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Demick & Armstrong

From: N.IRL

Active: 1970-73

Style: Rock



When The Wheels disbanded in 1967, Rod Demick and Herbie Armstrong began writing songs together. Armstrong was from Belfast and had previously played in showbands and groups with Van Morrison. Rod Demick was born in Wales but raised in Belfast. Before joining The Wheels he'd played in skiffle band the Vibros who later became known as the Telstars. Both were members of The Wheels by 1963-64.

Demick & Armstrong's first collaboration was a single released under the name The James Brothers on Page One Records in 1968. This is lightweight pop.

They recorded two interesting LPs in the early 70s. The first "Little Willie Ramble" came out on MAM in 1971. The second "Lookin' Through" was released on A&M a year later. Both are hard to find nowadays. They also played with Screaming Lord Sutch around this time (ca 1971), acting as his backing band.

Herbie Armstrong was later in Fox (mid-70s band on GTO) and Yellow Dog with Kenny Young. Yellow Dog also briefly featured Rod Demick. Armstrong recorded with the reformed Them in 1978. Rod Demick did a lot of session work during the 70s. He was briefly a member of Bees Make Honey and was later in US expatriate pub rock band Meal Ticket who recorded for EMI circa 1978-80.


James Brothers - I Forgot to Give You Love / The Truth About It
7" - Page One - POF 077 - UK - 12 July 1968 - no PS

James Brothers - Does It Have To Be Me / You Don't Really Love Me
7" - Page One - POF 088 - UK - September 1968 - no PS

• We're On The Right Track / Dreaming
7" - Decca Records - F13056 - UK - 24 July 1970

• If I Ever Get To You / Girl
7" - MAM Records - MAM 10 - UK - 5 February 1971
7" - MAM Records - MAM 10 - Belgium - 1971 - PS
7" - MAM Records - MAM 10 - France - 1971 - different PS
7" - MAM Records - MAM 10 - Germany - 1971 - different PS

• Little Willy Ramble
LP - MAM Records - MAM-AS 1001 - UK - 1971
CD - RPM Records - RETRO908 - UK - 200?

Notes: The lineup credits for the recording are Herbie Armstrong (Guitar, Vocals), Rod Demick (Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals), Tony Knight (Drums), Gordon Smith (Guitar, Vocals) and David Watkins (Piano).

• Over The Valley / We're On The Right Track
7" - MAM Records - MAM 17- UK? - 1971 - PS

• Little Willie Ramble / We're On The Right Track
7" - MAM Records - 3615 - USA - 1971

• Lookin' Through
LP - A&M Records - AMLH 68908 - UK - 1972 - inner sleeve

See also: The Wheels

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