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Pat's People

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Active: 60s-70s-80s
Style: folk


Irish traditional musicians transplanted from Belfast to North America - the move affected their music, and their records are well worth seeking out. They were still active in the late 80s/early 90s, long after the last record in the discography below.

The bands origins are explained in this quote from the back cover of the 'Some Say The Devil Is Dead' LP:

"On Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evening every week, a bunch of musicians would congregate in Pat's Bar, Dock Street, Belfast to play Irish dance tunes and sing the occasional song. Soon, we came to be known as Pat's People and the knowledge of the session quickly became known to most visiting musicians. When the three of us decided to emigrate, we took the name with us, Pat's People."

Note the 'Today' LP (ARI Records ARIS-8063, Canada 1972) is by an entirely different, Canadian group, who were a female christian highschool group from London Ontario.

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• An Irish Night At The Gaelic League And Irish American Lounge
LP - Gaelic League of America - GL-0001 - USA - 1974
Cover variations: green & white (monochrome), or full colour

Lineup: • Ray McGuire - guitar, tin whistle, concert flute, harmonica
• Sean Lavery - accordian, bodhran
• Wallace Hood - lead guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin
• Brian Aldwinckle - bass

Notes: "Much more traditional folk style but still with a raw and homemade vibe. They add a very specific feeling and approach to traditional Irish folk songs. Less psychedelic but worth hearing."--DMR

• Silver Rains Afar
LP - no label - PLP 004 - USA - 1976?

Lineup: Wallace Hood, Frank Kennedy, Ray McGuire, Jim Anderson. Guest: Al Purcell.

Notes: Recorded in Detroit area in the mid-70s, undated but probably from circa 1976. Piper Al Purcell guests on this album.
"Probably the best and most psychedelic, several beautifully dark folk songs with psychedelic undertones accompanied with some jigs/reels. An amazing LP"--DMR

Pat's People & Al Purcell - Some Say The Devil's Dead
LP - K&R Records - PLP 005 - USA - 1980

Lineup: Frank Kennedy, Wallace Hood, Ray McGuire, Al Purcell.

Notes: Recorded at K&R Studios, Southfield, Michigan in 1980.
"Another more traditional but still great LP. Their last recording as Pat's People"--DMR.

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