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Natural Wild

From: IRL


Style: Pop, Funk, Soul



Con O'Laoire's pop band. In 1983 they were an semi-acoustic trio with O'Laoire and Denice Valerie (the core members) and bassist Rod Williams. Soon realising the limitations of this format, they regrouped and returned in 1984 with an expanded lineup including guitar, drums & keyboards, playing dance-oriented pop/rock. They were a popular live act in Dublin, playing a long residency at the Baggot Inn. In 1985 they released their debut single "Hot And Sexable". In 1986 they reduced to the core duo and concentated on songwriting and released a second single.

Natural Wild recorded several tracks for Dave Fannings show on RTE including "Steal Your Love", "Won't Go Away" and "Tongue Tied".


• Hot And Sexable (Radio mix) / Hot And Sexable (instrumental) // Hot And Sexable (Mega mix)
12" - Feral Records - F001 - IRL - 1985 - PS

Notes: A mooted 7-inch edition probably does not exist. Recorded April 1985 at Windmill Lane. Produced by Steve Belton.
Lineup: Denise Valerie - vocals & backing vocals; Con O'Laoire - percussion; Robbie Brennan - drums; Rodney Williams - bass & bass synth; Paul Ore - guitar; Kenny Strong - keyboards & backing vocals.

• Heaven (Radio Mix) / Big Stuff (Radio Mix)
7" - Prophet Records - PRS 001 - November 1986 - PS


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