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The Commotion

From: IRL

Active: ca 1984 - June 1986




The Commotion was formed by ex Jagz bassist John Byrne. They were a mod/pop band who played regularly at the Mood Club in Tommy Dunnes Tavern in Dublin during 1984-85.

They were one of several mid eighties mod / garage / pop bands documented on the Hip City Boogaloo compilation LP on Hotwire Records in 1984. Other bands included the Fontaines, Side One, the Temps and the original Light a Big Fire. The Commotion also released a split single with Private Number in 1985. A new keyboard player joined in 1986 and a second single "The Rain Came In" / "Your Love Has Changed My Mind" was announced in March, but this never came out and in fact the band split soon after.

They announced their intention to split in May 1986, with their final gig at the Danceline club on 6 June 1986. They reformed in 1987 as Hallelujah Freedom.

Author Roddy Doyle has acknowledged that The Commotion were part of the inspiration behind The Commitments, a comparison which made some of the band members wince. But it was only the format of the band and their soul leanings which bear any real comparison. Unlike The Commitments, The Commotion wrote most of their own material and any covers they included in their live set tended to be obscure sixties soul numbers rather than the cliched Pub Rock by numbers stuff that featured in the Commitments film. John Byrne appears in a crowd scene at the end of the film. He later became a journalist, writing for the RTE Guide.

Mood Club Chronology

May 11 Side One + The Commotion
May 18 The Fontaines + The Commotion
May 25 Side One + The Temps
June 1 The Fontaines + Side One
June 8 The Fontaines + The Commotion
July 6 The Golden Horde + The Stars of Heaven
July 13 The Commotion + The Temps
July 20 Side One + The Temps + The Coalition
July 27 The Commotion + The Golden Horde
Sept 7 The Stars of Heaven + Side One
Sept 14 The Temps + The Gorehounds
Sept 21 The Golden Horde + Boy's Talk
Sept 28 cancelled
Oct 5 The Commotion + Side One
Feb 9 The Commotion + Side One
Feb 16 The Commotion + The Wilderness Years
Feb 23 The Commotion + Side One
Mar 2 The Commotion + Side One + The Purple Telephone
Apr 27 The Commotion + The Experiment
May 4 The Commotion + The Wilderness Years + The Baby Snakes
May 11 The Commotion + Side One
May 18 The Commotion + The Wilderness Years
May 25 The Commotion + The Stars of Heaven
June 8 The Stars of Heaven + Loudness of Whispers
June 15 The Wilderness Years + Loudness of Whispers + The Coalition

• various artists - Hip City Boogaloo
LP - Hotwire Records - HWLP001 - IRL - March 1984
See Compilations section for full track listing.

The Commotion / Private Number (split)
7" - Hotwire Records - HWS 851 - January 1985 - PS?

• various artists - Sound Of Irish Mod 1979-1989 / Powerpop Gems #1
K7 - boot
See Compilations section for full track listing.
tracks: You'd Never Know


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thanks to Colm Carty for the Mood Club chronology

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