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Anthony & De Confidence

From: Cork

Active: 1987-

Style: Experimental



AKA Anthony & De Confidence. De Confidence is an art collective founded p by West Cork artist Anthony McCarthy ca 1987. Membership of the collective has over the years included: Dan Hallissey (AKA Crafty Dan) (keyboards), Giordai Ua Laoghaire (ex Nun Attax, Microdisney, Soon, etc) (guitar), Liam Murphy (Black Velvet Band) (guitars, keyboards), Barry Nolan (AKA Son of Lir) (keyboards), Liam Shanahan (keyboards), Arty Lorrigan (drums, percussion), and female singers Tara Woolridge, Lara Ewusoho and Neasa de Bearoid (Hidden Fears).

Anthony lists the Virgin Prunes, Ivor Cutler and Yello among his influences. His vocals are like spoken word performances. An earlier project named Anthony & The Alcoholics was abandoned after the "Music For Suffering Ducks" project (circa 1984) and the Kuckoo single (1985).

De Confidence rarely played outside Cork. The live show reputedly includes music, mime, spoken word, projected images, light effects, etc, i.e. a multi-media approach. There are also several videos. In 1988 they did a 3 city tour under the name Anthony & De Confidence which included Triskel Arts Center, Cork, the Irish Film Institute in Dublin and Covent Garden Community Centre in London. This tour was organised and promoted in the hope of stirring record company interest in the band but nothing concrete came of it apart from one unsatisfactory offer. Another notable performance was at the Pacific Circle Music Convention in Sydney, Australia in 1997.

Anthony is still active and has released quite a body of work over 20+ years on his own Kings Union imprint, and two self-published books (Maymount Books), but with zero distribution to speak of these items are very difficult to get hold of. More details can be found on his myspace page -- see external links below.

Anthony's books to date are "Driving My Car" (2001) and "The Rise and Fall of Billy the Blob" (2005), both published by MayMount.


Anthony & The Alcoholics - Whatever Happened to Kuckoo? EP
7" - Kings Union Records - no number - IRL - 1985 - PS

Notes: The lineup for this recording was Anthony McCarthy (voices), Liam Murphy (electric, acoustic & synth guitars), Pat O'Driscoll (bass), Arty Lorrigan (drums and percussion) and Brendan Cotter (keyboards). Brendan Galvin and Bernie Murphy are credited as DJ. All music by Liam Murphy except A2 by the Sex Pistols and A4 by Mike McGear. Recorded at Elm Tree Studios Cork, produced by Ger O'Leary.

Anthony McCarthy - The Words And Music Of
K7 - Kings Union Records - KU001 - IRL - 1987

Notes: All words and music by Anthony McCarthy, Liam Murphy and Liam Shanahan, except "The Defeated" and "Fr.Matt", words by poet Patrick Kavanagh; "Three Juvenile Delinquents", words by Noel Coward. Recorded at Elm Tree Studios.

• Drop Out / Underground I Must Go
7" - Kings Union Records - KU002 - IRL - April 1990 - PS

Notes: This single received some airplay (Dave Fanning) and the A-side surfaced on the Twix Rocks cassette as selected by Dave Fanning.

• Song for Luggi / Song for Luggi (the Neasa mix)
7" - Kings Union Records - KU004 - IRL - April 1991 - PS

Notes: Written by Anthony McCarthy & Crafty Dan. Played by Peel, Fanning and Mike Edger (BBC Radio Ulster). "Song for Luigi" also appears on the Breaking Sound Barriers Vol. 2 compilation CD released in 1992.

• Ned Kelly Was a Gentleman
CD - Kings Union Records - KU005 - IRL - 1995
8 track mini-album

Notes: Well received at the time (positive reviews in In Dublin and Hot Press) and played in it's entirity by De Confidence at the Pacific Circle Music Convention in Sydney in 1997, but it failed to gain wider distribution.

• Tribute to Billy the Blob
CD - Kings Union Records - KU006 - IRL - 2000
8 track mini-album.

Notes: Rated by Anthony as his best recording.

• Its The Xmas Yukks EP
CDS - Kings Union Records - KU007 - IRL - 2000
4 track CD EP

Notes: All tracks written by Anthony McCarthy. Mixed by Denis Herlihy. Female vocals by Lara Ewuosho.

• Life Squares III
CD - Kings Union Records - KU008 - IRL - 2001
8 track mini-album.

Notes: All tracks written by Anthony McCarthy & Son of Lir with additional music by Crafty Dad. Female vocals by Lara Ewuosho. Engineering & mixing by Peter West, Denis Herlihy & Son of Lir. Produced by De Confidence.

• Such is Life : The Best of De Confidence
CD - Kings Union Records - KU0010 - IRL - 2003
Limited edition CD now OOP, remastered version due 2012 approx.

• I Love Leonard Cohen EP
CDS - Kings Union Records - KU0011 - IRL - 2010

Notes: All tracks written and produced by Anthony McCarthy and Giordai O'Laoghaire.


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Last update: 9 September 2010.

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External Links: http://www.myspace.com/deconfidence

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