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Mike Murphy

From: Dublin

Active: 70s/80s

Style: Pop / Easy


Mike Murphy was and is a media celebrity in Ireland. He worked for RTE for many years on both radio and TV. He's been a DJ, a chat show host, the presenter of varuous light entertainment shows, a quiz master, had his own comedy sketch show which famously took the mickey out of various local celebrities as well as members of the general puboic. He was enormously popular by the end of the 1970s and into the 80s. As journalist John Waters put it, what did for Mike Murphy was Art.

Mike Murphy made a number of recordings which fall squarely in the pop/easy listening category.


• My Eileen / Buachaill On Eirne
7" - Release Records - RL 595 - IRL - 1971

• The Likes Of Mike
LP - Release Records - BRL 4018 - 1971
• The Dream Of The Everyday Housewife
LP - Harp Records - HPE 604 - IRL - 1980

Dick Keating - piano, organ
Martin Walsh - bass
John Curran - bass
Ian McGarry - drums
Alfie Barry - percussion
Johnny Tate - trombones

Recorded/Mastered by Fred Meijer and Bill Somerville-Large at Eamonn Andrews Studio.
Arranged by Dick Keating.
Produced by Dermot O'Brien

• Give It A Try / The Only Thing I Want To Do
7" - Release Records - RL 837 - IRL - 1977

• Murphy Dogs and Doggerel
Comedly LP
LP - RTE Records - RTE 89 - IRL - 1985


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