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From: Dublin

Active: 1985-

Style: Indie

Lineup (1985): Lineup (1988):


Blades-influenced band active in Dublin in the '80s. The band formed in 1985. They'd all attended Synge Street CBS in Dublin but only came together after they'd all left school. The original guitarist was Tim Murphy. He'd been playing with his neighbour Jimmy Murphy (drums) and was looking for a bass player. Kieran Eaton had just started bass, and knew Tim from the school orchestra, so he fit the bill. The lineup was completed by singer John Brennan, a classmate of Kieran's brother Ger. The band was originally going to be called Too Loud To Whisper but this was quickly changed to Premonition when they learned of the existance of Cork band Loudest Whisper. In time Jimmy Murphy was replaced by Ger Eaton on drums, and when Tim Murphy subsequently left his replacement was Kevin Morris, one of Kieran's classmates.

The members of Premonition were united by their common love of the Mod music of the '60s and the Punk/New Wave of the late '70s and early '80s. They acknowledged the influence of The Blades but were somewhat irked by comparisons to The Smiths and The Housemartins, as they'd already been playing in the style before these bands became famous.

In 1988 they entered the Dublin Millenium Battle of the Bands competition. This was organised by Danceline Records and involved 9 heats and 3 semifinals. The grand final was held at The Underground Bar in Dublin on 8 July 1988. Premonition made it through to final and eventually won the competition. The prize was a single to be recorded at Sun Studios and released on EMI Records.

Accordign to Hot Press, the outstanding track of the band's set was "Clutching At Straws" but this wasn't recorded.


• The Streets Are Paved With Lead / Eyes Like Sin
7" - EMI Records - IEM 004 - 1988 - PS
Produced by Premonition & Pat Dunne
The back cover incorrectly lists the catalogue number as IEM 006.


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