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Ed Deane

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From: Dublin

Active: 60s onwards

Style: Rock


Ed Deane is a distinguished guitarist who's played in many bands including Blueshouse, a Chicago blues style band (ca 1969-70), Granny's Intentions (1970), Woods Band (1970-72), folk duo Brogue with Johnny Duhan (1972), Equinox (circa 1972-73), Gay & Terry Woods (1975, 1977-78), Skid Row (mid-70s) and Juice On The Loose (ca 1980).

He's also played in the Dave Kelly Band, Frankie Miller Band, The Fallen Angels, The Coyotes, Atcha Band and the Dana Gillespie Band He's reported as being a member of Bees Make Honey and The Gentry, but I've no more details about these.

He guested on Graham Parker & The Rumour's debut LP Howlin' Wind (1976), playing slide guitar on the track 'Soul Shoes'. Apparently Dave Robinson invited him to join the original lineup of The Rumour.

Ed also played in the backing band of Philippe Debarge in the mid-70s. Debarge was "...a frustrated millionaire who wanted to sing and could sing, but when it came to the crunch he just kept losing his confidence" (Debarge recorded a legendary unreleased LP with The Pretty Things in 1969 which was finally issued in 2009). They were more of a hard rock/metal band than a blues band. Their first gig was at the Olympia in Paris. Debarge soon dropped out and Ed took over. When the band split, Debarge financed Ed writing and recording his own songs. Ed returned from his French adventure in 1978.


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