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Chrome Yellow

From: IRL/UK


Style: Folk/Experimental/Neo-Psych



Chrome Yellow were a UK based quintet led by two Dubliners, Joe Caprani and Bres Shelly, who sounded like a couple of folk/acoustic buskers backed by Japan. While this doesn't exactly make them "acid folk" (except in the minds of a certain type of rare record dealer), their unusual LP certainly fits somewhere in the neo-psych universe. 'Babes in the Wood' is well worth hearing, if you can track it down.

Caprani and Shelly had previously been in a band called Spiral Scratch who supported the godawful Depeche Mode at the RDS circa 1986.

Chrome Yellow also ran a studio (Lada Studios) where they recorded and produced other bands.

Chrome Yellow is a colour, of course. I can't imagine it has anything to do with Aldous Huxley's first novel 'Crome Yellow' but you never know. More details about this interesting band would be appreciated, so please get in touch.

Dave Freeney is the cousin of Eoin Freeney of Chant Chant Chant. He also played in a band called There Goes Christine with Feargal Andrews (Cactus World News, Fountainhead).


• Babes in the Wood
LP - Prophet Records - PRLP1 - IRL - 1987
K7 - Prophet Records - PRMC1? - IRL - 1987
Distributed through Mystery/WEA


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