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The Kidz

From: Cork

Active: 1979-

Style: New Wave



Cork band with frontman Aidan McCarthy and guitarist Martin Kelleher, both ex Berserk.

The Kidz were a high energy band with elements of the Ramones and the early Undertones in their sound. They recorded several demos including "I'm Only Human" and McCarthy's "Lorraine" which was also performed by Berserk.

The Kidz recorded a rare single which has surfaced on ebay a few times. The labels are circular stickers [both sides identified as side A] with titles and production credits [Gerry McAvoy] but no other information, no label name or date of issue; the matrix number in the dead wax on the A-side is "The Kidz A" with a small harp symbol, indicating it was pressed at Utopia Studios in London, and the number p1099 which is a publishing date 10 September 1979; the B-side matrix is "The Kidz single b" and p1009. It is most likely a demo pressing.
It's usually described as powerpop but actually it's fairly straight forward new wave rock, decent but unexceptional, vaguely comparable to a host of circa 1979 new wave sounds. "Prototype Pete" is the better track.

Does anyone know any more details about this single? Was it a demo? Was it intended for release on Circa?

The Kidz supported U2 on their February 1980 tour on at least one occasion, at the Crescent Hall in Limerick.

The Kidz played at a concert promoting Cork rock bands on 16th March 1980 which was recorded -- anyone have a tape? Also on the bill were the Hot Guitars, Small Change, Orpheus, the pre-Microdisney Constant Reminders and the Nun Attax. Someone must have this film and/or audio?

Aidan McCarthy later fronted Adolf Grunt.


• I'll Get Caught / Prototype Pete
7" - no label - UK - 10 September 1979 - sticker labels, demo only
A-side by M.Kelleher; other side by A.Field.
Produced by Gerry McAvoy.


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See Also: Adolf Grunt, Berserk

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