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In Dust

From: Larne, Co.Antrim

Active: 1990-95 approx

Style: Industrial Metal



In Dust were an Northern Irish industrial/electronic metal band who a weird mixture of metal and techno and really went for it live, leaving a lot of bewildered people in their wake. They played in Dublin several times, supporting Whipping Boy at the Rock Garden on one occasion in 1991.

In Dust released two records on Wallcreeper Records, who also put out records by two other Larne bands LMS and Repulse. The debut Bewilderimental EP is more experimental, the full debut Nosebleed more Ministry-like. They also recorded at least one John Peel Session.

Among the confused online descriptions of the bands you'll find "...electronic pop with arrangements and rhythms whose sophistication vaults over any obvious Goth/EBM influences, with flamboyant metal-influenced guitar action" and "mix of electronic post-punk/dark pop, sometimes dramatic and nearly pompous, sometimes quirky, with Ryk's inspired death-metal-style solos and tremelo-arm abuse. On Bewildermental they sound in parts kind of like a mix of Chrome and I dunno, Depeche Mode or Front 242?".


• Bewildermental EP
12" - Wallcreeper Records - 12 CREEP 001 - 1992

• Peel Session January 1993

• Nosebleed
LP - Wallcreeper Records - WALL 001 - 1993
CD - Wallcreeper Records - CD WALL 001 - 1993


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