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The Prunes

From: Dublin

Active: 1987-1993




When the Virgin Prunes split in 1986, Dave-Id Busarus, Mary and Strongman continued as The Prunes. They were inevitably compared to the former band and some felt the absence of Gavin and Guggi more than others, but The Prunes were a different proposition and the three elpees on the bands Baby imprint via New Rose were generally well received. They used guest musicians as and when the need arose. Barry Warner joined as vocalist for a period and recorded at least one Dave Fanning Session with them but he does not appear on any of the bands releases. Besides the Fanning Session, there are at least two studio recordings featuring Barry on vocals which have yet to see the light of day. Robbie Gilbert (ex Panic) played drums for a while. The Prunes finally settled on an expanded lineup in 1990 with Justin of Mutant Asylum on guitar and Kolm Bolm (AKA Colm O’ Maonlaí, brother of Liam O’ Maonlaí of Hothouse Flowers) on drums. Both appear on the bands final album "Blossom And Blood". Justin went on to form Gormanghast.


• Lite Fantastik LP - Baby/New Rose - BABY12 - France - 1988 - inner sleeve
CD - Baby/New Rose - BABY12CD - France - 1988

Recorded on the Misery Hill Mobile in Dublin during May-June 1988. Produced by Mary.
Dave-Id Busarus vocal on "Mother Forgive Me" and "Man Falls Down". Philip Rennicks plays piano and percussion on "Summer of No Content" and "Man Falls Down". Dik provides the 'sex loop' on "Meet Dik...".

• Nada
LP - Baby/New Rose - BABY13 - France - 1989 - inner sleeve, diecut gimmick cover
CD - Baby/New Rose - BABY13CD - France - 1989

Recorded in Dublin during July-August 1989. Co-production and enginnering by Ian Bryan.
Dave-Id Busarus vocal on "Loaded in a Crazy Dream of Hell" and "Sol Sunset".

• Blossoms and Blood
mini-LP - Baby/New Rose - BABY14/NR312 - France - 1991 - inner sleeve

Recorded at Bow Lane Studio Dublin during December 1990. Enginnered by Aidan Foley.
All lyrics by Mary except "Lost in the Ozone" by Dave-Id Busarus. The full band lineup was Mary (vocals, guitar), Valley Limberg (AKA Justin of Mutant Asylum) (guitar), Strongman (bass) and Kolm Bolm (drums, vocals). Dave-id Busarus provides one vocal ("Lost in the Ozone"). Backing vocals on "Whiskey in the Wound" by Noelle Hannibal.


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Last update: 7 January 2009.

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