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Go Lucky Four

From: Belfast

Active: 1965-

Style: Folk



"The Go Lucky Four met by accident in that they all found themselves teaching in the same school in Belfast, Northern Ireland. At Christmas 1965 they appeared as an act in the school Concert and from there, the fame of the group spread. Little of their activities was known outside Belfast until the incident of the blowing up of Nelson's Pillar [in Dublin] on March 8th, 1966 provided the group with their first "big break!" Excuse the current terminology of the pop workd, but it wa simpossible to resist the pun.
Before the butt of the pillar had been removed the record "Up Went Nelson" had taken Ireland by storm. It went straight into the No.1 spot and stayed there for ten weeks. It is still selling.
Other records followed and throughout Ireland the group has been accepted as one of Ireland's leading folk groups. The group consists of John Sullivan, Finbar Carolan, Eamon McGirr, and lead singer Gerry Burns."--from the album sleevenotes.

Eamonn McGirr (1940-2004) was from Derry. He was a member of the 60s folk act The Go Lucky Four, a group of Belfast school teachers who scored a #1 hit in Ireland in 1966 with 'Up Went Nelson'. He later emigrated to the USA. Eamon McGirr released at least two solo singles.


• Up Went Nelson / Off To Dublin In The Green
7" - Emerald - MD 1040 - IRL - 1966 - no PS

• Up Went Nelson / The Famine Song
7" - Emerald - MD 1042 - IRL - 1966 - no PS

• World Cup Alfie / Isn't It Grand Boys (?)
7" - Emerald - MD 1054 - UK - 1966 - no PS
• Isn't It Grand Boys / Show Me The Man
7" - Emerald - MD 1045 - IRL - 1966 - no PS
Not absolutely sure side were reversed on UK and IRL releases but it was not uncommon at the time.

• The Meeting Song / Off To Dublin In The Green
7" - Emerald - MD 1058 - IRL - 1966 - no PS

• Victoria / I Want To Go Home
7" - Emerald - MD 1068 - IRL - 1967 - no PS

• Sin Ceart (That's Right) / The Buildings
7" - Emerald - MD 1078 - IRL - 1967 - no PS

• Irish Capers
LP - Emerald Records - MLD 23 - IRL/UK - 1967
LP - London International Records - SW-99466 - USA - 1967

Notes: Recorded at Pat Hayes Studios Bray, May 1981. Produced by Barney McKenna.

Eamon McGirr Solo

• Me Old Scolaire Hat / Muirsheen Durkin
7" - Crashed Records - CAR 9 - IRL - 1981 - no PS

• The Town I Loved So Well / ???
7" - Pennine Records - PSS 152 - UK - 198? - no PS
Recorded by Pennine Sound Studio, Oldham.

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