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No Name Band

From: Navan

Active: 1983-86

Style: Rock

Lineup: (1983)


The No Name Band formed in 1983 to compete in a local talent contest with the lineup shown above. They finished first (winning £500) but before actively gigging or making any recordings Ian Byrne was replaced by Francis Geraghty on guitar. Tony Smyth (ex Bogey Boys) who had just returned from the USA, replaced Eddie Smith on drums.

In 1985 the band had two residencies in Dublin, at The Baggot Inn and The Coconut Grove (Stillorgan Park Hotel). They appeared on Dave Fannings "Jobsuss" show on RTE TV performing "Shes My Girl" from their first demo tape, which was also aired on Fanning's radio show. The Mama's Boys manager Joe Wynn was impressed with the band and managed them for a while. This was how the band's debut single "Sweet Sensation" came to be released on the Pussy label in 1985. It was well received and sold out its entire pressing of 500 copies. In December '85 they toured Ireland playing support to the Jimmy Smyth Band (ex Bogey Boys).

In 1986 they recorded a second single "Please Please Me" (a band original) in Lansdowne Studio, produced by Paul Duffy. Exact details are sketchy but it may have been recorded for Pussy and distribution was arranged with a Dublin based label, or possibly EMI Ireland. A sleeve was designed by Tom Kelly and 500 copies were pressed. Unfortunately the mid-1980s were hard times in Ireland and the band was unable to come up with the funds to pay for the single. Apart from a few promo copies, including one played on RTE radio and a few press copies which received good reviews, the entire pressing was dumped(!) and the single is now considered lost. Unsurprisingly, the band split the same year.

Damien McGoona and Tony Smyth became the rhythm section for Paul Cleary's Partisans. Mark and Derek McGoona played with soul band Mr Big Stuff. Derek also played with Aslan for a period, most notably supporting Bowie at Slane in 1987.

Francis Geraghty and Tony Smyth regularly play together with Jimmy Smyth and Davy Watson as Deep 6 in the Meath area. They have released a CD of rock and blues covers titled "Undercover". Original drummer Eddie Smith began to write songs and recorded as Eddie Who (not to be confused with Who's Eddie).


• demo tape
K7 - demo - 1985
tracks: Shes My Girl / a.o.

• Sweet Sensation / Dreamer's Life
7" - Pussy Records - PU018 - 1985 - PS? - 500 copies pressed

• Please Please Me / ???
7" - ??? Records - ??? - 1986 - PS - Pressing of 500 destroyed, only promo copies exist

Deep 6 - Undercover
CD - 200?


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Last update: 9 September 2010.

See Also: Bogey Boys, Paul Cleary & The Partisans

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