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Tokyo Olympics

From: Dublin

Active: January 1981-83




DC Nien reborn as a New Romantic/Soul Boy band, sometimes reminiscent of ABC and Spandau Ballet. Cashman and O'Hara were both ex Fast Skirts and Mod-Ls. They self-released their debut single and then signed to Philips (later Polydor) for several singles and an LP which was produced by old rocker and tax exile Francis Rossi of Status Quo! The album came in an atrocious cover.

left-to-right, Damien Gunn, Paul McGuinness, Joey Cashman,
Brian Seales, Ken Mahon

I vaguely recall a dreadful Spandau Ballet-esque video for "Radio" which featured lots of new romantic garb. RTE recorded a video for "Dance Movement" which was aired on Anything Goes in April 1981. Various Tokyo Olympics extended their soul credentials by playing with The Soulmates. They also opened and closed their 1982 Lisdoonvarna set with a cover of Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff"!

By 1983 they'd evolved into a tighter outfit with a neo-Motown sound a la Jo Boxers or The Questions but they lacked the spark of their earlier work and they split the same year, despite working on new material ("Love And War", "Open Your Heart", "Zen Games").

Joey Cashman (sax) later worked with The Pogues and is currently (somewhat controversially) Shane MacGowan's manager. Paul McGuinness plays in MacGowan's backing band The Popes, formed in 1993. Brian Seals is now a horticulturalist (unless someone is pulling my leg). Ken Mahon lives in Dublin, occasionally pursing an acting career.

P.S. Anyone remember a roadie named Tommy?

1982, left-to-right, Ken Mahon, Brian Seales, Damien Gunn, Joey Cashman, John 'Sarge' O'Hara, Paul McGuinness

Paul McGuinness in 1983


• Dance Movement
7" - Nineteeneightease Records - DC9 002 - IRL - 1981 - PS
Split single with Some Kind of Wonderful on the other side.

• Radio (Turns Her On) / Radio 2
7" - Philips Records - 6156 025 - IRL - December 1981 - PS
Reached #23 in Irish charts in December 1981 during a 4 week run
• Radio (Turns Her On) / Radio (club mix)
7" - Ritz Records - RITZ 50 - UK - 1983 - PS
12" - Ritz Records - 12 RITZ 50 - UK 0 1983 - PS

• One Step From Paradise / Paradise (disco mix)
7" - Polydor Records - 2078 143 - IRL - April 1982 - PS
Reached #22 in Irish charts during a 4 week run in April 1982

• Shot By Love / Shot By Love (instrumental)
7" - Polydor Records - 2078 149 - IRL - November 1982 - no PS
7" - Ritz Records - RITZ 31 - UK - 1982 - PS
12" - Ritz Records - 12 RITZ 31 - UK - January 1983 - no PS
Reached #16 in Irish charts during a 3 week run in November 1982

• Radio
LP - Polydor Records - 2908 046 - IRL - 1982
K7 - Polydor Records - 3188 125 - IRL - 1982
Produced by Francis Rossi


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Last update: 9 September 2010.

Thanks to Justin Keane for the autographed photo.

See Also: DC Nien, Fast Skirts, The Mod-Ls, The Soulmates

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