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Max Von Rap

From: Cork

Active: mid-80s




"A very popular live act in Cork into the mid-80s, sometimes playing three gigs a weekend. The band often swelled far beyond a four piece live, with percussionists, backing vocalists, horn players etc. Their sound was an amalgam of The Stranglers coupled with the kind of nouveau funk sensibility fostered/festered by Talking Heads and their ilk."

Also compared at the time to Pigbag and even the slick techno-funk of Shakatak. Ulli Hoffman was Pat O'Connell's German girlfriend. They recorded a single in London which they released on their own label in 1984.

Pat O'Connell later played bass with Very Much In Love/The Atrix, then joined Dolmen who were based in Berlin. Rob McKahy joined Stump. Later members included Marc Parry, Eoghain MacCarthy and Kamla Das, all of whom later played with Mick Finnegan (ex Nun Attax, Antibodies) in Expresso Mambo, and Mick Collins (drums) who also played with Very Much In Love, and Joe Davis who played trumpet for a brief period with the band and should not be confused with roadie Joe Davis.


• Wish I Had A Kawasaki / Pretty Girls
7" - Stout Records - SRT4KS133 - 1984 - PS


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See Also: Expresso Mambo, Stump, Very Much In Love/The Atrix

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