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It is the nature of sites like this to be constantly in need of updating. So many errors and omissions, so little time to correct them. I always need new or better quality photographs and cover scans, that goes without saying, but I could also use your help with the following areas. Click each section for more details.

Fanzines I Need

Fanzines are invaluable sources of information for a project like this and I badly need copies of the issues listed below. Photocopies or scans (300 dpi please) are perfectly acceptable. Besides what's listed here, I can always use copies of Scene (1975-76), Hot Press (1977-82), In Dublin (especially early 1980s issues), Spotlight / Starlight (mainly for photographs) and any other Irish music related publication. Please note that I do not collect vintage magazines as such and these things have no value to me once I've read them, i.e. I'm not interested in paying £10 for an original issue of Alternative Ulster, but thanks for the offer! As long as its readable and the images are clear, I'm quite happy with a xerox.

Examples of what I'm looking for:

All Systems Go   any issue
Almost Grown   any issue
Almost Art   any issue
Alternative Ulster   any
Black & White   any issue
Buddy   any issue
Cabaret   any issue
Devoid Media   2, 3, ..
Europe At A Glance   any issue
Heat   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Vol.2 Nr.1
Hot Press   any pre-1981 issue
Hot Press Year Book   1986, 1989
Imprint   1-8
Insane Society   any issue
It's Your World   any issue
Liggin'   any issue
Mental Energy   any issue
Moonstruck   1, 3, 5..
Ms.Marvel   any issue
Neu Carnage   any issue
9 To 5   1, 2, 3, 4
Orange Vomit   any issue
Poptones   2, ..
Positive Reaction   any issue
Private World   any issue
Raw Power   1, 2
Shock Treatment   any issue
Skanar   any issue
Something Else   any issue
Sweet Sensations   2, 3, ..
Too Late   any issue
To Pence Worth   any issue
Up Against It   1, 3, ..
Up Yours!   any issue
VG Plus   1
Vox   1, 9, 12, 13
Whose Life Is It Anyway   1, 2, 3, 4 (1986), 5 (1987)
Wimp Wonder Comic   any issue

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Releases [or Give Me Your Records]

Just because a record appears on this site doesn't mean I own a copy -- or have even heard it -- far from it! I need many of the releases listed on this site for my own collection. If you released a record or tape and still have copies lying about in the back of the wardrobe/attic/cowshed, or if you simply have spare copies of anything and you're willing to part with them, then please dig them out and send them to the contact address. When I die, I'll leave them all to the State! If you're collecting Irish records yourself, you may need to be tempted by my trade list.

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Record Labels & Pressing Plants

I'm keen to talk to anyone who worked for an Irish record label or distributor during the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s. The same goes for the two main pressing plants located in Ireland, which finally closed their doors in 1991. There is much confusion and a serious lack of information about these labels these days. As far as I know, there was no trade periodical for the Irish recording industry, so we have to make do with overviews in Hot Press (especially Yearbooks) and similar publications. This is why first hand accounts would be so useful.

We are slowly building up discographies for the main Irish labels, listed on the Labels page, and I'm curious to know more about these labels, such as who who was behind them, how long they lasted, etc.

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Radio Sessions

Many bands who never released any vinyl did manage at least one radio session, usually for RTE or the BBC, and I need to add details of these sessions to this site. Collating this information is my primary concern. Of course, I would also like to actually hear these sessions...

At present there is no official Fanning session archive but a twilight operation is now underway here, which is in the process of documenting the sessions with your help and facilitates sharing of your Fanning tapes with everyone else. It's probably best to use an untraceable alias in case any legal interns at RTE decide to impress their mentor. If you are Ian Wilson, then please email me again.

I recorded many Fanning sessions off the radio and I know I wasn't the only person to do so. I lost all my tapes when I moved house many years ago. Help me heal this painful memory by sending me copies of whatever you have, either on tape or CD-R. If I ever win the lottery, I'll set up a record company and license the sessions from RTE, just like Strange Fruit did with the BBC Peel Sessions.

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