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From: London

Active: 1984-1993

Style: Pop



Formed by Terry Sharpe & Pat Gribben of The Starjets, who'd split up in 1980. They were joined by Pat's wife Eileen and ex SLF roadie Spud Murphy. They spent a couple of years writing and demoing material in London until eventually they signed a major deal with Chrysalis Records in 1984. Chrysalis had high hopes for the band and gave the first single "Send My Heart" a big push with a full page advert in Smash Hits and the promo 12 inch edition housed in a gatefold cover. Despite moving up the charts three times, it never entered the UK top 50. The debut LP "Theodore And Friends" didn't have the commerical and critical impact Chrysalis expected.

Chrysalis America wanted to release "Theodore" in the USA but they also wanted to remix it. When the band heard the remix, which was done without their input, they found it too dry and requested the UK mix be used for US release. However 70,000 copies of the remix had already been pressed!

After three more singles, Chrysalis attitude towards the band had cooled and they were not keen on pursuing a second LP and offered to release the band from their contract. When they learned that Elektra were interested, they changed their mind and negotiated a contract release which ended up costing WEA (but in fact, the band) a small fortune.

By 1988 the transfer was complete and WEA issued the second and third albums "Sea of Love" (1988) and "Trading Secrets with the Moon" (1989). Despite good reviews and decent sales, the long awaited major break through never really happened for the band.

The final LP "Lions and Tigers and Bears" came out on Polydor in 1993.

The discography below omits the bands many single releases. For a better overview of the band, check out this very good fan site mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/theadventures/ is no longer online].


• The Adventures
LP - Chrysalis Records - ??? - 1985
LP - Chrysalis Records - ??? - USA - 1985 - re-sequenced and re-titled "Theodore & Friends", with one different track

• Sea of Love
LP - Elektra Records - ??? - 1988

• Trading Secrets with the Moon
LP - Elektra Records - ??? - 1989

• Lions and Tigers and Bears
LP - Polydor Records - ??? - 1993


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