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The Disenchanted

From: Bayside, Dublin


Style: Indie/Goth

The Disenchanted Lineup:
The Ferromones Lineup (1994-1997):


Conrad and Kevin Greene are brothers. A third brother Donal was roadie/manager and ran the record label side. Their sole single is fairly crude indie/goth but has a certain charm. A video exists for "Transfixed Vision" which someone needs to upload to youtube now!

Conrad Greene later fronted Film (1991-93), Saltmine (1993-94) and The Ferromones (1994-97), which was basically the same band with different bass players. Conrad Greene, Greg O'Beirne (guitar) and Mick McCabe (drums) were in all three; Shaun Murphy played bass in Film, Kevin Greene returned for Saltmine and Mick Graham took over for The Ferromones. Greg O'Beirne had previously been in The Outpatients and with Mick McCabe in Derek’s Brother. Mick Graham had been in The Pitts.

The Ferromones released an album in October 1996 on their own Bodyline Records label. More details soon.


• Transfixed Vision / I Wonder Why?
7" - Shellfish Records - SR 001 - 1989 - PS

The Ferromones - Too Tacky For Kev
CD - Bodyline Records - IRL - October 1996

Notes: The track "Suitable Attire" was used in the soundtrack of the 1999 film Sunburn, which was one of Cillian Murphy’s earliest roles.


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