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The Crack


From: IRL

Active: 1980-

Style: Pop/Rock



The Crack began as Crackers, initially a duo of Stephen Travers (ex Miami) and Aonghus McAnally (ex Mushroom) when both left Starband. They recorded a single "Move On" and then assembled a band that included Tommy Lundy and Ronan O'Callaghan, both ex Tony Kenny Band, Dirty Work and Katmandu. Crackers were initially described in some press sources as a ska band! After the release of the debut single in 1980, McAnally left to concentrate on his career as a TV presenter. Crackers then became The Crack, under the stewardship of songwriting partners Tommy Lundy and Stephen Travers.

The Crack were a poppy AOR band. Their Beatles-esque sound was often compared to Paul McCarthy & Wings at the time. They tried to emulate Horslips' success playing ballroom gigs with original material. They appeared on Anything Goes in 1981 performing "Listen" (an instrumental) and "When The Time Comes". These recordings were produced by Barry Devlin. Travers later played bass on Devlin's (atrocious) solo LP "Breaking Star Codes" (RTE Records, 1983).

The band's self-released debut single charted in Ireland and led to a deal with CBS and a a couple more minor hits during 1981-82 and more TV appearances, including a track inspired by and in tribute to John Lennon which was available on youtube last time I looked. Most interesting of all is a 30 minute live performance recorded one Sunday afternoon in March 1982 at the Top Hat Ballroom in Dun Laoghaire and broadcast in RTE TV's oddly named "Campus Rock" show. Not a true llve gig, this has a live-in-the-studio feel as there was no audience as such, just 30-40 bystanders. This shows the band had a tougher, rockier sound outside the studio. The drummer by this point was Martin McElroy. This set is currently available on youtube. If anyone can send me the full video, please get in touch. They also recorded a children's novelty single under the name Peter Pepper & The Pepper Pots in 1982.

The band had a succession of drummers including Pat Waller, Barry Patterson and Martin McElroy (1982).

Stephen Travers currently plays with Johnny Fean.

This Crack should not to be confused with the UK band who released the "Going Out" single on RCA in 1982 or the popular drug.


Crackers - Move On / Billies
7" - Release Records - RL 983 - IRL - 1980
Both sides by Travers/McAnally. Recorded at Trend. Arranged & produced by Travers.

Crackers - Handcuffs / Handcuffs (Part II)
7" - Cracked Records - CRK 001 - IRL - 1980 - no PS
Both sides by Travers/Lundy. Recorded at Setanta (or Satanta according to the label!). Arranged & produced by Crackers.

• When The Time Comes / Listen
demo recorded at Keystone Studios in 1981
Produced by Barry Devlin, engineered by Andrew Boland.
These recordings were broadcast on Anything Goes in 1981.

• When The Time Comes / Kickin' At The Kickham
7" - Cracked Records - CRK004/CRK006 - IRL - June 1981
Both sides by Travers/Lundy. A-side produced by Barry Devlin, B-side by the band.
Reached #29 in Irish charts

• Go Away / Listen
7" - CBS Records - CBS 1710 - October 1981 - PS
B-side produced by Barry Devlin.
Reached #21 in Irish charts

Peter Pepper & The Pepper Pots - The Song / The Story
7" - CBS Records - CBS 2215 - 1982 - PS

Notes: (c) 1982 A Pepper Company Production. This novelty single appears to have been some kind of tie-in.

• In My Life / Suprise, Suprise
7" - CBS Records - CBS 2918 - 1982 - PS

• Dawn of the Crack
LP - CBS Records - 85680 - February 1982

• various artists - Non Stop Pop
LP - RTE Records - RTE 63 - IRL - 1982
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• Campus Rock 14 March 1982
Live performance broadcast on TV by RTE in the "Campus Rock" series.
Recorded Sunday 14/3/1982 at the Top Hat ballroom.


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See also: Dirty Work, Katmandu, The Miami, Starband

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