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Donnybrook Garage

From: Dublin

Active: 1988-90

Style: Rock



Donnybrook Garage were a Dublin rock band active between 1988 and 1990. Some members (probably Alan Nolan and Ian Wilson) had previously been in Mangled Ferret, who split in 1987. This name was later revived for a theatre group. They were managed by Debbie Davis, who was at that time girlfriend of Pat O'Donnell of the Fountainhead. Donnybrook Garage played most often in The Underground and the Baggott Inn in Dublin and also played Sir Henry's in Cork on at least one occasion (with Engine Alley). The early lineup included two backing vocalists called The Electric Sex Kittens, who were Elaine Wade and Miranda ?, one of whom later sang with Dublin funk band The Way It Is

Donnybrook Garage were a rock band with a humourous outlook. They released a double cassette set in 1988 - over-indulgent (obviously) but reputedly has it's moments (it received a very positive review in Hot Press vol.12 nr.1), notably "Walk Like A Nazi", "Jayze Be The Hokey" and "Baby I'm A God". They also covered "Sympathy for the Devil" and recorded a video demo in July 1988. If anyone can make me a copy of the cassettes, please get in touch.

After the band split up, Alan Nolan and Ian Whelan formed Superhate -- AKA the Group Thing -- with Mark Smith (guitars), Mark Feldwick (drums) and Ann Kinsella (vocals). Ann is now married to Kieran Goss and is part of his band currently touring Europe. Nolan and Whelan are both involved in the Mangled Ferret Theatre Group. Alan Nolan is also a comic book artist. See links below.


• Galavantin' / Put Me Down Santa, I'm In Pain
2xK7 - unknown label - IRL - 1987


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