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The Drags

From: Dublin

Active: mid-1960s

Style: Rock



Long-haired bunch from Dublin -- they look like The Pretty Things in contemporary photos. Opened for The Who at the National Stadium in Dublin on 7th May 1966. According to The Who Concert File, the IRA threatened to blow up The Who if they wore their union jack suits on stage and so they wore green, white and gold suits especially made for the occasion in Dublin! The Who also played the Top Hat, Lisburn (May 6) and the Arcadia in Cork (May 8) on this 3-date tour, their only ever Irish tour. The Drags only played the Dublin date, to 2500 fans.

Jody Pollard, Larry Lynch and Jimmy Mahon later formed Strange Brew with Jody's brother Paul. Jody Pollard and Jimmy Mahon were subsequently in Portrait who became Elmer Fudd. Jody Pollard long history also includes stints with Bananas, Skid Row, Colm Wilkinson, Shay Healy, Joe Dolan and the Brush Sheils Band among others. He later formed the folk rock trio Shanty Dam during a period in London in the 1980s. Larry Lynch later opened Soundhire in Dublin.

See also: Elmer Fudd

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