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From: Dublin

Active: ca 1986-90

Style: Soul / R&B?



Formed from the ashes of Les Fruits. Fronted by Johnny Graham. Large dance band including a brass (horn) section. Twin lead guitarists Brady and Palmer played harmonies on top of the brass and funk. Their 3 track demo was described in Hot Press as "well produced and polished". This was recorded in 1986. The band appeared on the final Screen Test (RTE TV) performing the first song they recorded 'Crystal Ball'.

The band played residencies at Fillies (Phoenix Park) and Queens (Dalkey), and were frequently to be seen at The Waterfront on City Quay too. But their regular gig was the Portobello Pub at Rathmines bridge. They also played the Cork Jazz Festival in 1988 approx. They covered Earth Wind & Fire in their live set. Live sound was often done by Terry McManus, ex Raw Deal.

The catalogue number of the "Castaway" single suggests there is at least one other single.

David Palmer left the band when he emigrated to Canada circa 1990/91. They continued with just one lead guitar. Original bassist Philip Myatt was replaced by Tony Molloy who in turn made way for Gerry Kavanagh. Original drummer Alan Furlong (ex Les Fruits) was replaced by Dave Hardy. Shane Casey was the drummer by the time they started gigging, during 1986-88. He was replaced by Mark Grist.

Release dates: None of the singles are dated (what possesses people?). Shane Casey recalls recording 'Summer Cruisin' and 'Love' but not 'Castaway', so it seems likely the first single was released before 1990 and the second after 1989.


• Summer Cruisin' / Love
7" - Shush Records - SHUSH 001 - IRL - 198? - PS

• Castaway / Love
7" - Shush Records - SHUSH002 - IRL - 198? - PS

• Lisa / Lisa (Karaoke Mix)
7" - Shush Records - SHUSH003 - IRL - 199? - PS


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Last update: Feb 2017.

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