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Eire Apparent

- under construction-

From: Northern Ireland

Active: 1967-70

Style: Psychedelic

Lineup Mk.I (1967-68): Lineup Mk.II (1968): Lineup Mk.III (Nov 1968-1970):


Eire Apparent was in fact the last lineup of The People, a band whose history dates back through several lineup changes to the early 1960's. The People had been managed by David Robinson and had moved from North Ireland to Blackpool and then spent a highly successful and influential period in Dublin, before setting off for London in May 1967. There they endured a tough couple of months until old manager Dave Robinson got them a gig at the UFO club. This brought them to the attention of Mike Jeffreys & Chas Chandler which led to a new management deal, a name change to Eire Apparent courtesy of Chandler, and support slots on the legendary Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Move and Pink Floyd tour of November - December 1967.

Nov-Dec 1967 Package Tour

Eire Apparent's recording debut was an excellent single for Track Records, "Follow Me" / "Here I Go Again". Released in January 1968, it failed to take off and Track did not pick up the option for an LP. Nevertheless the band's fortunes were picking up especially in North America, where they spent most of 1968 touring as support act either for Hendrix or The Animals, and often with the Soft Machine on the same bill, as all these acts were managed by Jeffreys & Chandler. Unfortunately Henry McCullough was busted in Canada sometime in the first half of 1968 and had to leave the country to avoid a jail sentence. The rest of the band were understandably reluctant to quit the tour, and so McCullough's place was taken by Mick Cox (ex The End, The Alleykatz). The band eventually signed a deal with Buddah Records and were the first non-USA act on the label.

With a new lead guitarist and Jimi Hendrix in the producer's chair, the band recorded it's debut LP for Buddah Records in October 1968. "Sunrise" is a mix of rock, 60s pop, psychedelia and some early progressive moves. It's diverse nature is held against it in some quarters but it's long been a staple for psych collectors. It sold reasonably well at the time and was kept in print for some years. It was once a common bargin bin find, but now it's become somewhat harder to find in good condition. One track on the album "Mr. Guy Fawkes" became a hit for Australian psych band The Dave Miller Set, who recorded a fantastic version of the song. Mick Cox left the band for reasons unknown before the album was released. He was replaced by David 'Tiger' Taylor (ex Teddie & The Tigers) in November 1968.

Appearing at the Marquee in Belfast in May 1969

Back in London in early 1969, the band recorded a new song "Rock'N'Roll Band" for the A-side of their second single. Buddah released their debut LP in January(?) 1969 in the USA only. The rest of January was spent touring in Europe with Hendrix. Rough tapes survive of the bands performances in Stuttgart (January 19) and Vienna (January 22nd) on this tour. Their half hour set included covers of "The Price of Love" (Everly Brothers), "Highway 61 Revisited" (Dylan) and "Gloria" (Them), the later including extended instrumental sections complete with drum solo. At the end of this tour the relationship with Mike Jeffreys and Hendrix ended, and the band returned to the UK without management or record company support.

Eire Apparent at Jimi Hendrix's Brook Street flat in London in 1969, l-to-r: Taylor, Arty Ripp of Buddah Records, Graham, Hendrix, Stewart, Lutton [original photo: Barrie Wenszell]

The rest of 1969 was spent by the band trying to establish itself in the UK but they paid the price for concentrating on touring in the USA and being signed to a US label. They found themselves starting from scratch again. The second single came out in March 1969 to promote the upcoming UK release of the debut album. "Rock'N'Roll Band" is very good but the B-side, "Yes I Need Someone" is superb. It failed to chart. On April 20th they recorded three tracks for a John Peel BBC Top Gear session which have never been released. The debut LP which was finally released in the UK in May 1969 with a slightly altered track listing.

'Hendrix's own group' at the Chords Club, Lymington, 31 May 1969

Ticket for what must have been one of Eire Apparent's final shows
at Redditch College (near Birmingham) on 13 December 1969

The band continued to tour through 1969 and into 1970. After a long year spent touring the small clubs and universities in Britain and with nothing to show for it, the band finally split in late 1970 (or May 1970?). Tiger Taylor had left by this stage to form Anno Domini. His short-lived replacement was Peter Tolson (guitar/vocals), better known for his time with the Pretty Things in the mid-70s. Ernie Graham recorded an excellent solo LP for Liberty Records in 1971, on which he was backed by members of Brinsley Schwartz, and was involved in Help Yourself (briefly, in 1972) and then formed Clancy. Dave Lutton played drums with Heavy Jelly, Ellis and Marc Bolan. Chrissie Stewart joined Frankie Miller's Full House and was later in Spooky Tooth.

After Henry McCullough left the band, he'd briefly been in Sweeney's Men and later joined Joe Cocker's Grease Band, and eventually released two solo albums on George Harrison's Dark Horse label. His list of guest appearances is long. Mick Cox later fronted his own Mick Cox Band and recorded with Van Morrison in the 80s.


• Follow Me / Here I Go Again
7" - Track Records - 604 019 - UK - 19 January 1968 - no PS
A Chas Chandler Production.
A-side credited to Shaw/Landon/Keen, B-side to Lutton/Graham/McCullogh/Stewart

• Let Me Stay / Yes, I Need Someone
7" - Buddah Records - BDA 67 - USA - 1969 - no PS, stock and promo copies

• Rock'N'Roll Band / Yes, I Need Someone
7" - Buddah Records - 201 039 - UK - March 1969 - no PS
7" - Buddah Records - 201 039 - Germany - 1969 - PS
7" - Buddah Records - 2011 117 - UK - March 1972 - no PS
7" - Buddah Records - ??? - Italy - 200? - PS, free with "Peace &Amp; Love" magazine
• Yes, I Need Someone / Rock'N'Roll Band
7" - Buddah Records - 60005 - Argentina 1969? - no PS, 33rpm, possibly promo only

Notes: A-side recorded at Polydor Studios, London on 5 January 1969, produced by Carlos Olms. Jimi Hendrix plays guitar on "Rock 'N' Roll Band".

• Sunrise
LP - Buddah Records - BDS 5031 - USA - 1969
LP - Buddah Records - 203 021 - UK - May 1969 - 1 track different
LP - Buddah Records - 203 021 - Germany - 1969
LP - Buddah Records - ??? - Argentina - 1969
CD - Repertoire Records - REP4174WZ - Germany - 1991 - 1 bonus track
CD - Sequel Records - NEX 199 - UK - 1993
LP - Akarma Records - AK 302 - Italy - 2004
CD - Flawed Gems - GEMS36 - Sweden - 2010 - 7 bonus tracks
• Jimi Hendrix Presents Eire Apparent
LP - Buddah/Nippon Columbia Records - YS-2170-DA - Japan 1969 - white label promos exist

Notes: Recorded at TTG and Sunset-Highland Studios, Los Angeles on 30th October 1968. Orchestration by Vic Briggs. Produced by Jimi Hendrix.
Hendrix plays guitar on all tracks (though the Flawed Gems reissue explicitly omits his credit from "Got To Get Away" and "1026"). Backing vocals on "The Clown" by Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine) and Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix Experience).
Hendrix also played on the non-LP A-side "Rock 'N' Roll Band", recorded at Polydor Studios, London on 5 January 1969, produced by Carlos Olms. This track was added to the UK (and other European?) edition(s) of the album, opening side two, with "Let Me Stay" dropped from the running order. The Japanese LP issue is retitled "Jimi Hendrix presents Eire Apparent".
The Flawed Gems CD issue adds the 1968 Track Records single plus four live tracks recorded in Stuttgart in January 1969 (see below).
The Flawed Gems PR blurb..."This Irish band is mostly remembered for having an album produced by Jimi Hendrix, who also played impressive lead guitar freak-outs on most of the tracks. This ambitious pop-psych masterpiece was recorded in Los Angeles in October 1968, but released only in May 1969 - when British psychedelia belonged to the past and as a result the record went unnoticed. It was [a] stylistically varied and exceptionally well-played record which contained elaborate, imaginative and complex tracks full of interesting ideas, psychedelic sounds, memorable hooks and catchy songs reminiscent of The Beatles, Pretty Things, Tomorrow, early Grapefruit and of course The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Without a doubt this is one of the very best UK psychedelic albums ever!"

• BBC Top Gear Session
Recorded 20.03.1969

Notes: Two of these tracks ("Yes I Need Someone" and "Gloria") were included as bonus tracks on a bootleg compilation CD of Pretty Things BBC recordings titled The Forgotten Beebs (Tendolar 2008), originating in Japan. The CD claims these tracks were recorded with Peter Tolson in the lineup, but this is unconfirmed.

Archive Releases:

• Stuttgart 11 January 1969

Notes: This is the band's complete set, recorded at the Liederhalle in Stuttgart on 11 January 1969 as opening act for The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The front cover shows Tiger Taylor, the back cover Mick Cox -- but it's Tiger Taylor on guitar, playing through Hendrix's marshall amp.
This outing was given an official release on the Flawed Gems CD reissue of Sunrise (see above) though the liner notes fix the date as 19 January 1969.

• Grosser Saal Konzerthaus Vienna Austria 1969
Live 22 January 1969

Notes: This is the band's complete set, recorded in Vienna on 22 January 1969 as opening act for The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The running time is 44 minutes approx but there's quite a lot of tuning up and between song chat.

Tour Dates: (under construction)

Sun 8 Oct 1967 - Saville Theatre, London - supporting The Herd, Crazy World of Arthur Brown & Jimi Hendrix Experience

Sept 1968 US tour supporting Hendrix with Vanilla Fudge and Soft Machine
Sun 1 Sep 1968 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO, US
Wed 4 Sep 1968 - Memorial Coliseum Phoenix, AZ, US
Thu 5 Sep 1968 - Swing Auditorium San Bernardino, CA, US
Fri 6 Sep 1968 - Seattle Center Coliseum Seattle, WA, US
Sat 7 Sep 1968 - Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sun 8 Sep 1968 - Coliseum Spokane, WA, US
Sun 15 Sep 1968 - Sacramento Memorial Auditorium Sacramento, CA, US

Jan 1969 European tour
Sat 11 Jan 1969 - Musikhalle Hamburg, Germany
Sun 12 Jan 1969 - Rheinhalle Düsseldorf, Germany
Mon 13 Jan 1969 - Studio Dumont Cologne, Germany
Tue 14 Jan 1969 - Halle Münsterland Münster, Germany
Thu 16 Jan 1969 - Meistersingerhalle Nuremberg, Germany
Fri 17 Jan - Jarhunderthalle Frankfurt, Germany
Sun 19 Jan - Kultur Und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle Stuttgart, Germany
Tue 21 Jan 1969 - Hall 16, Wacken, Strasbourg, France
Wed 22 Jan 1969 - Grosser Saal, Konzerthau, Vienna, Austria
Thu 23 Jan 1969 - Sportpalast, Berlin, Germany

Sat 24 May 1969 - Marquee Club, Belfast
Sat 23 Aug 1969 - Bilzen Festival, Belgium Sat 13 Dec 1969 - Redditch College Students Union, Redditch

Notable Compilation Appearances:

• various artists - Backtrack 1
LP - Track Records - 2407 - UK
track: Follow Me

See also: Anno Domini, Clancy, Mick Cox, Ernie Graham, Grease Band, Henry McCullough, The People, Teddie & The Tigers

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