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Break Records Present ... 100% Irish '93

CD - Break Records - BREAK CD 001 - IRL - 1993

This is the first 100% Irish compilation from Break Records. Only Leper Messiah appear on both volumes. It features 21 tracks by 21 artists: some metal, some punk but mostly indie. Few of these bands appear on this site. Most I've never heard of.

The 100% Irish compilations were organised by Paul Ashford. The CD was also released with a generic cover mentioning every band, but was also available with covers which highlighted one track by a particular band only. The band in question paid a small fee (circa £200-300) for these personalised cover copies, such as the Remembrance example shown below. It is not known if every band did this. Let Loose was another band that definitely did. It seems likely that sales of the personalised CD would have been through the bands themselves, while the generic cover copies were available in shops. If anyone knows any more about this, please get in touch.

Cherry Brogues - Look Back In Anger
The Cardigans - Achtung Baby
The Awareness - The Flying Key
Suspects - Too Small For Lovers (possibly the Tralee band)
Kryptix - I Can't Stand The Pain
Unforgiven - If I Was Wrong
Then Again - Other Side Of Me
Denis Lovet - I Love Those Apples
Rollercoaster - Blindman's Lipstick
Let Loose - Come See Me (also issued with personalised cover)
Lazy Bicycles - Secrets In A Cloud
Breakthru - Rain
Candy's Room - Rebel
Leper Messiah - Jack Daniels
Mockin' Bird - Higher Ground
Jester - Overflow
Wildest Dreams - Uncertain
John Conlon - Crazy Dream
Victorialand - Sunny Day Hideaway
Sylver Gypsy - Feeling Fine
Rememberance - The Same (also issued with personalised cover)


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