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Kieran Halpin

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From: IRL

Active: 70s onwards

Style: Folk / Folkrock

Kieran Halpin & Rusty Old Halo Lineup (ca 1987):


Kieran Halpin began playing at the age of 15 and hit the road at a young age. He formed a duo with violinist Tom McConville from Newcastle. They were active during the late 70s and early 80s, recording two albums and appearing at the 1981 Cambridge Folk Festival. They split in 1982, Halpin returning to Dublin.

His solo debut LP 'The Man Who Lived In Bottles' in an interesting album. He toured, includng Cropredy, but then kept a low profile for a number of years before recording again in the late 80s. He has no released many albums though 'Bottles' is the one on which his reputation is based. His songs have been covered by many artists.


Kieran Halpin & Tom McConville - Port Of Call
Recorded in Newcastle upon Tyne, produced by Geoff Heslop.

Kieran Halpin & Tom McConville - The Streets Of Everywhere
Recorded in Temple Studios, Scotland, produced by Geoff Heslop.

• The Man Who Lives In Bottles
LP - Celtic Music - CM 012 - UK - 1983

Notes: Recorded in Dublin. Produced by Jon Strong,

• Live And Kicking
LP - Celtic Music - CM 021 - UK - 1985
Recorded live in Ireland with Maartin Allcock on bass. Recorded by Dan Fitzgerald.

• Crystal Ball Gazing
LP - Ringsend - KHLP 1 - IRL - 1989
Recorded in Dublin, produced by Dan Fitzgerald.

• Mission Street
CD - Round Tower Music - ??? - IRL - 1991
Recorded in London, produced by Dex Smith.
With Anth Kaley, Maartin Allcock and Davey Spillane on Uilleann Pipes

• Akoustik
CD - Round Tower Music - ??? - IRL - 1992
Recorded in Dublin, produced by Pierce Dunne.
With Jimmy Faulkner on Acoustic Guitar.

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