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Tie The Boy

From: Derry

Active: 1982-

Style: Pop



Tie The Boy formed in Derry in 1982 and later moved to Belfast. Their main songwriter was Kevin Williams. They were a pop band judging by their lone single, though some maintain they rocked harder live - some sources comparing them to the Bunnymen - and that the single doesn't do them justice. However, in contemporary interviews they claimed to be an out and out pop band, with no indie pretences whatsoever.

The single was released on drummer Tin Hegarty's Money label. "Limbo" is lightweight pop, comparable perhaps to early Aztec Camera, though the intro sounds like the Eagles "Take It Easy"! Another track "More Than Love" was recorded in 1986 for a Good Vibrations various artists EP which never came to pass. Earlier (circa 1983) songs like "Now You're Gone" were compared to the Housemartins. It's possible they toughened up their sound by the late 80s, and a Dave Fanning session recorded around this time may bear this out.

Tie The Boy played Irish Rock Week in London in 1986 and recorded four tracks for a Janice Long session on BBC Radio 1. These are reputedly similar in style to the single. There was some interest from Mother Records circa 1988 (and a Fanning session) but the proposed single never came out. Lead guitarist Peter Cunnah later scored a big hit with "Things Can Only Get Better" as the dreaded D-Ream, which was famously deployed by the dreaded Blair.


• Limbo / Voyeur Love
7" - Money Records - TTBX1 - 1986 - PS, 1200 copies pressed
Self-released in conjunction with Good Vibrations Records.
Poorly distributed, intended as a demo


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