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The Others

From: South Dublin

Active: 1964-1976

Style: Pop-Rock

Lineup: (1965-68 approx)
Lineup: (1968-75 approx)


Formed early 1965 by Alan Tubbert in South Dublin, The Others were a pop/rock band who lasted for approximately 10 years, recording seven singles for three different labels. They were very popular in the south suburban clubs in Dublin. Their first gig was supporting The Greenbeats at Stella House in Mount Merrion in 1964.

The band was hit by lineup changes especially in it's early years, as members left to pursue studies or other options. The original lineup featured Mick Carwood as lead vocalist. He left to join The Gnumphs but would returned circa 1968. His replacement was Alan Tubbert's brother Ken. Drummer Pat Cox was replaced by Reg Walker. Then John McEvoy was replaced by Stan Briggs (ex The Gnumphs). In March 1968, John Mulcahy left to pursue his studies and Stan Briggs had to leave due to work commitments. They were replaced by a returning Mick Carwood (keyboards/vocals), who'd just left The Gnumphs, and Pat Whelan (bass).

Reg Walker joined Love Street (and later Ned Spoone) and was replaced by Pat Freeney. Freeney drums on the first two Pye singles. He left to join The Freshmen and was replaced by Roger Burke (ex Big Yobbo). When Burke was hospitalised in the early 1970s, local DJ Ronan Collins took over temporarily, becoming a permanent replacement when Burke's recouperation took longer than expected (Burke concentrated on a career as a pilot). Collins debuted on the band's fifth single, a cover of Abba's "Ring Ring" in 1974. Pat Whelan was replaced by Pat Carey (ex Jason) in 1974. Eventually Pat Carey left for The Strangers and was replaced by Terry Merrick.

Advert for opening night of the Yacht Club, Galway on 8 June 1973

The Others released seven singles between 1969-76. All are pop records. The debut single was recorded in Eamonn Andrews Studios in October 1969. Both sides were cover versions. The follow up single was less successful and they were dropped by Pye. They then recorded two singles for M & M Records, including a cover of "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" which had been a hit for Middle Of The Road a few months earlier. This bring us to 1972, by which time the band had four singles under their belt and their profile was such that they were gigging all over the country. In 1974 they recorded their most successful single, a cover of ABBA's "Ring Ring". This had a Mick Carwood song "If You Go Away" on the B-side. More Carwood originals followed on subsequent singles.

Opening week at another Galway club Rivelino's in June 1975

The band split circa 1976 but reformed sporadically for one-off gigs until the untimely death of Michael Carwood. The Tubberts later formed Sing Street, Rikki and the Rikkiticks and The Hipstars. Ronan Collins became a well known radio DJ. He also released a very dodgy looking solo LP.


• Lovely Loretta / Seasons In The Sun
7" - Pye Records - 7N 17877 - 1969 - no PS

Notes: Recorded at Eamon Andrews Studio, produced by Bill Somerville Large with Pat Whelan on bass and Pat Freeny on drums.
Both sides are covers. The A-side was a hit for The Merseys in 1968. The B-side is by Jacques Brel, originally translated by Rod McKuen in 1963, and probably most relevant here as a single by The Fortunes in 1968, though later it would become better known (and much reviled) in a saccharine version recorded by Terry Jacks, a worldwide hit in the horror year of 1974.

• Air-O-Plane Ride / Mr.Dieingly Sad
7" - Pye Records - 7N 17952 - 1970 - no PS

Notes: Recorded at Eamon Andrews Studio, engineered by Darby O'Carroll, produced by The Others. Pat Whelan on bass, Pat Freeny on drums. A-side originally recorded by Sky in 1967. The B-side by Don Ciccone was originally a hit for The Critters in 1966.

• Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep / Let's Get Back To Rock And Roll
7" - M and M Records - FFMS 10009 - UK - June 1971 - no PS
7" - MAM Records - 71553 - Turkey - 1971 - PS

Notes: Recorded at Eamon Andrews Studio, engineered by Darby O'Carroll, produced by The Others. Pat Whelan on bass, Roger Burke on drums. Released a few months after Middle of the Road's original.

• Happy Am I / (Tell Me) You'll Be Mine
7" - M and M Records - FFMS 10014 - UK - January 1972 - no PS

Notes: Recorded at Eamon Andrews Studio, engineered by Darby O'Carroll, produced by The Others. Pat Whelan on bass, Roger Burke on drums. B-side written by Alan Tubbert.

• Ring Ring / If You Go Away
7" - EMI Records - EMD 4013 - 1974 - no PS
Entered the Irish charts on the 9th May 1974 for 2 weeks, peaking at #12

Notes: Recorded at Trend Studios, engineered by John D'Ardis, produced by Tommy Swarbrigg.
Pat Whelan on bass, Ronan Collins on drums. The A-side is of course an ABBA cover, released just after 'Waterloo' won Eurovision in 1974. The B-side is by Mick Carwood.

• She Is Mine / I Love Nearly Everybody
7" - EMI Records - IEMI 5018 - 1975 - no PS

Notes: Recorded at Trend Studios. Pat Carey on bass, Ronan Collins on drums, who also took the lead vocal on the B-side. Both sides are band originals, the A-side by Mick Carwood, the B-side by Ronan Collins.

• She Is Mine / I Love Nearly Everybody / Why Must They Die?
7" - EMI Records - ??? - 197? - no PS

Notes: Unconfirmed. This may in fact be IEMI 5018 above, i.e. that single may have been a 3-tracker; alternatively this may be IEMI 5065 below, with the track listing confused. Or it may exist as a separate release. 'Why Must They Die?' is another Mick Carwood original.

• Ring Ring // She Is Mine / Why Must They Die
7" - EMI Records - IEMI 5065 - 1977 - PS

Notes: This reissues to A-sides from 1974 ('Ring Ring') and 1975 ('She Is Mine') with 'Why Must They Die?'.

• v/a - Irelands Beat Groups 1964-69
CD - Sequel Records - NEX CD 262 -
track: Lovely Loretta

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