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Oscar Whifney Sound

From: Finglas, Dublin

Active: c1968

Style: Rock



AKA Oscar Whifney Quintet, also known as Nightshift. I've also been told they started in Marino in 1965-66. They were managed by Shay Walsh (from Kilkenny) who also managed Sugar Shack. They played Beatles and Stones covers among others.

Oscar Whifney released a single on Dolphin in 1968 which is miscredited to Oscar Whifley. The A-side is a cover of "Tommy Jones", written by Wes Farrell, which was a hit for Odin's People in 1967. A jaunty arrangement with piano, horns and a near faux cockney vocal, it hasn't aged well (and sounds nothing like The Kinks, despite what you might read elsewhere). The B-side is a Mama And Papas cover which jettisons the swing of the original versions and plays it as straight folk-beat and it works very well. It also features an excellent guitar solo. This single is recommend for the B-side alone.

Philip Donnelly played guitar with the band at some point before joining Portrait.

John Smails is now a well-known photographer. The other band members joined various other (show)bands during 60/70s.


• Tommy Jones / Creeque Alley
7" - Dolphin Records - DOS 6 - IRL - 1968 - no PS, white label
7" - Dolphin Records - DOS 6 - UK - 1968 - no PS, green label, Island pressing
Produced by Shay Walsh

See also: Portrait

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