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Anno Domini

From: ?

Active: circa 1970-71

Style: Psychedelic



Formed by ex Teddie & The Tigers and Eire Apparent guitarist David 'Tiger' Taylor in Northern Ireland in 1970. Anno Domini went through several lineup changes before arriving at the lineup which recorded their sole LP in 1971. This may or may not be the lineup pictured on the front cover of the UK edition. Only Mercer, Scott and Taylor are pictured and listed on the back cover of the German edition. The Jones brothers had previously been in Australian act Sweatty Betty.

Usually described somewhat inadequately as 'Byrds influenced', the LP has a post- psych meets early progressive feel, very melodic and folksy in parts but with lots of fuzz guitar work. The standout track is the over the top cover of "So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star" which kicks off side one but the album is strong overall and repays repeated listening. It's dismissed unfairly as bland in Tapestry of Delights.

The Deram pressing is extremely difficult to find these days and commands a high price on the collector's market. The German Polydor pressing housed in a completely different cover is somewhat easier to locate.

After the split, Tiger Taylor joined Billy Brown's band and was also with The Freshmen; the Jones brothers formed Jonesy who recorded for Dawn Records; Dave Mercer went solo; Kerry Scott later turned up in T.F.Much and Bruno AD.

1970 German Tour Poster, supporting Taste.


• On This New Day
LP - Deram Records - SML-R 1085 - UK 1971
LP - Polydor Records - 2310 096 - Germany 1971 - different cover
LP - Thorns Productions - 70301 - 199? - German cover design
CD - Hugo-Montes Production - HMP CD-013 - UK - 2002 - UK cover design
CD - Repertoire Records - REPUK 1068 - Germany 2006 - UK cover design, 2000 pressed, 1 bonus track
LP - Wohn Records - WHNLP002 - Korea 2006 - - UK cover design, 500 pressed
Recorded in Command Studios, London. Produced by Billy Kennedy

• Badlands of Ardgurth / Hitchcock Railway ?
7" - Polydor Records - 2058 092 - IRL - 1971 - no PS

• Hitchcock Railway / Badlands of Ardgurth
7" - Polydor Records - 2001 168 - Germany 1971 - PS
7" - Polydor Records - 2001 168 - France 1971 - different PS

See also: Billy Brown
, Eire Apparent, The Freshmen, Teddie & The Tigers

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