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Miscellaneous Record Label Discographies

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The following are discographical listings for labels which are either too small (there are many single release labels) or not complete enough to warrant a page of their own (yet). Many small labels proliferated in Ireland during the '80s as attention from the local branches of the major labels was often impossible for local acts to attract.

If you can fill in any gaps, please get in touch.

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AART Records

AART 2001 Irish Travellers - The Traveller / Failte 7" [1980] (PS?)

Abercorn Records

One-shot Margo release.

AB 1 Margo & Nite-Life - Behind The Foorlights / Gone At Last

Astra Records

One-off Stargazers label.

(none) Stargazers - Steppin Out / The Players
matrix # STARGAZERS 3

Aura Records

The Aura Record Company of Waterford. Denny Corcoran was a well-known local theatre/entertainment impresario

RS 301 Denny Corcoran - City Of Music / Memories of Waterford [19??] (PS)

Avalon Records

A UK pop label which sometimes used Irish pressing plants - delisted.

Avondale Records

The catalogue number strongly suggests this was released by Homestead Records.

HSS 030 Avoca - One Morning In May / Cavan Girl 7" [198?] (no PS)
Arranged and produced by Peter Eades.

Balally Records

BELU 1001 Elvis O'Toole - The Balally Bop / County Leitrim Queen [1981]
Charity single supporting the Balally Church & School Fund, produced by Ted Ponsonby (Rascals).

Big Bopper Records

Location: Belfast

BP2 Joe E Dee - My Wild Irish Rose [1986]

Bird Sound Studios

BSS.101 Big John & The Emerald Stars - Shanagolden / I Love You Still 7"

Blarney Records

Location: Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, the home of Big Tom (must have been something in the water...)

ML 101
ML 102 Maurice Lynch Showband - Let's Keep It Country LP [ca 1970]

Break Records

A label called 'Break Records' is too good a pun for some, so it's been used many times. Rather than try to separate them, I'm lumping them together here - the reader can sort them out!

BKS 001 Spud - Kitty / Scarlet 7" [1976] (PS)
SMASH 1 Resistors - EP For Jeanie 7" [1980] (PS)

Cabbage Records

CB 001 The Dixies - Cabbage Head / Oh Boy [1986?]
'Cabbage Head' is a cover of Stan Ridgway's 'Camouflage' issued in 1986 [(p) & (c) I.R.S. Records], so this Dixies single must date from 1986 or later.

Caprice Records

CAP 001 Tony Kenny - The Nicest Thing I Know / Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain 7" [1981]
Castlebar Song Contest entry

Case Records

none Ray Doherty - Solo At Last EP 7"
A-side: A Right Old Knees Up (medley). B-side: Rock N Roll Woman (R.Doherty)

Causeway Records

GS 001 Jim Black And The Mountain Dew - The Mountain Dew / Spancil Hill // ?

Ceol Beal Feirste Records

Literally 'Belfast Music Records'.

A rare early single by Ceoltoiri Ghoill.

CBF 001E Ceoltoiri Ghoill - Amhrainin Siodraimin EP 7" [19??]

Chart Records

??? Gina, Dale Haze & The Champions - Breakaway [10/1988]
PZA 046 Dickie Rock - I'll Never Stop Wanting You / Instrumental Version [2/1989]
??? Dickie Rock - Come Home To Ireland for Christmas [11/1989]
??? Joanna & Tequila Sunrise - My Man [7/1989]
BRCD 003 Paddy Reilly - Live in Concert LP/CD]

Chipper Records

One-off release on small Cork label.

none Ben Stuart, Con Draper, Richie Dunne - Pride of the Lee / Silver Threads Among The Gold 7" [198?] (no PS?)
Recorded at Studio Fiona. Ben Stuart (vocals), Con Draper (accordion), Richie Dunne (drums).

Christy Sheanon Records

CS 001 Christy Sheanon - Pinto The Wonder Horse / Charley Pride Selection // Kevin Rohan - Reel Selection 7"
Undated split single recorded at Greenfield Studios in Headford, Co. Galway. Co-produced by Christy and Bernard Sheanon.

Chyme Records

CHS 1000 The Dubliners - If You Need Me Now / You Make Me High 7" [1981] (no PS)
CHS 1001 The Dubliners - Now I'm Easy / From Johann To John (instrumental) 7" [1981] (no PS)
CHS 1002 The Dubliners - When Margaret Was Eleven / Prodigal Son 7" [1982] (no PS)
CHS 005 Pat Fitzgerald - Ballincollig / The Old House 7" [1985] (PS)
CHS 006 Dara O'Lochlainn & Jazz Odyssey - Flanagan's Flyin' Machine / Canal Street Blues 7" [1986] (PS)
CHS 007 Luke Kelly & The Dubliners - Raglan Road / Scorn Not His Simplicity 7" [1986] (no PS)

City Records

Republican folk
CR 200 Hugh Trainor - Boys from the County Armagh / Old Bog Road [1978]

Corrymore Records

CORRY 1 Sage - Achill / Lonely Shores [19??] (PS)

Crannog Records

CRS 1  
CRS 2 Austin Durack - If You Fall Into The Water / Woodcock Hill

C.R.C. Records

CRC 71 The Barleycorn (as The Barley Corn) - The Men Behind The Wire / Freedom Walk [1971] both sides by Pat McGuigan
Issued by the Andersonstown Civil Resistance Committee 1971

Creole Records [UK]

Address on CR 114 given as 4 Bank Buildings, High Street, Harlesden, London NW10, but the discs are "Made in Rep. of Ireland"

CR 112 John Asher - Let's Twist Again / The Ashers - Twister [1975]
Produced for R.W.P. Productions; black label with white text
CR 114 Crispy & Co. - Get It Together / Down In St.Tropez [1975] funk/soul
I.H.P. Production; white label with black text

Cue Tapes

SC 921 Dermot Morgan et al - Scrap Charlie K7 [199?]

Cúpla Records

SB 001 Sean Byrne & Cúpla - The Land Where The Slaney Flows /
Richie Kelly & Cúpla - Reel Selection 7"

Debut Records

DEB 47 Paul Redmond - The Tram Song (A Last Farewell) / Closing In [1987] (PS)

Desert Records

SAND 501 Kelley And The Nevada - The Wedding Song (There Is Love) / Back Streets [1974]


C.I.L. Ray Lynam & Philomena Begley - Digital 1971-86. A Musical Celebration LP [1986]
Album issued by the Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) marking it's 15th anniversary in Ireland.
Though there are no promotional markings on the record, this was a promotional item which was not available commercially. Pressed by Carlton.

Dingle Records

AI 25 Fiona - Kerry Football Songs [198?] (PS?)
tracks: Green & Gold Are The Colours / We Are The Champions
Both sides credited to O'Boyle and published by Frontier Music.

Donmar Records

DMR 001 Shape - Luggala / El Bravo 7" [1978]
Both sides credited to Sneyd

Dovid Music

DOV 001 Eugene Murphy - Presence of the Lord / I Believe 7" [1981]
Both sides are Eugene Murphy originals, so 'Presence' is not a Blind Faith cover.

Dublin Records

Not to be confused with Philip Donnelly's label.

LP 1011 Mayglass Ceili Band - The Pride of Erin [197?]

Eagle Records

EA.100 Cotton Mill Boys - Top Forty / Bridle On The Wall [1971]

Echo Records

SER 101 Dunloy Accordion Band - The Road To Dunloy LP [1974]
SER 106 Kells & Connor Accordion Band - Church Harmony LP [1975]

Eaton Records / RocKids Music

Eblana Records

45-EBK-1 Chris Lamb Showband and Orchestra - Many Young Men Of Twenty EP [1961] (PS) green vinyl
Songs from the show by John B.Keane. Vocals by Siobhan O'Brien.
side one:
Many Your Men Of Twenty
side two:
I Am A Servant Girl
Mikey Houlihan
Kitty Curley

Egg Records

EG001 Wild Geese - Gortnamona / Down Our Alley 7" [198?] (PS)

Epic Records

EPC ????? Johnny Logan - Give A Little Bit More (10/1980)
EPC A 2553 Johnny Logan - Oriental Eyes / Flame (7/1982)
EPC ????? Johnny Logan - Becoming Electric / Emotional Blackmail (10/1982)
EPC A 3416 Johnny Logan - Standing In There / Hollywood (1983)
EPC A 4338 Johnny Logan - Heaven / Hollywood (3/1984)
EPC A 6159 Johnny Logan - Ginnie Come Lately / Everytime I Dream (1985)
LOG 1 Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now / Living A Lie (4/1987)
LOG 2 Johnny Logan - I'm Not In Love/Such A Lady (7/1987)
EPC 65144817 Johnny Logan - Heartland / Stay (4/1988)
EPC 6549777 Johnny Logan - All I Ever Wanted / Me and My Jealous Heart (1989)

F & M Records (1)

The 'F' and 'M' may be Morgan Fingleton. Fingleton played in school bands, etc before playing keyboards in Minor Detail. Route 101's singles date from 1989-90. FM 002 is produced by (Dr) Paul Brewer, who worked freelance in Dublin recording studios during 1989-90. Morgan Fingleton secured a publishing contract with New York based ESP Management and moved to New York. Played in several bands in New York over several years before moving to Chicago.

FM 001 Route 101 - Stay / Just A Gigolo [1989?] (PS)
FM 002 Route 101 - The One I Want / Instrumental [1989?] (no PS)

F & M Records (2)

This 'F' and 'M' is probably Frankie McDonald.

FM 001  
FM 002 Frankie McDonald - What A Wonderful World / All I Ask Of You 7" [198?] (no PS?)

Fanfare Records

FR2316 The Denvers - These Eyes / A Table For Two [19??] UK press

Fearna Records

FEA 001 John Murray - s/t EP [1978] (no PS?)
FEA 002 Pat Hogan & The Travelling Sound - The Soldiers Farewell / Killhile Hill [1978?] (no PS?)
A-side by Cullen/Hogan and produced by Lar Kenny; B-side by Hayes/Hogan and produced by Pat Hogan.

Finger Records

NAIL 1 Club Sound - One More Day / In This Country 7" (PS) [1987]

Flight Records

AD 1 Austin Durack - In The Town Of Chernobyl / Love Comes Along 7" [198?]

Fortune Records

Castleblayney, Monaghan

FAME 101 Susan McCann - When The Sun Says Goodbye To The Mountains / Limerick You're A Lady
FAME 102 Shaun O'Dowd - Only Lies / Wonderful Tonight
FAME 103 Susan McCann & Shaun O'Dowd - I Will Always Love You / Take A Chance
FAME ??? Susan McCann - Hi-Fi to Cry By (11/1978?)
FAME LP 1 Susan McCann - Chart Hits LP [1983]

Fox Records

Presumably Mattie Fox's own label.

FOX 001 Misty - The Leavin' of Liverpool / Leavin' London [1981]

Frontier Records

TOHER001 Dan Toher - Hope / Seven Lives 7" [198?] (PS)
FR0002 Dan Toher - Faraway / Refugee 7" [19??] (PS)

Gable Records

GS 8001 Joe Dolan - Real Good Woman / Westmeath Bachelor

Gandon Records

GPLPR 001 Fionnuala Monks - Love Songs Of Ireland LP [no date]

Gasworks Records

GAS 1001 Don Baker - Almost Illegal LP [1989]
GAS 1002 Don Baker - Used Shoe Blues / I Need Someone 7" [1989]
GAS 1003 Tweed - One Woman / Song For Laura (instrumental) 7" [1989?]

Gimp Records

GIMP 01 Christy Moore - The Time Has Come / Curragh of Kildare 7" [1982] (PS)
Produced by Donal Lunny & Christy Moore.

Glen Records

Belfast label active in the 70s.
Address Lloyd Sound Ltd, Ormeau Road, Belfast.

L 005 Barbara Ann - Angel of the Morning / Tammy [1978]
77 G 003 Eileen Donaghy's Greatest Hits LP [1977]

Glenside Records

The label owned by Waltons, the long established music shop and song publisher. The Waltons Programme was a long running radio show on RTE Radio. The label has a high incidence of very old fashioned renditions of folk ballads, with a high kitsch and sentimentality factor, and is probably of little interest to most collectors.

Glenstal Records

Glenstal Abbey private label.

GR 01 Noirin Ni Riain & Monks of Glenstal Abbey - Good People All LP [1982]

Grainne Records

GRA 001 Hal Roach - He Must be Joking LP
GMC 5017 Hal Roach - We Irish Talk Like That K7

Grand National Records

Manufactured and distributed by Spartan Records, pressed in the UK. Possibly related to Plaza Records

GRANA 7 001 Miami - You Are Temptation / You Are Temptation (instrumental) [1986] (PS)
GRANA 7 002 Dickie Rock - I'll Never Stop Wanting You / I'll Never Stop Wanting You (instrumental)

Green Cross Records

Republican folk

GC 1 Poteen - Ballad of Hugh Coney / Our Lads In Crumlin Jail [1974]
GC 2  
GC 3  
GC 4  
GC 5  
GC 6  
GC 7 The Barleycorn - H-Block Long Kesh / Freedom Sons [197?]
Issued in 1979 by Dolphin Records (DOS 151) on the Green Cross '73 imprint. Was this a reissue?

GTD Records

GTD C.022 P.J.Murrihy - Coming Back To Milltown K7 [198?]
GTD S.058 P.J.Murrihy - Pat Murphy's Meadow // Lovely Old Milltown / Reel Selection 7" [1986] (no PS)
GTD C.058 P.J.Murrihy - Memories Of Clare K7 [1986]

Hazel Records

HR CS 1004 Hugo Duncan (The Wee Man From Strabane) - You'll Do For Me // I Love You More And More / Barney McShane [1991] cassingle
HR 1007 Kids At Heart - Merry Xmas (War Is Over) / Pascale [199?] (PS)
charity single in aid of Childline
HR CS 1008? Richie Kavanagh - The Pothole Song / Can't Get Through [1992] cassingle
charity single in aid of Childline

Hit House Records

HR 001 Billy Brown, Derek Dean & The Freshmen - Papa Oo Mow Mow / Go Granny Go 7" (reissue)

Hologram Records

Hologram Records, distributed by Solid.

HOLS 1  
HOLS 2 Brendan O'Carroll - Merry Christmas To The Irish Everywhere / Secret Cove [1991] (PS)

IMI Records

See also the Crubeen Records labels

IMI 2001 Sean Brady Thatcher Song / Hills of Sweet Mayo [1983]

IMS Records

Address: IMS Records, IMS House, Lombard Street, Dublin 2.

IML 901 Margo - Now And Then LP [1979]

Irish Musician Records

Limerick based label?
Note IMS2 recorded at Allen Sound, Limerick, a studio probbaly owned by Denis Allen.

IMS 1  
IMS 2 Denis Carey - Sants Claus Is Comin' To Town / Home Thoughts

Iroco Records

I'm going to stick my neck out here and say Cecilia Gilshannon and Lia are one and the same person.

IROC 001 Cecilia Gilshannon - Nobody Loves You Like I Do / Giving You Up For Gone [198?] (PS)
IROC 002  
IROC 003 Lia Havana, Havana / How I Long To Be With You [1987] (PS)
IROC 004 Lia If The Lady Won't Dance / Evergreen [1987] (PS)
IROC 005 Lia Whispering In The Dark / Seaside Ladies [1987] (PS)

IRLP 001 Lia The Lady Won't Dance LP [1987]

Itch Records

L 001  
L 002  
L 003  
L 004  
L 005 Pat McGeegan & Big 4 - The Wanderer (Maresca) / Words (Gibb/Gibb) [1981]

J & B Records

Note potential for confusion between J&B Records and I&B Records. This one appears to have been set up for Paddy Reilly.


JB 001 Paddy Reilly - Flight Of Earls / O'Connell Steam Engine // Sally Gardens / Snowy Breasted Pearl
Also released on cassette.
JB 002 Paddy Reilly - The Green Island / Sweet Rathcoole
JB 003 Paddy Reilly - Dublin '62 / Spancil Hill // Star Of The County Down / Black Velvet Band


JGR 101 Fiddlers Green - Deportees / The Butcher Boy 7" [1985]
JGR 102  
JGR 103 Ragamuffin 7"
JGR 104 Fiddlers Green - Candlelight & Wine / The Fair Mind 7"

J.R. Records

JRS 001  
JRS 002 Wild Geese - Bread & Butter & Jam / The Orphan 7" [1981] (PS)

Jambylia Records

JAM 01 Billy Donegan & Jambylia - (Do What You Do) Do Well [1980]

K.A.P. Records

KAP 1  
KAP 2 Kevin Prendergast - To Susan, Phil & Margo (Our Irish Country Queens) / Where The River Shannon Flows

Keltic Records

KLT 1001 The Mulloy Brothers - The Coastline Of Mayo LP

Kells Records

A one-shot (I think!) label marketed by Crashed Records. This LP was designed to capitalize on the success of Joe Lynch's character Dinny in the TV series eh... what was it called again...?

KELP 1001 Joe Lynch - Dinny's Favourites LP [1983]

Kerry Records

KERR 101  
KERR 102 Mike Sexton - Beautiful Lakes Of Killarney / ? [1977]

Kim Records

KM 001 Roly Daniels - Thinkin' of a Rendezvous / Mississippi [1977]

K.O.H. Records

KOH100 Silver Lining featuring Rose Tynan - s/t LP

Kroy Records

KR 001 Oba - Shirley Temple's Double / I Still Believe In Christmas 7"

Laverne Records Ltd.

A one shot, you'd think, but it's #13. Good thing the Cronin's weren't superstitious.

013 The Cronin Family - I Don't Know Why I Love You / We're Proud To Be Together [1979]

Liffey Records

Dana's early 80s label

TOP 1 Willie McCarthy - Lonely Nights In Carrick Roe / Broken Hearted New York 7" [1984?] (PS)

Malpad Records

Republican folk label

MP.1 The Bridesmen - Monologue / Army of the People // Ballad of Tony Hughes / Ballad of Jim McGerrigan [1975]

Marathon Records

Marathon Music Incorporated USA (?)

45-1092 Johnnie Johnston And The Cula Kids - What's The Reason [1972]
45-1105 Johnnie Johnston And The Cula Kids - A Letter To A Gunman [1973]

Mark Records (USA)

Two custom 7" releases from circa 1970 in association with Matt Kane's pub in Washington DC

MC 2984 Olive Bayle - Please Forgive Me / Dan O'Hara [ca 1970] (USA) (PS)
MC 2985 Butch Moore and Maeve Mulvany - Drunken Nights / Golden Jubilee 7" [ca 1970] (USA) (PS)

Mayflower Records

MFS 101 Paddy O'Brien - When The Harvest Moon Is Shining EP [19??] (PS?) 4-track EP
tracks: When The Harvest Moon Is Shining, Molly Dear / I Just Want To Sing My Song // Still Got A Crush On You / I'll Always Love You
from the album 'Still Got A Crush On You' on Mayflower Records MFC 1001.
MFS 101 Joe Murray and The Travellers - All for the Love of Sunshine // Hill of Slane / Just Loving You 7" [199?] (PS?)

MBS Records

??? Susan McCann - Broken Speed of the Sound of Loneliness [7/1989]

MCM Records

MCM 001 Michael McGarry - Where The River Shannon Flows / Sligo Long Ago 7" [1983]
Recorded in Greenfield Studios, Headford, Galway.

Meteor Records

5/6 Lombard Street, Dublin

SKYL 7001 The Stonemans - Country Hospitality LP
Irish issue of US country album.

MG Records

??? Victor Gregg - We Made Memories 7"
Clive Culbertson produced
??? Clubsound - One More Day (PS)
PS autographed by Band

MOB Records

002 Bagatelle - Just Another Lover / Love Hurts Worse [1988] (no PS)

Mount Melleray Abbey Records

MM 1  
MM 2  
MM 3 (Uncredited) - Salve From Mount Melleray and Other Liturgical Selections EP 7" [19??] (PS)
Recorded in the monastery in Cappoquin, Co.Waterford by The Gramophone Company for The Abbey Of Mount Melleray.
Pressed by EMI Ireland.
Uncredited but featuring plainchant pieces sung by the Cistersian monks of the abbey.
Catalogue number on the label is MM 3 and on the picture sleeve is 7MM3.
tracks: Salve Regina / Alleluia, Ave Stillans // Excerpts from Vespers / Ave Verum / Hail Satan!

Moy Records

DOD 1 Daniel O'Donnell - 5000 Miles From Sligo / London Leaves [1984]

Murphy Records

Noel Murphy solo release(s)

STACK 1 Noel Murphy - Murphy And The Bricks / From Clare To Here [1987]

Murray Records

Dun Laoghaire address

MUR 1001 St.Damians School Choir - Songs of Faith and Inspiration LP

Music Box Records

Country label, not related to Danny Doyle's Music Box label. Several albums were recorded in Nashville at Merick Studios

Singles (prefix MBS)
??? Aine - I'm Not Lisa (PS)
1021 Frankie McBride & Gloria - Mary's Boy Child / Singing On The Mountain
1033 Susan McCann - Old Dublin In My Tears / What Price Is Peace (PS)
1057 Susan McCann - Loving You / Lakes of Coolfin
1060 The Outlaws - Let's Dance / Nancy Brown // Tom Dooley / Girl From Texas
4-track 45rpm EP
Albums (prefix MBLP)
1011 Brendan Quinn - The Hustler
1019 Susan McCann & Brendan Quinn - Sonny's Dreams
Recorded At The Merick Recording Studios, Nashville
1020 Frankie McBride & Gloria - Why Me Lord
Recorded At The Merick Recording Studios, Nashville
1024 Anna McGoldrick - Golden Favourites Vol. 1 LP [19??]
Recorded At The Merick Recording Studios, Nashville
1038 Music Box Band - Hometown On The Foyle LP [198?]
Young guitar/accordion duo
10?? V/A - 20 Finalists Live from The Hazel Hotel Monasterevin LP [19??]
Amateur night at the Hazel Hotel Monasterevin, preserved for posterity by Music Box Records of Castleblayney, home of Big Tom.

side one:
Chris Blair -
Stella Randles -
Sean Hegarty -
Margo Daly -
The Gooch Boys -
John Flood -
Geraldine Fogarty -
Sheila Rice -
Orna Cleary and Ballyedmond Ceili Band

side two:
Lorraine Nolan -
Angeline & Her Band -
Jacinta O'Donnell -
Margaret Heffernan -
Susan Geary -
Fergus Harman -
Louise Byrne -
Splinter -
Logue/McCool -
State of Affairs -

A veritable galaxy of stars for the Country & Irish fan.

Music City Records

Based in Castleblaney, home of Big Tom and Denver Records

MC 001  
MC 002 Susan McCann - My Boy Lollipop / Daydream Believer (double A side)
MC 003 Louise Jones - I'm Holding On / It Ain't Easy (double A side)
MC 004 Louise Jones - My Love For You / Taking Me High (double A side) (PS)
MC 005 Susan McCann & Ronan Collins - Sometimes When We Touch / Welcome Home
MBEP 1010 Brendan Quinn - Can't Hold Back The Years EP
MCLP 1003 Susan McCann & Ronan Collins - Sometimes When We Touch LP
MCLP 1004 Ronan Collins - Games People Play LP [1987]
MCLP 1006 Butch Moore and the Capitol Showband - Live from the Opera House, Cork
MCLP 1006? Susan McCann - Best of the Sixties
MCLP ???? Susan McCann - Fantasize My Freedom (6/1986)
MCLP ???? Susan McCann - Old Dublin In My Tears (4/1988)
MCLP ???? Susan McCann - Give Me More Time (10/1988)
MCLP ???? Susan McCann - Thank God For Kids (12/1988)

Musikelt Records

At a guess, Musikelt was set up to license Celtic releases from abroad in Ireland, possibly financed by Keltia III. Distributed by Independent Music Sales, Dublin. It appears to have lasted no longer than a year. To my knowledge only two albums were released, though it also published a wonderful but short-lived music magazine.

MKLP 7001 Alan Stivell (France) - Live At The National Stadium Dublin LP [1975]
licensed from Keltia III.
MKLP 7002 Ryan's Fancy (Canada) - Dark Island LP [1975]
Originally released on Audat/World Records in Canada in 1971. Licensed from World Records. Keltia III logo on label.

Na Piobairi Uilleann

As the name suggests, Uilleann pipes centric label.

NPU 001 ?
NPU 002 various - Round The House. Music for the Sets - Vol.1 K7 [1986]
The Plain Set / The Lancers / The Sliabh Luachra Set
NPU 003 various - Round The House. Music for the Sets - Vol.2 K7 [1986]
The Kerry Set / The Bhaile Mhuirne Reel Set / a.o.

NEMS Records

UK label - just one Irish single of interest:

NES 105 The Memories - All The King's Horses / Skyin' (1976)

Oriole Records

CD 305 The Freshmen - I Stand Alone / Gone Away (1965)

Orwell Records

A one-off release organised by Eddie Kelly as part of the Buddy Holly fanclub convention

ORS 001 The Dixies - It Doesn't Matter Anymore / Buddy Holly Medley [1984] (PS)

Pair Records

Pair Productions of Bellaghy

PAIR 001S John Watt - Ulster's Two Wheel King / The Island's T.T. [1981] tribute to Joey Dunlop

Phoenix Records (1975)

001 Wolfhound - The Sniper's Promise / He Died To Be Free 7" [1975]
Republican folk produced by Paddy McGuigan.

Place Records

PL 502 Pluto featuring Mary B - Irresistable / Irresistable (instrumental) [19??]
PL ??? Mary B & Bakersfield - Morrison Visa Song [198?]

Plaza Records (UK)

A UK label with a variety of 'showbiz' and easy listening acts, at one time manufactured and distributed by Spartan Records. Possibly related to Grand National Records. Linked to Ritz Records. I list the Irish artists only.

PZA 030 Linda Martin - Liffey Tinker / Liffey Tinker (instrumental) (PS)
PZA 041 Linda Martin & General Lafayette - Impossible To Do (Vocal) / Impossible To Do (Instrumental) [1989] (PS)
PZA 052 Joanna & Tequila Sunrise - The Woman In Me (radio mix) / (full mix) [1989] (CS)

Point Records

Established September 1971 by George O'Reilly.

The B-side is a repeat of POINT 02.
POINT 01 ???
POINT 02 Dreams - Out Of Time / Satisfy You 7" [198?] (no PS)
A-side is the Jagger/Richards track. The B-side is by John McManus (of the McManus Brothers).
Recorded at Matrix, Belfast. Produced by Hugh Mateir & Joe McIllmurray
POINT 03 Dreams - Boys, Boys, Boys / Satisfy You 7"/12" [1987] (PS)
A-side is a cover of the swimwear classic. Recorded at TMW, Belfast. Produced by Joe McIllmurray

Prize Records

Established September 1971 by George O'Reilly.

PZ.801 Terry Mahon & The Nashville Ramblers 7" [1971]
PZ.802 The Nashville Ramblers featuring Gregory - It's A Long Way Back To Love / You Can't Go Home Again [1972] (PS)

Protest Recordings

PR 1 Na Brollaigh - H Block / Freedom Sons [1979]

Q.O.B. Records

QOB 1 Louis Browne - Louis Browne Sings EP [1977] (PS)
4-track EP arranged by David Hughes, produced by Johnny O'Boyle.
This is the only known release on this label. Pressed in the UK.
Tracks: Let There Be Peace / Galway Bay // I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen / Danny Boy

Quality Records

Launched in early 1970, Quality released a single by Johnny Regan & The Tumbleweeds and had plans to issue several albums (including a singalong session recorded live at the Old Shieling Hotel in Raheny, Dublin featuring the Rev. Michael Cleary, and a spoken word LP by Niall Toibin) which never came to pass, as far as I'm aware.

QT.101 Johnny Regan & The Tumbleweeds - If The World Turned To Ashes / Rocky Mountain Belle [1970]
A UK pressing but obviously intended for Irish market.
Recorded at Eamonn Andrews Studios Dublin.
Produced by Bill O'Donovan.
C.Connelly & Co. Ltd. publishers.

Radio 2 Records

RTE label

RADIO 2 - 001 Gram Blaster Flash - Birthday Rapping [1984] (PS)
Released in conjunction with the fifth anniversary of the launch of RTE Radio 2.

Rathcoole Records

RAT 001 Paddy Reilly - My Lovely Rose Of Clare / Sweet Rathcoole 7" [1984]
RAT 002 Paddy Reilly - Come Back Paddy Reilly / The Hills Of Greymore 7" [1984]

RCI Records

RCI = Record Company of Ireland, better known as a distributor.

RCI 842 Blackthorn - Flower Of Scotland / Black Jack Davy 7" (PS) [1979]
RCI 844 Blackthorn - A Children's Winter / Farewell To Nancy 7" (PS) [1979]
RCI 846 Blackthorn - Bayou Home / Kitty Lie Over 7"

Recruit Records

REC 27 Eileen Reid - RSVP / What We Need [1983] (PS?)
REC 28 Eileen Reid - Falling In Trouble / ? [19??] (PS?)

Rejoice Records

REJ 001 Church of the Assumption Children's Folk Group Ballyfermot - The Christmas Song // In His Time / Emanuel [198?] (no PS)

Repeat Records

RSP 111 Willie McCarthy - Farewell Monaghan Town / Mist On The Shannon 7" [1985] (date derived from SRT 5KS 504)
RSP 112 Willie McCarthy - Happy Christmas In Ireland / Happy New Year 7"
none Chuck and June - s/t LP [1985]
Country duo recorded at Central Studios Athlone. Chuck is Chuck Owens.

See 'Em Records

C1 Jim O'Neill - Amelia / Seasons 7" [1982] (PS)

Shamrock Records

Monaghan-based label run by Gerry Devine, active from the 60s onwards.
Many colour vinyl releases. Similar to Glenside Records in content.

The Moonlighters - The Derry Civil Rights Song 7" [1968]

Silver Records

SR 1 Dan the Street Singer - Song & Dance Man / Look In My Eyes 7" [1985]
Arr/prod at Windmill Lane by John Ryan
SIL 101 Dan the Street Singer - Born Of Love / Look In My Eyes 7" [1986]
Arr/prod at Windmill Lane by John Ryan

Skyline Records

SLN 001 The Dynamics featuring Gerry - Tonight Is The Night / Someone I Love [1977]
Double A-side recorded at Dick Keating Studios, Dublin. Both sides by G.Costello

Smile Records

SR 026 Kevin Prendergast - Let's Go back To County Mayo / The Rose Of Mooncoin // Boys From Killybegs / Birmingham
Pressed in France.

Solitaire Records

STAR 11 Drowsy Maggie - Sing An irish Song 7" [1987]
UK-based Irish traditional music group who also recorded for Silver Hill Records.

SOS Records (#1)

SOS 006 Roe-Mance - Discomania / You Can't Stop Me Loving You [1979]

SOS Records (#2)

CAT 002 S.O.S. - Hold On Tight / High Wire 7" [1982] (no PS)

Spin Records

Not the well known Belfast label established in the 60s -- this appears to be a one-off.
SP 1 The Southlanders - Now That Shes Away / Don't Ever Go [1973]
Both sides credited to McMahon.
If anyone knows more about either band or label please get in touch.

Square Deal Records

SDR 01 The Cotton Mill Boys - I Wish You Joy / Bile 'Em Down 7" [19??] (no PS)
Recorded at Slane Studios, produced by Charlie Arkins.

Starc Records

STVDE 23 Eric Long and the CBS Crumlin Choir - Off To Italy (Boys in Green) / CBS Crumlin Choir featuring Brendan Hogan - Our Special Games 7"
Italia '90- tie-in. A side by Eric Long, B-side by Eric and Bishop Donal Murray (bishop of Limerick from 1996-2009 when he resigned after his mishandling of child sexual abuse allegations was exposed in the Murphy Report).

Stardust Records

??? Soni Tyrone & the Stardusters - Many Times 7"

Stage 2 Records

Probably different labels

ARL 101 Silk - Fly Away / Nancy O
ST 201 Brendan O'Brien & Stage 2 - I'm Gonna Love You Too / Oh Boy! [1987]

Swords Records

SM 200 Susan Buggy - African Christmas / Stay In Your Own Back Yard

Tank Records

BSS 351 Eireann-airer Show Band - First Time EP 7" [1979] UK pressing
33rpm produced by Fintan Stanley. All tracks incorrectly identified as 'trad'.
side one: Brown Gal in de Ring / The Town I Loved So Well
side two: County Mayo / Finnigan's Hooley.

Telstar Records

TEL 001 The Telstar Dance Troupe - The Chicken Dance / Whistling Rufus 7" [1981]
Recorded at Slane Studios, produced by Frank Ryan. A 'Birdy Dance' cash-in/exploitation release.

T.L.C. Records

TLC 001 Tommy Drennan - Julie / Wonderful Tonight [1984]
TLC 002 Tommy Drennan - Your Love / Sentimental Friend [1985]

T.M.W. Records

Based around TMW Studios

FLAME 3 (S83 CUS 1791) The Brokers - My Wild Irish Rose [1983]
???? (SRT6KS792) Shebeen - Who Will Love My Children / The Famine [1986]
Both sides written by Stephen Derby

Toad Records (UK)

TOAD A/B 1982 Michael Fox & The Black Velvet Band - Tralee Bay / East Road To Memphis 7" [1982] (PS?)
A-side by Fox/McCarthy; B-side by Fox AKA Michael Fox (born Birmingham, of Sligo heritage), produced by the Fox Band. Pressed in the UK but possiby of interest to collectors of Irish country music.

Tops Records

The Brown Brothers were Dana's younger siblings.

TPS 1001 The Brown Brothers - Turn Out The Light / Now You've Left Me [1977]

Tropics Records

TROPICS 1 Mick And The Moonshiners/Frank Wayward - Hills Of Glenshea / Turkey In The Straw

Valley Records

VAS 001 John Callan & Detour - Are You Nearly Right? / Song For The Run [1986]

Western Sound Music

WSM 001 Aces High - Our House Is A Home [1983]
Recorded at Big Tom Studios Castleblaney

Westsound Records

WRTK 0001 Tom Jennings - Song for St Patricks Day / We Wish You A Lovely Day 7" [1992] (no PS?)

No Label

Releases without a proper label name

7LGC.10 Pageant At Knappogue Castle EP [1968] 73 TEL 1 / 73 TEL 2
CB 001 Chris Ball - True Love Never Dies / My Lovely Rose Of Clare 7" [19??]
Described himself as "Irelands Greatest One Man Show". Recorded at Phantom Studios, Limerick. Published by CB Music, possibly related to Velvet Music.
CC 99 Youth Aid/Foir Na Nog - Youth Aid Africa / On The Wing [19??]
A charity single recorded at Slane Studios (SRS). Both sides credited to Rafiki (and published by Rafiki SRS Music). Rafiki is the swahili word for friend, so this appears to have been a charity single designed to raise funds for aid in Africa but beyond that I know nothing about this single's orgin
I can find nothing about Foir Na Nog - or Fóir na n&Oactue;g, literally 'Save The Young' or Youth Aid.
GF 001 The Greenfield Singers (Dublin) - Quiet Harmony EP 7" [1989]
Self-released 4 track EP.
MJFC 1 St. Michael's Junior Folk Choir - On This Lovely Day LP [1985]
Junior choir recorded at Windmill Lane.

Thanks to Eddie Kelly, John Lynch & TP McLoughlin

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