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You can contact me directly by emailing me at irishrockorg -at- gmail -dot- com (replace the "at" with a '@', and "dot" with '.').

The message board is closed until further notice.

Contributions can be sent by post to the following address:

    Eamonn Keane,
    De Koppele 166,
    5632LD Eindhoven,
    The Netherlands.

or if more convenient to send to an Irish address:

    Justin Keane,
    22 Willowbank Park,
    Dublin 14,
Either address is fine. My permanent address is in Holland but I visit Ireland (or have visitors from Ireland) regularly.

Submissions & Contributions

We are always happy to accept contributions. We gratefully receive records, tapes, cds, demos, magazines, fanzines, setlists, flyers, posters, photographs, scans, articles, cuttings, etc, so please think of us next time you empty your attic.

Most of all we want to hear from you, by email, letter or through the message board. We especially like to hear from people who were in bands.

If you spot any errors, or can fill in any gaps, or provide more background or bio details, explain any mysteries, enlighten us about links between bands, etc, etc, then please get in touch. We have lists of incomplete entries that need immediate attention, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many bands I have almost no information about and there are still many omissions.

I am always well behind with email, so if you have contacted me recently with information or updates and I haven't replied yet, then I apologise for the delay. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please check the FAQ for answers to some of the commonest questions I get asked.

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Help Us!  Contact Us  Resources  Timeline