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Sunset Records

last updated 25 June 2013
last updated 14 February 2012

Founded in 1980 by Gerry Gallagher, guitarist with the Kim Newport Band, to release further recordings following two 1979 singles on Hawk Records. The label was based in Sligo and was active for a couple of years (1980-82). It catered for other artists from the West of Ireland looking for help releasing a single. Many of these were recorded at Greenfields Studios in Headford, Co. Galway which opened it's doors circa 1980. In all, 11 singles were released over a two year period, including releases by Pluto, a pop band from Donegal who also recorded for Ritz, and Donal McLynn of the Sligo McLynn folk group. The label folded when Gerry Gallagher and Kim Newport emigrated to the USA in 1983. It was recently revived with a new CD single release.

All 7" singles unless otherwise stated
SUN 001	Kim Newport Band - I Am A Woman / Too Many Heartaches  [September 1980]
SUN 002	The Duskey Sisters (with the Fairways) - Don't Feel Like Dancin' / Closer, Closer  [1980]
SUN 003	Kim Newport Band - Evergreen Wedding / Please Help Me  [April 1981]
SUN 004	Pluto - Get Outta' My Life / 	I'm Falling  [March 1981]
SUN 005	Joan and the Silver Wings - Old Country Church / Country Style  [1981]
SUN 006	Vinnie Mongan - City of the Tribes / Back Home Again  [1981] 
SUN 007	Kim Newport Band - I Need A Lover / Please Help Me  [January 1982] (PS) B-side as SUN 003
SUN 008	Kim Newport Band - Come Up To Dublin / Too Many Heartaches  [March 1981] (PS)
SUN 009	Kim Newport Band - A Love Song / I Need A Lover  [June 1982] B-side as SUN 007
SUN 010	Donal McLynn - Orange Maid of Sligo / Foot of Knocknarea  [1982]
SUN 011	T.J.Farrell - The Soloist / I Say Goodbye  [1982] 
SUN 012	Joan And The Silver Wings - Many Happy Hangovers / Everybody's Somebody's Fool [1982] released?
SUN 013	never existed
SUN 014	Kim Newport - Girls Night Out / You Needed Me / I Honestly Love You CDS  [May 2011]

thanks to Gerry Gallagher

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