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Jury's Records

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A subsiduary of the Jury's Hotel Group. These records were conceived as souveniers of the Jury's cabaret show performed in the hotel chain. Some were record live at Jury's Hotel in Dublin. They were put together like the classic multi-artist package tours of the sixties, marketing Irish 'culture' (sharp intake of breath) to tourists, principally American. Simpler times, my friends, that is all.

Jury's Label Releases:

JRLP1 Irish Cabaret at Jury's Hotel LP [1970]

side one:
Austin Gaffney & the Young Dublin Singers - Cockles and Mussels
Albany Brothers - Jug of Punch
Crehan Family - Selection of Polkas
Shane Brady (boy soprano) - My Singing Bird
Eugene Lambert & Finegan - comedy
Young Dublin Singers - Gob Music
Rory O'Connor Dancers - Selection of Reels
Austin Gaffney - Slattery's Mounted Fut
Fionnuala Hough - Old Turf Fire
Brian Hoey - Little Bridget Flynn
Austin Gaffney - Come And Get It Day
uncredited - Phil The Fluter's Ball

side two:
Austin Gaffney - Irish Rover
Austin Gaffney - Mountain Dew
Austin Gaffney - I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
Brian O'Connor & Rory O'Connor Dancers - Hornpipes
Fionnuala Hough - Last Rose of Summer
Austin Gaffney - Come Back Paddy Reilly To Ballyjamesduff
Austin Gaffney - Macushla
Austin Gaffney - Gortnamona
Full Company - Ireland Boys Horray
Full Company - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

JRLP2 Jury's Summer Cabaret

JRLP3 New Jury's Summer Cabaret [1974]

side one:
The Carrolls - Selection (trad)
Austin Gaffney - Ireland Boys Hurrah (trad)
Tony Lynch - Bodhram - Drowset Maggie (trad)
Michael O'Dea - Galway Bay
Tony Lynch - Seannachaidhe
Austin Gaffney - Phil The Flutter's Ball

side two:
Michael O'Dea - I'll Take You Home Ahain Kathleen
Maura Kelly - Slievenamon (trad)
Maura & Austin - Love Is Teasin' (trad)
Sion Hill Harpists & Young Dublin Singers - A Shaighdiurin a Chroidhe (trad)
Brian O'Connor & Twins - Hornpipe (trad)
Austin Gaffney - Danny Boy
Full Company - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Notes: Recorded at Eamon Andrews Studios. Produced by Fred O'Donovan. Musical Director: Albert Healy.

JRLP4 New Jury's Summer Cabaret [1975]
Reissue of JRLP3 with two tracks substituted. B2 (Maura Kelly) and B3 (Maura Kelly & Austin Gaffney are replaced by two tracks by Vivienne Colgan:
Vivienne Colgan - Carrig Dhoun
Vivienne Colgan - The Lark In The Clean Air

JRLP5 Michael O'Dea - Sings His Favorite Songs LP [1977]
Musical Director Albert Healy; backing vocals by the Young Dublin Singers

Eileen Og
Rose Of Tralee
Any Dream Will Do
The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door
Mother Macree
The Impossible Dream
The Star Of The County Down
Galway Bay
The Holy City
Danny Boy
Let There Be Peace
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

JRLP6 New Jury's Summer Cabaret [1976]

Vivienne Colgan
Michael O'Dea
Fred O'Donovan

JRLP8 Irish Cabaret Of Dublin [1977]
Also released on Monitor Records (MFS 785) USA.

side one:
Chris Curran - The Music Makers (recitation)
Full Company - Drowsey Maggie
Yvonne Brennan - The Spinning Wheel
Full Company - The March of the High Kings
Chris Curran - Cruiskeen Lan
Theresa O'Dwyer - The Fairy Tales of Ireland
Michael O'Dea - Galway Bay
The Carroll Bros - Selection of Reels
Full Company - Mna na hEireann

side two:
Full Company - Dingle Regatta
Hal Roach - Irish Humour
Mary Sheridan - Hail Glorious St Patrick
Mary Sheridan - Danny Boy
Full Company - Golden Wedding / I Want a Girl / Swannee / Pack up Your Troubles / Tipperary
Michael O'Dea - Mother Machree
The Battle Hymn of the Republic / Dixie


Related Releases:

  Jury's Cabaret EP
7" - HMV Records - 7EGC33 - IRL - 1965 - PS

side one:
Edmund Browne and Little Dublin Singers: Soloist Alma Carroll - Molly Malone
Edmund Browne and Little Dublin Singers: Soloist Alma Carroll - Fill, Fill A Run O

side two:
Mary Sheridan - Danny Boy
Edmund Browne and Little Dublin Singers and Alberty Healy - Wrap The Green Flag Around Me

  Irish Cabaret Jury's Hotel Dublin
LP - Pye Records - NPL 18186 - UK - 1967

side one:
Albert Healy - Selection of Reels (1) Fairy Reel (2) Fate's Reel
Little Dublin Singers - An Samhradh Aoibhinn (The May Time)
John MacNally - Boulavogue
The Johnstons - Johnston's Motor Car
Cecil Nash - A Galwayman's Philosophy (Monologue)
John McEvoy - Bunnan Bui (The Yellow-Bittern)
Patrick O'Hagan - Irish Patrol
Eugene Lambert - The Dublin Saunter
Harpists - Oft In The Silly Night

side two:
Albert Healy - Set Dance, 3 Sea Captains
Patrick O'Hagan - Ireland, Mother Ireland
John MacNally - Off To Philadelphia
Harpists - The Castle of Dromore
Mary Sheridan - Danny Boy
The Johnstons - Mary of Dungloe
Eugene Lambert - Dear Old Donegal
John MacNally - Eileen Oge

  Columbia Artists Festivals Presents Jury's Irish Cabaret
LP - CAFC Records - CAFC 200 - USA - 1980
Production Coordination by ERH Productions

side one:
Full Company - Dingle Regatta
Chris Curran - Irish Humour
Yvonne Brennan - The Spinning Wheel
Full Company - Hoxty Hickity
Theresa O'Dwyer - The Cloths Of Heaven
Theresa O'Dwyer & Michael O'Dea - Love Is Teasing
Chris Curran - Irish Humour
Jury's Singers & Harpists - The Lord Of The Dance
Jury's Singers & Harpists - Cockles & Mussels

side two:
Albert Healy - Irish Airs
Chris Curran - Irish Humour
Mary Sheridan - The Last Rose Of Summer
Inis Ealga Dancers - Irish Hornpipe
Mary Sheridan - Danny Boy
Chris Curran - Irish Humour
Michael O'Dea - Galway Bay
Michael O'Dea - Battle Hymn Of The Republic / Dixie

  On Tour [1984]
LP - ESI Records - ESI 203 - USA - 1984

Tony Kenny
Jacinta White
Chris Curran

  Chisel - Starring at Jury's Irish Cabaret
LP - Chisel Records - CHIL 1 - IRL - 1985
Irish folk/trad group, recorded live at Jury's Hotel, Dublin

  Tony Kenny - An Evening With Tony Kenny
LP - Kris Records - KLP 1001 - IRL? - 198?
Subtitled 'Songs from Jury's Irish Cabaret'

Since Maggie Went Away
I Tucked Up My Sleeves
Down By The Sally Gardens
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Red Is The Rose
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling


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