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Indigo Records / Indigo Sound Studios

last updated 25 Jan 2017
last updated 7 Apr 2016
last updated 25 September 2013

A UK label which pressed many (if not all) of it's releases in Ireland. Indigo and Indigo Sound were the in-house labels of Indigo Sound Studios in Manchester. The studio was owned by Dave Kent-Watson whose background was in sound engineering (he'd worked for the local ITV station Granada). Many famous Manchester indie releases were recorded at Indigo, the Buzzcocks "Spiral Scratch" EP for one.

Indigo Records appears to have been reserved for pop and soul while Indigo Sound releases appear to consist of folk acts for the most part. I say 'appears' as I haven't seen enough records to be sure of these conclusions and there are exceptions.

Many of these records were pressed in Ireland by EMI which results in them being mistakenly described as Irish, e.g. Guggenheim's sought after LP. The Cave of Living Streams LP exists both with and without the Indigo logo.




GOPOP Series 
GOPOP  1 	Peter Adamson - Tudor Family Tree / Moving On Backwards [1972]
GOPOP  3¹	The Improvisors - Loch Ness Nessie / Christmas Won't Be Long [1972] (PS)
GOPOP  5¹ 	Pat Phoenix & Peter Adamson - The Two Of Us [1973]
GOPOP  6¹ 	The Jeffersons - I Will Never (Stop Loving You) / Rosetta [1973]
GOPOP  7¹ 	Salena Jones - Live And Let Die / Some Other World [1973] (PS)
GOPOP 11	Syndicate/Manchester City Football Team - Me Ball's Burst/Up The Blues [1973] (PS)

GOPOP ??	Salena Jones - Live And Let Die



GOLP-7000 Series
GOLP 7001	Guggenheim - s/t [1972]
GOLP 7002
GOLP 7003	Royal Corps Of Signals Band - Spirit Of England [1973]
GOLP 7004	The Improvisors - You'll Find A Welcome Round At Our House
GOLP 7005	Pete Sullivan - Memories Of Pete Sullivan AKA All Time Favourites on Moog [1973]
GOLP 7006	David Hamilton - Streets of London 

Mixed Releases

The IDS-/IRS-5000 Series



IRS 5053 	The Lewis Goodman Explosion - Funny Lovin' Man / Memphis Train 7" (Indigo Sound Studios label)
IRS 5181¹ 	Dave Blakeley - s/t LP [1973]
IRS 5124¹ 	Therapy - One Night Stand LP [1973]
IDS 5422¹ 	Kevin Neill - Harry Lime Theme / Black Eyes  7" [1974]
IRS 5510 	Sharon People - Inside Looking Out  [1974]
IDS 5567 	Cave of Living Streams - Sixteen Songs LP
IDS 52809	Orphan - Reasons For Seasons / Bad Loser 7" (PS) [1978]
IDS  52898  	The Three Crows - Live At Tameside Theatre LP

SLCW1031	Presence (UK folk group) - s/t [1976]

¹ = manufactured in Ireland (by EMI)

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