spuds, Portstewart. Not punk/new wave per se, but original material. Galt and Brolly later in Mystic Reign. Suburban Rebels -- Cork band with pre-Sultans Morty on drums. Suburbia -- Superhate -- late 80s or early 90s, ex Donnybrook Garage, anyone have any tapes? Surface Tension -- Dublin, 1986-87 The Surrealists -- 2 tracks in 1989 on Nationwide Vol.2 ("It's Only Life", "Secrets") The Suspects [Dublin] -- punks from Dublin, mentioned in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984) possibly relocated to Tralee The Suss -- Belfast c1983, guitar band, 5-song demo tape showed promise but lacked originality, best track "Dust" Sweet Freedom -- band from Laois with the Cullinanme brothers (James, Ed, JJ) Released a single in 1987: 7" - High On Love / Hearts On The Line - Rag Records - R-A-G 0005 - 1987- PS Recorded at own S.F.Studios in Laois Appeared on Screen Test Switch the Mood -- Belfast mod band, pre Cut The Bag Synthetic Vibes -- Formed January 1983. Siobhan Kennedy (vocals), Derek Heffernan (guitar), John Henson (keyboards), Jack Lynch (bass), Ricky O'Connor (drums) Songs "Manipulation", "Attitudes", "My Landlord", "Love Bug" Pictured in Hot Press (vol.7-19) System Agents or Systems Agents -- Dublin punk band, mentioned in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984) ...and on Paranoid Visions recent tribute EP. System X -- Dublin punk band, circa 1979/80, from Coolock. Opened for bigger Dublin bands like the Boy Scoutz, New Versions, The Blades and Strange Movements. Takapuna [Cork] -- ca 1986 band, similiar to The Waterboys, with sax player recorded demo Dec 1986; decided on a name change in 1987 and announced a competition on local TV for their new name ca August 1987 -- result was The Gems(?) Teenage Riot -- pictured in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984) Pre- Catholic Guilt! Teen Idols - Derry - mentioned in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984) Tell-Tale Heart -- c1980, synth+drums quintet Tension -- Dublin, early 90s Tequila -- from Lurgan, circa 1980-81 Texas Radio -- Waterford, late 80s There Goes Christine -- with Feargal Andrews (Cactus World News, Fountainhead) and David Freeney (Chrome Yellow) The Third Mind The 33rd Hurricane This One's For Her -- Limerick ca 1988 The Thorns -- Dublin, late 70s punk/new wave band with Tony Murphy (vocals/guitar) and Colin Holmes (drums), both later in Phineas Gage/The Blaggards. Thought Before Talk - Terry Corr (ex Richmind Hill) formed Talk Before Talk in 1980. Initially a songwriting duo with Dermott McQuillen, they quickly became an 8 piece with big hair and shoulder pads and male and female lead singers (Jennifer Weir and ?) playing new wave synth rock, mostly original material, playing various venues and colleges during 1980-82. They were the first ever band to appear on BBC Northern Ireland's Channel One live rock TV show on Monday 10th October 1983. Unfortunately both youtube videos have been taken down, but I leave the links here in case someone can find them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h27olnyHTQU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nNSA2PbhPQ Three Blind Mice -- late 80s/early 90s band with AK aka Anthony Kennedy of Sacre Bleu, formed after the demise of the Original Sins Three Of A Kind -- no details known - played on the bill at the "Let's Get Serious 2" punk festival held at the TV Club on the 30 September 1983 featuring the cream of Dublin's punk bands at the time plus headliner Conflict. Three Ring Psychosis Timberhouse -- ca 1990, previously known as Xpose Time Ghost -- formed 6/1984, ex Mirage Time In Motion Tin Tin Deo -- Cork, c1982: explain T.N.T. -- Dublin c1978 Appearing at Moran's Hotel, Dublin, August 1978. Details??? Dan Toher -- Released a new wave-ish single in 1981, followed by a second sometime later. Currently plays world music, see his website. 7" - Hope / Seven Lives - Frontier - IRL - 1981 - PS Tomorrow Was Too Much Yin -- Dandelion gig Sunday 1 July 1979 Toxic Agents -- Cork, c1980, playd with Nun Attax and pre- Microdisney Constant Reminders Tranz Am -- Dublin 80's pop metal/hair metal band with a female singer; appeared on TV performing a cover of Suzi Quatro "Devil Gate Drive", so glam was another influence; they entered the 1988 Irish national song contest (i.e. to represent Ireland at eurovision) with "Up My Heart"; the didn't win. Martin Travis -- singer-songwriter from Waterford, his bio with his singles claims he toured in Europe in 1983 but was unknown in Dublin (I hope toured in Europe" doesn't mean he played the Irish pubs!) 7" - The Man from Tralee / The Long Journey Home - CRP Records - 1983- PS Recorded at Cooleycall Studios Wexord, produced by Fred Meijer. Trenchtown Tru'penny Opera Twilight Dreams -- Wexford late 80s/early 90s. Supported Cry Before Dawn at the Theatre Royal in Wexford in July 1990. Also on the bill was another local band The Vision Twilight Zone -- circa 1988, from Ennis, made a 4-song demo tape with 1x studio track (recorded at Sun) and 3x live at The Savoy in Limerick Uforic Voids -- punk Cork c1983 Uncle Waldo -- Played the Dandelion Market in Dublin on Sunday 22 July 1979 with Crisis and P45 Unknown Wrecks Up Do Bi Up The Downstairs -- ca 1988 Urban Riot -- from Dalkey, punk c1982-83 Urban Urges -- late 70s Dublin punk band, same scene as The Letters, Neu Belsen and The Spurts. Va De Faire -- Belfast band with: Fergal Corscadden - vocals David Corscadden - guitar, keyboards Felix MaGinn - bass Paul Corscadden - drums, backing vocals [photo courtesy David Corscadden] Described by Hot Press in 1988 as being too U2 influenced but still a promising act. Felix Maginn (from Springfield Road, Belfast) was later in Supersub and currently fronts dutch band Moke. The band split in 1991 after a trip to London where they spent six months trying to break through. They did a few showcase gigs and spoke with a few record companies, but it all came to nothing. The Vain -- played the Dandelion Market on 27 October 1979 with Neu Belsen and Soul Survivors The V-Column -- c 1986, Port Laoise? May also be known as 5th Column, of course. Vermin -- Cork's #1 hardcore punk band mentioned in scene report in MRR #12 (March 1984) VHF - mid-80s N.IRL guitar-less trio w/ sax with Jeanine Mullally (vocals), Ross McClelland (bass) and Barry Walker (drums), all ex Saigon. Barry Campbell (guitar/vocals) joined at some point and played on the first demo, recorded at Clive Culbertson's studio. Eamonn P.Keyes (gtr/keys) (also ex Saigon) guested on keyboards. Another live demo was done for Radio Ulster with Rod McVey on keyboards and a horn section. Victor Lazlo -- c 1986, Port Laoise? Violent Phobia -- Cork punk band, Tammy (vocals), Mark (vocals), Padge (guitar), Sandy (bass), Don (drums). Made a home-produced tape "No Excuse" side A Stop Famine/Sick Horrific Multinational Lies Stolen Laughter No Excuse Animal Abuse Xenophobic Nazis side B Breach of the Peace Every 8 Seconds (Murder Burger) Owe Us A Living [Crass cover] Horrific Exclusive Interview with Jesus' Son The Vision The Visitors -- ex PP Layouts, formed 1983, Karl Bailey - guitar Willie Demange - bass Dave Callaghan - drums Played Dun Laoughaire Pier gig in 1983 split 1984 Willie Demange joined Toy With Rhythm Visual Aggression -- Dublin late 80s (hardcore) thrash metal band, feature in John Fay's "Positively" documentary (1989) Named after a Celtic Frost song (who were Swiss). Someone has posted a very lo-fi rehearsal tape on youtube from 87/88. Jayo (vocals), Paul (guitar), Steven Reel (bass), Ian (drums) The Voice -- Dublin? Early 90s? Some similarities with An Emotional Fish and The Fat Lady Sings. K7 - The Earth Beneath My Feet / Sweet Natasha EP (AS Records, 1991) Waisters -- Cork? c1980 War-Pigs -- Dublin punk c1982-83 Watching Horses Running -- considered promising ca 1986-87 Wave Assembly [Waterford] -- ca 1987-88 dance oriented, one track ("Human Touch") on Comet Two sampler. This track reissued on the 051 compilation (2006). Recorded at at Cooleycall Studios, Bridgetown, Co.Wexford. Production and Engineering by Paul Spencer. Ray Browne - vocals Dave Coad - guitar Damien Kelly - bass Derek Kelly - drums Waxworks -- mid-80s Dublin guitar pop band, powerpop with jangly guitars, released at least one single "So Lost" (Wax On Wax, 12/1986), some copies possibly on red vinyl. Played a 'save-the-Olympia' gig with Cat Magic and headliner Aengus McNally's Max Band (ah, the good old days!). The Way It Is Westway -- Quartet with female singer. At least two singles "The Heat" (PHS, 12/1986) and "On The Inside" (PHS, 8/1987) described as funky. A later single "My Love" (PHS, 1988) is described as keyboard led pop-rock somewhat reminiscent of In Tua Nua. Credited to G.Culloty. Engineered and co-produced by E.O'Donovan. Wheels Of Fire [Lahinch] -- ca 1988, 2-boy + 3-girl quintet, 1988 Carling/Hot Press entrants White Heart Action -- from Limerick, Manager Jim Moloney AKA Dealer. Sept 1977 lineup: Adrian McNamara AKA Phantom - lead guitar Martin O'Regan AKA Demon - lead/rhythm guitar Tony Goggin AKA Spooky - bass Tony Moloney AKA Count - drums White Noise -- pre EMF (Electro Motive Force) Who's Eddie -- mid-90s pop disco/house band who released a few singles on Polygram. They are still active as a wedding band. Formed by the Molloy siblings from Dundalk. Main songwriter Keith Molloy. However, their first single "Hail It" / "Right Here And Now" shows the date 1980 on the label -- this can't be correct? The copy I found does not have a PS. It appears to be self released. No relation to Eddie Who. Widow -- Dublin? band, active 1989-90 The Wild Herrings -- Donegal, c1986, one Fanning session ("Crash And Burn", "Materialistic Priests", "Buy Me A Drink") "Materialistic Priests" is remembered by some as "Fat Politicians" because of the chorus "fat politicians and materialistic priests". Played Hennigans in Sligo frequently Moved to London before breaking up Some members later formed The Mutant Frogs (with some ex Midwich Cuckoos) while others became The Malfunctions who later morphed into Georgia. Wilder Wilderness Years -- Reputedly bore a close resemblence to Josef K and early Orange Juice. While their material was good, they appeared to "suffer from the delusion that the entire world is out to get them" (Hot Press quote) Finished third in the Opportunity Rocks competition at the Underground, Summer 1985. Still active a year later in March/April 1986. Derek Lee on bass, later in Sack. Wildlife -- see Richie Laurence Band The Winchesters -- Fermoy based combo formed August 1988. Featuring the songwriting duo of Phil Noonan and Jody Hoare (guitar). The singer (Noonan?) now lives in Germany and is still recording. First ever recordings on Comet Vol.4 2 tracks in 1989 on Comet Vol.4 ("Paradise Drive", "Waterloo Lane") 2 tracks in 1989 on Nationwide Vol.2 ("Frozen Sea", "Southern Town") Witch Hunt -- Donegal, c1983, quartet from Dungloe; metal? Without The [Cork] -- ca 1985, reputedly great guitar-based trio with Don Murphy. Played with Cypress Mine in 1985. Supported The Blades at Sir Henrys in Nov 1985. Demos exist. Reworked the Beatles "Rocky Racoon". The Worst [Dublin?] -- played at the 1st open air punk gig in Killiney in 1977... anyone recall them? From Dalkey area. Xpose -- renamed Timberhouse in 1990 Yellow Morriah -- From Wexford, 1980-83, covers included Lou Reed and the Kinks but also did originals. Played the Ivy Rooms in Sept 1983. Formed by the Jackman Bros (Martin and Pat) who eventually became ska band Freres Jackman & the International Elevators, who had a cassette only (or CD?) album on the Mickey Rourke's Fridge label (is this the same as the Jackman's "Dropped" CD?) Martin Jackman (lead guitar, vocals), Pat Jackman (keyboards), Philip O'Brien (rhythm guitar), Eamonn Murphy (bass), Robbie McGrath (drums). Yohawks - one track ("I'm Not Like Everybody Else") on the Guru Weirdbrain LP (1985) Zebop -- mid-80s, appear on the Blackrock Youth Aid '85 tape Lineup: Pat Lynch - Lead Vocals (original singer) Carol Flanaghan - Lead Vocals John Flynn - Lead Guitar Richard Speedie - Keyboards/Vocals Tony Thompson - Bass Guitar (Builder of Thompson Guitars) Tim O'Neill - Drums Kieran O'Reilly - Sax/ Vocals John Flynn founded The John Flynn School of Guitar in Dun Laoghaire (ex students including Dave McPhillips of The Coronas, Padraig McMahon & Daniel Ryan of The Thrills, and Dan O'Connor & Laura Mackey of Boss Volenti) and is owner of JMR Recording Studios. Tony Thompson now makes custom guitars. Zenith -- late 70s, from Walkinstown, Dublin, later became Zero Hour. No relation to the Belfast band. Zero Hour -- from Walkinstown, Dublin, previously known as Zenith. Zero Zero -- [Dublin] active ca 1982: John Costello (guitar), Colm Darcy (bass/vocals), Robbie Poole (drums) Darcy wore distinctive Red and Black striped trousers. Poole was from Donaghmede They played the Ivy Rooms on a number of occasions. The band was active from 1982-85. Hot Press / Local Motions in 1983 reports them as having split up with intention of reforming with a new lineup. Zone Ends -- related to The Androids (Belfast) and Victim Zone Of Fire -- political punk band from Dublin, recorded 3-song demo in 1983 approx

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