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Pretty Boy Floyd & The Gems

From: N.IRL

Active: late 70s




Originally a mid-70s covers band called Candy and thus never fully accepted by some elements of the punk audience. Candy also included future Wizard Studios owner and No Smokin' leader Davy Smith.

Here is vocalist Jim Lyttle's capsule history of the band:

PBFATG were certainly not the only covers band who became punks. Most bands start off playing covers in one form or another, including Stiff Little Fingers (referenced in the "middle class journalist" jibe) whose roots can be traced back to the Deep Purple inspired covers band Highway Star. Crediting PBFATG with introducing punk to Ireland is a bit of a stretch IMO but they were undoubtedly one of the early punk bands, signed to the now much collected Rip Off label.

Lyttle later formed a big hair & makeup heavy metal band called Rogue Male


• Hold Tight / I Rock Cause I Like It / Rough Tough Pretty Too
12" - Montreco Records - EPM RC 3005 - Canada 1978
Don't believe the hype, this is a commom enough item unless it includes the one-sided 12"x12" photo insert which is very difficult to locate.
Note the insert is black & white, with no red ink, despite what is shown here (Lord save us all from pranksters).

• Hold Tight / Spread The Word Around
7" - Rip Off Records - RIP 1 - July 1978 - PS

• various artists - Belfast Rock
7" - Rip Off Records - RIP101 - IRL - 1978
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• various artists - Belfast Rock
LP - Rip Off Records - ROLP-1 - IRL - 1978
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• The Instigator / Sharon
7" - Rip Off Records - RIP-10 - IRL - 1979 - diecut PS

• various artists - Permanent Wave
LP - Plastic Passion/Montreco Records - MRC 1478 - Canada 1979
tracks: Rough Tough Pretty Too / I Rock Cause I Like It

• Drugs
LP - Needle 001 - 1980?

Unlikely to exist, or is confused with a different band.

• various artists - Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland
LP - bootleg - UK - 1998
See Compilations section for full track listing.
tracks: Sharon

• various artists - Raw & Rare Vol.1
LP - bootleg - UK
tracks: Spread the Word Around / Hold Tight

• various artists - Rip Off Records
LP - Sing Sing Records - SING 021 - USA - 2010
See Compilations section for full track listing.

Rogue Male

From: London

Active: 1980s

Style: Heavy Metal



A punk, metal and R&B concoction, Rogue Male was concieved as a band containing the aggression of punk, the energy of rock, the sleaze of R&B and the power of heavy metal. Their first LP is more successful than the second.

Steve Kingsley left after the debut and a session drummer plays on the second album. Danny Fury was Kingsleys eventual replacement. Further lineup changes and the lesser nature of the second elpee led to the band parting company with Music For Nations with an unreleased third album in the can. Frustrated with his ex manager and label, Jim Lyttle sued both and eventually won back the rights to all Rogue Male material after a 6 year long legal battle. However, these setbacks had taken their toll and Jim retired from the music business.

In 2007 the Polish Metal Mind Productions label reissued both Rogue Male albums and Jim recorded a new album "Nail It" with Bernie Torme (guitar/keyboards), John McCoy (bass) and Robin Guy (drums).

Jim Lyttle on the cover of Kerrang #101 in 1985


• First Visit
LP - Music For Nations - MFN 40 - UK - 1985 - inner
LP - Elektra Records - 60423 - USA - 1985
LP - Roadrunner Records - RR 9789 - NL - 1985
LP - Bernett Records - SB 18048 - France - 1985
CD - Metal Mind Records - ??? - Poland - 2008

Notes: All songs written by Jim Lyttle. Produced by Steve James.

• All Over You (edit) / All Over You (LP version)
12" - Elektra Records - ED 5059 - USA - 1985 - promo, no PS
12" - Roadrunner - RR 125494 - NL - 1985

• Animal Man
LP - Music For Nations - MFN68 - UK - 1986 - inner sleeve
LP - New Electric Way Records - 2343 - France - 1986
CD - Metal Mind Records - ??? - Poland - 2008

• Belfast / Rough Tough (Pretty Too) / Take No Shit
12" - Music For Nations - 12 KUT 122 - UK - 1986 - PS
The non-LP B-side is a reworking of the Gems track.

• Third Album Demo Tape

• Nail It
CD - RM2K Music - ??? - UK - 2007?


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