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Sample And Hold

From: Belfast

Active: 1978-83




Sample And Hold was originally formed by three school friends Richard Wakely (bass), Keith White aka Chalkie (drums) and Barry Powell (guitar and vocals) in 1978. Keith McVeigh (keyboards) who worked with Chalkie at Shorts then joined the band, shortly followed by Gordon Hood (guitar). The band gigged locally at venues such as The Pound, Queens and the Ulster Polytechnic, playing mostly covers of Tom Petty, Roxy Music and Eddie and Hot Rods just to mention a few.

By the time of their two singles released on their own Akdov ('vodka' backwards) label, they were a synth/electronics band. The lineup on the first single was Barry Powell (vocals), Gordon Hood (guitar), Keith McVeigh (keyboards/synth), Richard Wakely (bass) and John McDowell (drums). Wakely and McDowell were replaced by Nigel Galashan (bass) and Philip 'Rufus' O'Callaghan (drums) for the 2nd single. Trevor Wray did the lights. Both singles are worth tracking down.

A video exists for "Monopoly Games". This was made by one of the youth TV shows on BBC Northern Ireland at the time and was shot on film. It will probably surface on youtube one of these days...

On one occasion when they played the Ivy Rooms in Dublin supported by St.Vitus Dance there was only one person in the audience, journalist John McKenna, who reviewed the gig for Hot Press.

Sample & Hold supported Simple Minds on the Belfast leg of their New Gold Dream tour.

Keith McVeigh played in an early Androids lineup. Rufus' O'Callaghan later played in Blah! Blah! Blah!.


• The Luxury of Limitation EP
7" - Akdov Records - AK1 - May 1982 - PS - 500 copies
Recorded 24, 25 & 28 October 1981, released May 1982.

• Express & Explore Session
Recorded 3-4 August 1982, engineered by Howard Ingram.
Four songs were recorded at the session for this compilation but only two appeared on the tape, one of them incorrectly titled.

• various artists - Express & Explore
K7 - Blue Rhythm Audio - CBR7 - September 1982

• Dave Simms Downtown Radio Show Session
Recorded 7th Sept 1982, broadcast 13th Sept 1982.
engineered by Stephen 'Rastas' Nelson.

• Monopoly Games / Take Not Give
7" - Akdov Records - AK2 - June 1983 - PS +insert
Recorded March 1983 at Homestead, engineered by Mud Wallace.

• Dave Fanning Show Session (RTE)
Recorded 25-26 July 1983, broadcast August 1983.


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