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Olympic Records (Ireland)

last updated 6 Oct 2021
last updated 8 Jun 2018
last updated 23 May 2016
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Odd multi-national budget label with signifciant output in the USA and Holland.
I'm not sure how interlinked the different international branches were.
Many releases seem to be exclusive to each country, focussing on local artists without international profile.
The 6100 Atlas series was American in origin and covered the world.

Olympic Records Ireland Ltd was founded by Sean Clancy and George O'Reilly circa 1974.
The Irish branch was located at 28 Gardiner Place, Dublin 1, Ireland.

OBL 100 Just Four - At The Copper Beech LP [1974]
OBL 101 V/A - Welcome To Pedigree Corner LP [1974]
An evening of music and laughter live at Pedigree Corner, Athy, County Kildare, featuring Casey & Tom, Sean McGilly, Just Four, The Sapphires, Michale Cleere & Chris Walsh.
OBL 102  
OBL 103  
OBL 104 V/A - Live from The Mountpellier Rooms
OBL 105 Danny Fontana - Live at Butlins Mosney [1974]
OBL 106 The Jolly Beggerman - s/t LP [1974]
OBL 107 Various Artists - A Touch Of Irish LP [1975]
Irish cabaret of traditional songs recorded at Music City Studios, Dublin. Musical director Noel Healy. Performers: Marjorie Courtney, Patrick Farrington, Val Fitzpatrick, Noel Healy and Patricia O'Keeffe. Dancer Marie Lawless is show on the cover.
OBL 108 Martin Crosbie (with Thelma) - Yesterday When I Was Young (AKA At Clontarf Castle) LP [1975]
OBL 109? Various Artists - An Evening In County Clare LP [1976]
Local cabaret artists in the Limerick/Clare area recorded at The Two Mile Inn Limerick and Clare Inn Newmarket-on-Fergus Co Clare in the Summer of 1976.
OBL 110 Mick Leonard - Golden Voice Vol 1 LP
OBL 111 The Cantons - A Night With The Cantons (AKA Island) LP [1976]
OBL 112 Chaff - Live At Murphys LP [1977]
OBL 113 Des Smyth with Family Pride - Relax Irish Style LP [1977]
OBL 114 Fran St. Claire - Take My Hand LP [1977]
OBL 115 Platform - You May Travel Far Far... LP [1977]
OBL 116 Shamrog - The Music And Songs of Ireland LP
OBL 117 Edmonde Browne - Sings LP [1982] wedding/cabaret singer
OBL 118  
OBL 119  
OBL 120 Shamrog - 2 K7 [1986] cassette only
OBL 121 Shamrog - 3 K7 [1992] cassette only
??? Peg & Bobby Clancy - Traditional Songs of Ireland LP
Atlas Series:
6104 V/A - Irish Revolutionary Songs [1974]
6129 Seamus Ennis - Irish Pipe & Tin Whistle Songs [1976]
reissue of The Bonny Bunch of Roses.
6169 Guinness Choir of Dublin - In Dublin's Fair City (rec: 1965) [1980?]
???? Junior Johnson - Lets Live Love / Be Happy 45
???? Paud Griffin - Alpine Slopes / Dan O'Hara 45
???? Clover LP [1981] unreleased album; recording plans were scrapped when the band was told they wouldn't be allowed to sell it after their gigs in Doyles Irish Cabaret in the Burlington Hotel in Dublin. This information supplied by group member Seamus MacGowan via John O'Regan..

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