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Tuesday Blue

From: Limerick

Active: 1983-90




Big rock. Originally a trio with a drum machine. Barry Warner provided keyboards for an early lineup, Tom Jones (ex Average Contents / Toucandance) (keyboards/rhythm guitar) in later years. Liam Darcy was replaced by Ray Fean (Johnny Fean's brother) who'd played in one of Richie Laurence (AKA Larry Richardson)'s bands (see the help needed section).

The band spent about a year working on their LP during 1987-88, playing few gigs. This period seemed to cure them of their tendancy to drift in Simple Minds/Genesis and yielded new arrangements of songs like "Tunnel Vision" and "Tell The Boys".

The LP was recorded in Montreaux in Switzerland with Bowie producer Dave Richards. It was released at the end of 1988 in the USA and in March 1989 in Europe. Tuesday Blue certainly nailed their sound on their debut album but too many of the songs lack memorable melodies or pop hooks and too often the bands sound favours bombast over subtlety.

Most of the band members are still active. Mike Ryan and Ralph Lindheim still perform regularly in Limerick. Dave Keary toured with Riverdance as did Ray Fean, who was later with Coolfin and had done lots of session work. He's also the drummer with Horslips now Eamon Carr has retired. Ray is of course Johnny Fean's brother.


• Tunnel Vision / Tell The Boys
7" - Mother Records - MUM3 - 1986 - PS
• Tunnel Vision / Tell The Boys / Don't Go Away
12" - Mother Records - 12MUM3 - 1986 - PS

A video was made for this single. Assuming the link still works, this is viewable on you tube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1MetyHkgW4

• various artists - National Washday Single
7" - WASH 1 - May 1987 - IRL - PS
Members of Tuesday Blue appeared with others as The Music Bizz on this single.

• Tunnel Vision EP
12" - EMI Manhattan - ??? - USA - 1988 - promo only album sampler

• Cut And Dry (LP Version) / ???
12" - EMI Manhattan - ??? - USA - 1988 - promo only in stickered diecut sleeve

• Shibumi
LP - EMI Manhattan - E1-46980 - USA - 1988
K7 - EMI Manhattan - E4-46980 - USA - 1988
CD - EMI Manhattan - - USA? - 1988
LP - EMI - ??? - Europe - March 1989

• Love Me Simple
CDS - EMI - ??? - 1988 - 1 track promo only

• Love Me Simple / Young Girls
7" - EMI Records - IEM010 - IRL - 1988 - PS

• various artists - The Reindeer Age
LP - Xeric Records - XER 02 - IRL - February 1990
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• Waiting for the Magic
CD - Cut And Dry Records - ??? - 2002
Previously unreleased tracks


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