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LMNO Pelican

From: Cork

Active: 198?-

Style: Indie



Noisy guitar pop band from Cork who recorded a Fanning Session circa 1991. Their debut Boutros Boutros EP represents the high watermark for this sound in Irish indie terms. It mixes tunefulness with noise and texture brilliantly. If it had been on Flying Nun Records it would be far more celebrated (and sought after) today. It even has the obligatory awful cover artwork! Ironically it was the weakest track, the catchy 'Call Yossarian', which attracted most attention in the nations music rags. A decent second EP followed the same year, and then they disappeared.

"Crunchy Cork guitar and if some of my previously noted Buffalo strictures apply - I'd like a bit more mobility in the rhythm section - nobody can say these (Peli)can't. Freshly scrubbed fretboards, the usual perky Cork independence about a lyric, I figure but also fear this lot could be a highly-regarded cult round about 1998, a minor indie fate that should no longer be visited on anyone." --Bill Graham review of the Red Dot EP, December 1993


  Boutros Boutros EP
12" - Fred Records - FRD001 - IRL - 1993 - PS

Notes: Recorded and mixed at Xeric Studios Limerick in December 1992. Engineered by Pearse Gilmore, produced by LMNO Pelican.

  Red Dot EP
K7 - Free Records - FRD002- IRL - 1993 - PS
Stephen's Day
Wangly Dan
Appleskin Thin
Chalkey Gods


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