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Operating Theatre

From: Dublin

Active: 1981-88; 1999-2008

Style: Experimental



Operating Theatre was basically a collaboration between Roger Doyle and Olwen Fouere to explore the role of music in performance. Tom Mathews and Liam Stack (better known now as an actor) were members during 1980-82 and appear on the first two CBS singles from 1980-81, as does Jolyon Jackson.

Roger Doyle in 1981, taken for the first CBS single.

The first phase of the bands activities ran from 1981-88, the second phase from 1999-2008. See Roger Doyle for more details. Operating Theatre are mentioned in Dave Henderson's Wild Planet article that appeared in Sounds, May 7th 1983.

"The Pentagonal Dream" is a dream sequence monologue in five movements written for Operating Theatre by poet/novelist Sebastian Barry. It was performed by Doyle & Fouere at the Damer Hall on 13-22 February 1986, directed by David Heap.

There is now a very nice website on www.operatingtheatre.ie


• Rapid Eye Movements
LP - United Dairies - UD011 - UK - 1981 - 1000 copies, with insert
K7 - United Dairies - UDT15 - UK - 1982
K7 - United Dairies/RRR - UDT15 - UK - 1987 - same as UK cover but with USA RRR address
CD - United Dairies - UD011CD - UK - 1995
Roger Doyle - Rapid Eye Movements (credited as a solo work)
K7 - Audio Arts - ??? - UK - 1981
CD - Silverdoor - SIDO 013 - 2003 - remastered

The United Dairies cassette edition was licensed by RRR Records and may still be available from RRRon. The Audio Arts cassette may pre-date the United Dairies release and is credited to Roger Doyle (solo). The United Dairies CD edition contains one bonus track: "Temple Music - Earth To Earth (1991/92)". The Silverdoor CD edition is credited to Roger Doyle and contains two bonus tracks: "Piano Suite (1968-69)" and "Why Is Kilkenny So Good? (1971/1974)" from Doyle's solo debut LP.

• various artists - An Afflicted Man's Musica Box
LP - United Dairies - UD012 - UK - 1982 - 1000 copies, 2 different covers
K7 - United Dairies - UDT??? - UK - 198?

The LP was issued in two different cover designs (500 copies of each). The cassette edition was licensed by RRR Records and may still be available from RRRon.

• Austrian / Positive Disintegration
7" - CBS Records - 1252 - IRL - 1981 - PS

• Blue Light and Alpha Waves / Ramp Walk
7" - CBS Records - 2498 - IRL - 1982 - PS
If you have a copy of this single for sale, please get in touch.

• Miss Mauger
LP - Kabuki Records - KAOT6 - UK - 1983
Mayking test pressing dated 17 June 1983

Side one plays at 33rpm and contains new material. Side two plays at 45rpm and includes three of the four tracks which appeared on Irish CBS singles ("Austrian" is omitted). "Gloss + Eggshell" and "Elation After Hours" are omitted from The Early Years 2xCD. Steve Rapid dissed Miss Mauger in a review in Hot Press (vol.7 nr 18, run to the library and check it out, quick!)

• Queen of No Heart / Spring Is Coming..
7" - Mother Records - MUM 4 - IRL - May 1986 - diecut PS

• Spring is Coming.. EP
12" - Mother Records - 12 MUM 4 - IRL - 1986 - diecut PS, expanded version of 7-inch

• The Early Years
2xCD - Dublin Electronic Arts Festival - DEAF506 - September 2006 - with festival program
2xCD - Incunabulum - INC 006 - NL - 2008

Remastered by Roger Doyle. An interesting release for fans with some previously unreleased tracks, but even so not a full discography. Titled The Early Years and covering the period 1981-88 with one additional track from 1999, the year the second phase of Operating Theatre began.

This 2xCD set was initially issued as two loose discs inserted into the folds of the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival program in 2006. It has since been made more widely available with proper artwork, etc, by the ever so slightly pretentiously named Incunabulum label in Holland.

• various artists - Strange Passion
LP - Cache Cache Records - CACHE03LP - UK - 2012 - insert
See Compilations section for full track listing.


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Last update: 7 April 2010.

See Also: Roger Doyle

External Links: www.operatingtheatre.ie, Wild Planet.

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