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Pleasure Cell

From: Dublin





Originally a trio who made a furious noise live, though the single does not bear this out. Noel Green was from Finglas. He'd previously been in Alien Comfort. They added rhythm guitarist Barry H. in 1986. He was a fan of the band who offered his services. Williard worked as percussionist with an orchestra.

The band existed for several years, toured extensively and played in London/UK. The Use Your Mind Tour in 1986 included a gig at the Underground where Waterboy Mike Scott joined them onstage (the band covered The Waterboy's "Be My Enemy" live). They also appeared on the Late Late Show (twice) as well as TV GAGA around 1986 and Visual Eyes (performing "She's Just A Girl") in 1987. The band spoke openly about it's drug past, several member(s) having entered rehab for heroin addiciton.

Everyone thought they were going to be big but it never happened. They moved to London in 1987 and disappeared.

Demo tapes definitely exist but I don't have them, alas. Song titles include: Girl Who Cares / The Children / Your Future / Two Flags / Searching for Black / Fuck Off / Uniformed Man. With any luck these are closer to their excellent live set. If anyone has any audio, please get in touch.

Notable gigs/dates:
10 Feb 1986 NIHE Glasnevin, Dublin
1 Mar 1986 Dublin Underground
8 Jun 1986 supporting Blyth Power at the Project Arts Centre with Paranoid Visions


• New Age / Common Ground
7" - no label - ANG-1 - 14 February 1986 - PS
An illustrated song booklet insert with all the bands lyrics was planned but AFAIK never made.


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Last update: 9 September 2010.

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