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Shoestring Records

last update 6 January 2014
last update 28 August 2012

Derry label established by Colm Arbuckle [now of Radio Foyle] who had his own home studio where many local bands recorded demo tapes. The label's first release was to be a single by The Sect but this fell through. There were also plans to release a Derry scene sampler LP. This was the 12 track, 4 band "Postcard From Abroad" LP, the proceeds of which would go to charity. Declan McGonagle of the Orchard Gallery in Derry, who organised monthly band nights between exhibitions, was also involved in this project. It fell through due to lack of finances, despite supposedly being funded by Derry City Council and/or The Arts Council of Britain. Consequently there are no releases on this label from the punk/new wave era. How far any of these releases got further than ideas on paper I cannot say, though the Idol Threats did record a demo for the LP.

A number of singles emerged on the Shoestring label in the late 80s, including a charity single in aid of Ethiopia Famine Relief. Were there more releases?

SHOE 1	The Sect - Private Eye / This Is Your Life 7" [1980/unreleased]

SHOE 2?	v/a - Postcard From Abroad LP [1980?/unreleased]
	4-band sampler with The Rip Offs, The Sect, Graffiti and Idol Threats.

SS1020	Pat McAlister And The Kerkiks - I Am Alive / Love One Another 7" [1988] (no PS)
	Ballad folk. A-side by Doherty/Friel. B-side by Coyle. Produced by C.Arbuckle. 

SS1050	The Relief Band - Don't Let Them Die / Third World Blues 7" [1990] (no PS?)
	Both sides written by Seamus McConnell. Produced by Colum Arbuckle. 

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