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Ghost of an American Airman

From: Belfast

Active: mid-80s




Belfast band who first came to prominence when they made the finals of 'Screen Test' in 1986. They'd also played live as a covers band named Trine to help finance the band. The Simple Minds/U2 influences were more obvious at this point and led to comparisons with Silent Running. By 1988 they'd released a well received single "I Hear Voices" and followed it up with an acclaimed debut LP "Someday" on the indie Plain paper Records. They were signed by Atlantic Records for whom they recorded their second album "Life Under Giants". A foretaste of the album was released on the "Honeychild" cassette EP but release of the album itself was cancelled or endlessly delayed for some reason. Altantic sat on the album for almost 2 years before it was finally picked up by smaller Hollywood Records label in 1992. The third album "Skin" came out the following year but Hollywood Records went bust, and the band split. Dodge McKay and Alan Galbraith then recorded as The Sunday Club for UK indie label Fire Records, who also went bust in the mid-90s. McKay later recorded as Thompson.


• I Hear Voices / Dance On Air
7" - Plain Paper Records - GLOP6 - 1987 - PS
7" - Recoil Records - RCL9 - 1987 - PS
• I Hear Voices / Dance On Air / Flesh And Bone
12" - Recoil Records - RCL9T - 1987 - PS

• Someday
LP - Plain Paper Records - GOAA11LP - 1988

• various artists - Solid Citizens
K7 - Solid Records - ROCC 1 - 1988
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• Silverman / Just Like A River / These Days
12" - Plain Paper Records - GOAA1P - February 1989 - picture disc
Recorded at Fairview Studio, Hull in September 1988

• Honeychild / Saint // Empire Song / Freakshow
K7 - Atlantic Records - GAAC1 - October 1990
12" - Atlantic Records - SAM 722 - October 1990 - promo

A1+B1 from 2nd album; A2 from Dave Fanning Show session (RTE radio); B2 from album sessions

• Honeychild (LP version)
CDS - Hollywood Records - PRCD-85242 - USA - 1992 - promo only
1-track promo CD issued to promote the Life Under Giants album.

• Life Under Giants
CD - Hollywood Records - HR-612832 - USA - 17 March 1992
Recorded Spring 1990

Originally recorded for Atlantic Records who'd already released the bands "Honeychild" 12-inch, this sat on the shelf for some almost 2 years until Hollywood Records picked it up.

• For Your Life / Freakshow
CDS - Hollywood Records - PRCD-101842 - USA - 1992 - promo
A1 from Life Under Giants; A2 recorded at Arlyn Studios, Austin, TX on 5 May 1992 (previously unreleased).

• various artists - Hollywood Sampler
CD - Hollywood Records - PRCD-102392 - USA - 1992

• 4 EP
CDS - Hollywood Records - HWD127CD - USA - February 1993
All albums tracks except Freakshow (recorded 5 May 1992), previously on a promo only CDS

• Skin
CD - Hollywood Records - HR-61406-2 - USA - August 1993
Recorded October-December 1992.

Guest musicians Nicholas Sansano (accordian, hammond, tambourine), Jane Scarpantoni (cello) and Julian Raymond (backing vocals).

• King of Nothing
CDS - Hollywood Records - PRCD102972 - USA - 1993 - promo only
1-track promo only CD single

Sunday Club - Underground Cinema EP
CDS - Fire Records - FIREMCD49 - June 1995
6 tracks recorded, March 1994

Sunday Club / Pure Blind Panic (split) - The Dolphin Hotel / The Visit
7" - X-tension Records - X10-02 - November 1995
Licensed from Fire Records

Thompson - Gravity Suit
CD - Fire Records - FIRECD69 - 1997
Recorded 1995-97


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