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Stano (The Protagenist 28 Nien)

From: Artane, Dublin

Active: 1980-

Style: Song Poet / Experimental Electronic Music


John Stanley (b.1960) AKA Stano was a member of The Threat before pursuing a solo career in improvised, experimental/electronic music. He received a lot of early coverage in Vox magazine, who published his poetry and eventually released his debut single in 1982. Rather than perform live, Stano experimented in private, collaborating with a number of different musicians including Roger Doyle, Michael O'Shea and Daniel Figgis, creating the recordings that would form his debut LP. By the time of it's release in 1983, he had reputedly made only one solo live appearance, at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin. The debut LP "Content To Write In I Dine Weathercraft" was released in September 1983 on Scoff Records in Ireland, imported into the UK by Rough Trade. Stano spent a year in London during 1985-86 where he performed live (with Nigel Rolfe and the Virgin Prunes?) His debut LP was given a full UK release by Magnet Records in 1985, followed by an EP on Food Records, and he signed a deal with Dossier Records in Germany before returning to Dublin.

Subsequent releases on the German Dossier label helped raise his international profile in the '80s. His third LP, "Daphne Will Be Born Again", recorded entirely on Fairlight was a departure, and was panned by Graham Linehan in Hot Press, while his fourth "Only" (1989), recorded for Mother Records and more rock oriented, was considered a disappointment by some. His touring band for this LP included ex members of The Experiment. His next album "Wreckage" (1994) was recorded partly in collaboration with Colm O'Coisoig of My Bloody Valentine.


• Room / Town
7" - Vox Records - VE 1 - 1982 - PS +insert

Music directed by Vinnie Murphy, brother of Larry Murphy of Chant! Chant! Chant!. Here is the Vox advert.

• Content To Write In I Dine Weathercraft
LP - Scoff Records - DTLP025 - IRL - 2 September 1983 - b&w pencil drawing PS
LP - Magnet Records - MAGL 5066 - UK - 1985 - different, full colour PS
LP - Three Eggs Records - 6012 - Greece - 1985 - UK PS?
Recording of the album was completed by October 1982 with release on Scoff set for xmas '82.

Recorded with Michael O'Shea and Bintii (Daniel Figgis).

• IWANSEENOWALL (White Fields) / Out Of The Dark Into The Dawn
7" - Scoff Records - DT026 - 1983 - PS?

• various artists - Stock 'N Trade
LP - Scoff Records - DTLP30 - 1983
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• Extended Play EP
12" - Food Records - SNAK 6 - UK - 1985? - PS
Undated, released in 1985 or 1986.

Notes: A1 and B1 from Scoff single, possibly remixed. A2 and B2 from the then forthcoming "Seducing Decadence in Morning Treecrash" LP.

• Seducing Decadence in Morning Treecrash
LP - Dossier Records - ST 7517 - Germany - 1986
Recorded in 1984.

• various artists - Dossiers
LP - Dossier Records - ST 7523 - Germany - 1986

• various artists - Pop Noise
LP - Popnoise Records - PN 001 - Germany - June 1987 - no PS, with magazine
Free with June/July 1987 issue of German magazine Pop Noise

• Daphne Will Be Born Again
LP - Dossier Records - ST 7534 - Germany - 1987
Recorded on Fairlight, entirely instrumental.

• Only
LP - Mother Records - MUML 891 - 1988
CD - Mother Records - MUMCD 891 - 1988
Release date March 1989?

Features many guest musicians: Anto Brennan (guitar), Robbie Brennan (drums), Sean Davitt (percussion), Dik (guitar background effects), Ken Drakeford (bass/keyboards), Seamus Fitzgerald (bass), Gerry Leonard (guitar), Deke O'Brien (drum programming), Denis Rusk (ex Strougers, etc, guitar), Jerome Rimson (bass), Donal Teskey (guitar/drum programming) and Yasmina (backing vocals).

• various artists - Breaking Sound Barriers Vol.2
CD - PPI Records - BSBCD-2 - IRL - 1992
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• Wreckage
CD - HUE Records - HUE 0004 - 1994

• Reverse Presence
CD - Independent - 2006
Retrospective with two new tracks.

• Blind Sound
CD - Loscann Records - none - IRL - 2010

• various artists - Strange Passion
LP - Cache Cache Records - CACHE03LP - UK - 2012 - insert
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• Unknown Distance
CD - Loscann Records - none - IRL - 20??


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Last update: 9 September 2010.

See Also: Bintii, The Experiment, My Bloody Valentine, Michael O'Shea, The Threat

External Links: Stano's website [http://www.iol.ie/~lmp/hue/stano.htm] is no longer online.

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