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No Hot Ashes

From: Holywood, Co. Down

Active: 1983-1991

Style: Melodic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal



Metal/hard rock/NWOBHM band formed in the early '80s. Guitarist and main songwriter Davy Irvine was from Newtownards. He got the name No Hot Ashes from a warning printed on local wheelie bins. Early drummer Paddy McGrattan left for another local metal band Guilt Edge, while Guilt Edge singer Eamon Nancarrow went in the opposite direction, joining No Hot Ashes.

The band built a strong live reputation on the local circuit and self-released their debut single which received positive reviews. Nancarrow left in 1987 and moved to London. His replacement was Tommy Quinn. They toured with the Mama's Boys in 1988. The band signed to GWR Records and relocated to London where they recorded and released their debut LP. Paul Boyd left in 1989. The band split in 1991.

Eamonn Nancarrow was later in Nellie Dean who released an EP. He's written a humourous account of his years in the music business titled "Holywood Star: The Life and Times of a Rock & Roll Misadventurer", published in 2009. Paul Boyd and David Irvine continued to collaborate in various bands over the years. Steve Strange is a successful agent and ran the Strange Addiction label.


• She Drives Me Crazy / Don't Drag My Name Around
7" - Cinder Discs - CINDI 001 - 1986 - PS
Recorded at TMW Studios.

• demo
Demo offered for sale on ebay in february 2010.


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