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From: N.IRL

Active: Belfast

Style: 'Heavy Rock Gospel'

Lineup ca 1980: Lineup ca 1990:


Rare single offered on ebay as NWOBHM. S.O.S. were formed in the late 70s by brothers Ivan and Tom Muirhead with their sister Janet Muirhead. Davey Vance (guitars/vocals) and Mike Love (drums) were added to the lineup.

The band played the live circuit in Northern Ireland and beyond throughout the 1980s. The 1982 single is credited to Ivan and Janet Muirhead and is reputedly gospel heavy/hard rock and is much sought after. This was their only release of the decade. The band members were also involved in other bands and projects to help make ends meet. Janet Muirhead left the band before 1990.

By 1990, when they came to record their debut, cassette-only album 'Borderlands', they were playing contemporary christian rock with new singer Jonty McFall. Contemporary press compared this releases to a raunchier Bryan Adams or Dire Straits, suggesting they'd ditched the heavy rock approach. This lineup played the Impact Festival in Scotland in 1991.

Janet Muirhead formed an acoustic duo called Bare Bones, who recorded an EP in the early 90s. She moved into acoustic folk, country and bluegrass musics, and became an indemand session singer, and now performs as Janet Holmes. Ivan Muirhead also plays in folk circles nowadays.


• Hold On Tight / ?
7" - self-released - CAT 002 - 1982 - no PS

• Borderlands
K7 - label? - ??? - 1990
Cassette album recorded at Novatech Studios.


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