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Street Talk

From: Dublin-based

Active: 1983-

Style: Pop / New Wave



New wave pop-rock with reggae stylings and a strong lead singer. The band was Dublin-based but came from all over: E.J. Cranny, Ben Stack and Joe MacIntyre were all from Arklow; Paddy Kelly from Ballyshannon; and Gerry Moore and Danny Smith from Dublin. Another member at some point was drummer Vincent Tracy, also from Dublin. They were maanged by Al Richardson. They began as The Brite Brothers but changed their name to Street Talk when it emerged a British band was using the same name.

The band wrote all their own material, with Moore, Kelly, Cranny and Stack all contributing to the songwriting. They were signed to Crashed Records for whom they recorded 4 singles during 1983-84. The first of these, "1-2-3" was a chart hit in Ireland spending 8 weeks in the charts, peaking at #19. It was described by Hot Press as pop reggae with The Police and Men Without Hats namechecked as reference points. Occasional Average White Band style funk workouts were also in evidence in their sound. "1-2-3" was picked up by the Belgian Rainbow Records label and released in Holland and Belgium, as was the follow-up single "I Don't Need You Now".

All 4 singles from 1983-84 were collected on the band's debut and only LP released in 1985. This LP and the 3 subsequent non-LP singles released during 1985-86 were credited to Gerry Moore & Street Talk. This name change suggests there was some unrest within the group and indeed there was a reputably acrimonious split at some point, which ejected one or more original members.

In his book "Kill Bono", Neil McCormick portrays Gerry Moore as one of the most talented - and undervalued - artists working in Ireland at the time.

Crashed Records Press Release for 1-2-3

STREET TALK are the latest band to hit the Irish scene. Dublin-based, they write their own material and have been gigging as "The Brite Brothers" but had to change the name due to the emergence of a same-named British band.

STREET TALK are set to follow some of the other Irish export bands like Thin Lizzy and The Boomtown Rats all the way to the top of the International Charts.

STREET TALK have the sound, the imagination, the guts and the feel for the street to succeed, but most of all they have the MUSIC.

STREET TALK's music to-days music and to-days sound.

STREET TALK's first single "1 - 2 - 3" can match any of to-days chart entries.

Gerry Moore : Lead vocals. A rough diamond of Italian descent. Born and bred in Dublin. Age: 25. Main influences: the people who live in and off The Street.
E.J. Cranny : From Arklow. A bass player with a unique style, bridging the gap between pitch and rhythm who adds so much to the sound of STREET TALK. Influences: funky music and foxy ladies. Main ambition: to be happy.
Ben Stack : From Arklow. Age 23. Instrument: guitar. Also plays keyboards and brass. Spent a lot of time moving around small clubs and big bus-shelters. Musical influences: anything with Soul.
Paddy Kelly : Born: Ballyshannon, Co.Donegal. Instruments: piano, synth, guitar and numerous others. Consistently writing new material. Paddy maintains his best source of inspiration is Arthur Guinness.
Danny Bongos Smith : From Dublin. Drums/Percussion and various sounds. Having played with a multitude of respected musicians both live and in the recording studio, Danny is rated as being one of th ebest in the country. Basically he is the heartbeat of STREET TALK and hearing is believing.

Group Beats Dole Queue

by Steve Brennan

Six young redundant workers are beating the dole queue by singing the blues away.
When the recession put them out of jobs the pals formed a rock group - and now their first record is climbing the charts.
But despite the success of their enterprise, they just can't convince people that it's a serious business project.
When they presented their plan to beat unemployment to the Youth Employment Agency, the group, 'Street Talk', was told they were not entitled to assistance with their business ideas.
So last week the six picketed the Dail in protest at youth unemployment. As a result, two TD's offered them performance dates.
Now the lads, Ben Stack from Arklow, E.J.Cranny, Arklow, VIncent Tracy, Dublin, Joe MacIntyre, Arklow, Paddy Kelly from DOnegal and Gerry Moore from Dublin, are geared up for their first tour which begasn at the weekend.
Vincent Tracy, who worked for 17 years with British Leyland before being laid off said: "this was the best way we knew to stay off the dole. It looks like we hit the jackpot."
The group will be going to Holland shortly where their record "One, Two, Three" is a big seller.


• 1-2-3 / Movin' On
7" - Crashed Records - CAR44 - IRL - May 1983 - PS?
7" - Rainbow Records - R.622 - Benelux - 1983 - PS
Entered the Irish charts on 02.05.1984 for an 8 week run peaking at #19.

• I Don't Need You Now / Badman
7" - Crashed Records - CAR55 - IRL - October 1983
7" - Rainbow Records - R.634 - Benelux - 1983 - PS

• Games / Weekend
7" - Crashed Records - CAR59 - IRL - 1983 - PS

Gerry Moore & Street Talk - Two Long Years / Badman
7" - Crashed Records - CAR66 - IRL - 1984 - PS

Gerry Moore - Street Talkin'
LP - Crashed Records - CARLP7 - IRL - 1985?

Other musicians listed on the album:
Guitar - Jimmy Gaynor (East Coast Angels, etc), Al Richardson.
Bass - Frank Boylan (The Creatures, Mellow Candle).
Keyboards - Rockin' Alan Dee (The Chessmen).
Drums - Mick Kinsella, Davy Gaynor (Angel, etc), Vinny Tracy, Henry Toolin.
Horns - Eamonn Murray.

Gerry Moore & Street Talk - City Life / City Life (dub mix)
7" - Crashed Records - CAR83 - IRL - 1985 - PS?

Gerry Moore & Street Talk - Eternally In Love / City Life (dub version)
7" - Crashed Records - CAR84 - IRL - 1985 - PS

Gerry Moore & Street Talk - Dublin Serenade / 1-2-3
7" - Crashed Records - CAR97 - IRL - 1986 - PS?

• v/a - Irish Hit Parade
CD - label? - IRL - 1997
See Compilations section for full track listing.


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