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Blue Russia

From: IRL

Active: November 1982 - 1986

Style: New Wave



New wave rock band who began as the last lineup of the Myster Men, a prominent Dublin band during 1980-82, until they changed their name in November 1982. The band used a mime act at one time called Bol The Clown & Donal who interpreted songs and also performed on their own as support act (anyone out there witness this?). Their lone single "Russian Around" was a minor hit at the time of it's release -- there's even a video. The single was recorded in Germany during a 3-week tour. The final mix was done by Phil Lynott but he's not credited on the sleeves as they'd already been printed by that stage.

The band relocated to London but failed to make a breakthrough. Guitarist Frank Washington (extreme left in photo above) returned to Dublin after about a year (ca 1985-85) and formed Cactus World News. His replacement was Jim Miller who stayed with the band until they split ca 1986.

Noel McMurray now lives in the US and currently plays with A Step Further. Tony St.Ledger is currently with the Trouble Pilgrims.

There are undoubtedly many unreleased recordings including "European Limousine", "The Haunting" and "Rain On The Wind".


• Russian Around / She Never Came
7" - Vixen Records - FM008 - IRL - 1983 - PS

Notes: The final mix by Phil Lynott is uncredited as the sleeves had already been printed. The single was originally planned as a Scoff Records release and assigned catalogue number DT 025 but was then switched to the sister Vixen label. A Vixen sticker covers up the original Scoff number on the back of the sleeve.

• various artists - Stock 'N Trade
LP - Scoff Records - DTLP30 - 1983
See Compilations section for full track listing.


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Last update: 9 September 2010.

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